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Announcement In Wake of WFW:NE Split


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
As everyone knows, WFW:NE decided on a split within the last few days. Sean Edmunds will return to running New ERA and Paul Miller will be running NGEN.

So, how does this affect the planned Supershow?

I've spoken with both sides and the only changes will be as follows:

Aggression 50 goes on as planned. Roleplay for that show ends tonight.

Sean Edmunds will book Destrucity based on a New ERA roster and roleplay for that will start as soon as possible once he gets a lineup in order.

Once Destrucity roleplay has ended, the joint portion of the show will commence as scheduled. A tentative lineup is already in the Open Challenges forum and will continue as planned.

Paul Miller has encouraged his roster to keep their bookings on the show, and that is most appreciated.

As the outside party in this issue, I'd like to thank both Sean Edmunds and Paul Miller for being professional in regards to this show and making it possible to continue on with the planned event as originally advertised.

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