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I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA

WARATTE IITOMO: Welcome everyone, we are here with the very first man to sign on to be a part of the up and coming and highly touted Isama League, The current SWIFT World MMA Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan Marx! Jonathan, what has brought you here to Japan to compete?

JONATHAN MARX: I spend a great deal of my time away from the ring in Japan, training wrestlers and working out in the mixed martial art dojos so this feels like a natural fit.

WARATTE IIOTOMO: You are primarily known as a technician having won world titles in both MMA and pro wrestling, why go to a fed know for their hardcore brutality?

JONATHAN MARX: As a third generation wrestler, both my father and grandfather were two of the greatest brawlers ever to grace this sport. When I originally broke in, I wanted to break away from the mold so I adapted more the technical style which helped me win multiple world heavyweight championships. Now, I want to prove myself in style that a long line of Marxs excelled in and show the world how good of a brawler and how vicious I can be when I want to be.

WARATTE IIOTOMO: Doesn't a league that promotes hardcore brutality go against what you've been preaching against all these years?

JONATHAN MARX: Heavens no, this style started in Japan back in the seventies under Baba in All Japan when he brought in all the greats, the Funks, Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Abdullah the Butcher, the Sheik... The Japanese fans have always loved watching a good fight and it is going to be my honor to follow in their foot steps and give it to them.

WARATTE IIOTOMO: On the first show, they have scheduled a pretty tough challenger for you in Riddick...

JONATHAN MARX: I've been reviewing his tapes from Shootclub Wrestling Alliance and he is as tough as they come, but he has had quite a layoff while I've been training and beating people in both MMA and pro wrestling. My body is conditioned to take any abuse that he could dish out and keep on going. I'm ready for him and with how infrequently I get to chance wrestle in Japan, I'm going to turn it up ten fold because I don't want to let any of my Japanese fans down. Riddick better be ready, because I know I am.

WARATTE IIOTOMO: You've accomplished so much in MMA and wrestling, is there anything left that you want to do?

JONATHAN MARX: I'd like to win a title here in Japan. There are only a handful of gajins who have won a title both in American and Japan and I always looked at those guys with a great deal of respect because it proved how well rounded they were to conquer two different worlds. I want to go down with the likes of Stan Hansen, Vader, Steve Williams, Bob Sapp, and Brock Lesnar. But that road to the title starts with a win against Riddick...

WARATTE IIMOTOMO: Riddick has been awfully silent so far.

JONATHAN MARX: That is okay, if he doesn't want to talk, I'll wait to give him his lesson on bloodshed in the ring.


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