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Animezing Dragon!


New member
Nov 16, 2003
Nottingham, England
Team Name: Animezing Dragon
Members: Otaku and Karl "The Dragon" Brown

Combined Weight: 441lbs

Entrance Theme: "Ikari No Jyushin" (the theme from "Jushin Liger")
Entrance (PPV): Green, gold and white lights scatter across the big screen before the lyrics kick in, the crowd popping as Karl “The Dragon” Brown and Otaku step from behind the curtain. “The Dragon” is dressed in green and gold tights with gold boots, and a green and gold ring jacket. Otaku, as guessed, is wearing his replica Jushin “Thunder” Liger costume in green and gold, complete with cape. As the lyrics first mention “Liger”, Otaku points to the heavens, pyro exploding overhead. Satisfied, the challengers make their way to the ring, hi-fiving fans. Brown slides under the bottom rope as Otaku vaults over, and each man stands on the middle rope, opposite sides of the ring, to salute the fans

Entrance (regular TV): As the drone builds, the lights cut out, flickering green and white until the lyrics kick in. Animezing Dragon appear on the stage, saluting the fans before heading quickly to the ring. Brown slides under the bottom rope, Otaku vaulting over, and both choose a middle rope to stand on, saluting the fans some more. Otaku does a backflip from the ropes, and joins "The Dragon" in their corner, waiting for their opponents.

Finishing Move: "The Dragon" executes a suplex near the corner (any suplex, sometimes a superplex), with Otaku hitting a Shooting Star Press for the cover and the pin.

Team History: Some would say that Animezing Dragon formed many eons ago, a young man reaching a deal with the king of Dragons - but the reality is much more prosaic. Following the Kings of the Cage tournament, Empire Pro Wrestling found itself without a team as number one contenders to the World Tag Team Championship. A one-night-only, 4 team tournament was held, featuring the Masked Violators, Team V.I.A.G.R.A, the Colossal Connection, and the put-together team of former Intercontinental and Television Champion, Karl "The Dragon" Brown, and the recently returned Otaku. Pitted against the Colossal Connection in the first round, they shocked many EPW fans by not only beating the behemoths, but hitting an astounding suplex from the corner on the massive Dalkichev before Otaku picked up the pin. In the final, they met and beat Team V.I.A.G.R.A, before heading on to face "Sensational" Steven Shane and Stalker. Due to a backstage assault, Steven Shane was unable to compete, but Brown and Otaku took their opportunity and the World Tag Team Title in just their third match together.

Title History: Empire Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship - 3rd August 2011 to present

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