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Hey guys... this is Ryan (aka ExE)..

Just wanted to apologize for being kinda of rude in that e-mail I sent out to everyone. Real life things weren't looking too good for me at the time and I kinda made a hasty decision while in a bad mood, I'm sure you understand.

Anyway... EZ has given permission to bring back ExE or submit a new character, after I asked.. I made a mistake leaving to begin with. So I just wanted to know what you guys thought... if you don't want me to come back that's fine, I wont.. :p

If ya do... I'm keen ;)



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Hickory USA
I don't think anybody here is too big to welcome you back, man. Sometimes we all get frustrated, and bad things happen. But that's what we're trying to do here, provide a release.

Welcome back, let's get re-started with you on the right foot, hopefully.

VP of Card Production


This is a joke, right? You want back in now? You've GOT to be kidding me. After what you had to say...in a public forum no less...

Hell, I don't know you from much of anything except for what I know from Chad and Erik but there's no way I'd want someone back in my fed that made it a point to call me out in a public way like you did. What you did was total and complete bull$*#&. If Erik and Chad and co. wanna let you back in, whatever. But as close friends of them both, I don't see why they would. But hell, they've got a mind of their own. Just be glad I don't have a vote...


Alright, I see what your saying... but I didn't call anyone out in public, I simply stated the league wasn't moving at a pace that I could deal with.

After I sent that e-mail, I talked with EZ.. he wasn't upset.. he understood. I've always appretiated the work the GXW staff does here, and EZ knows that... I've offered to help a few times myself... and gotten EZ and other members of the GXW staff to help me when I needed help.

My point is, despite what I said... I've always appretiated this place even if it's been iffy at times. BUT.. i understand what your saying, so if you honestly feel that way I wont come back.


Well like I said, I have no vote. And I'm very protective of my friends, so there you have it. Come back if you want. That's cool and all. But I don't think you got in the first place what was up with all of this. You didn't just get pissed off and bitch to some of your e-fed buddies in IMs. You chose to break off an email that you KNEW everyone would be reading. But hey, like I said go ahead and come back. Enjoy yourself. But next time your personal problems come up....and by the way..we ALL have personal problems.....try to keep a handle on yourself. I don't need that kind of crap in a game I play for fun.

Hope that doesn't come off rude or condescending. Just my feelings. Welcome back.


Go away

Wow. They let you back in.

Well, if I had a say in it, I wouldn't have given you the chance. You, to me, are trash at the moment, but I'm not the high ups. Looks like your in, but don't come looking my way for angles. Worthless.


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