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Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
Name: Anarky (Real Name: Harold Fiano)

Height: 6'0"

Weight 231 lbs.

Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut

Face/Heel: Heel

Appearance: Black leather t-shirt with scrawled anarchy symbol on the back, ripped from years of use. Black sleeveless t-shirt with blood red dripping anarchy symbol on front. Scraggly blonde hair, pretty short now, Pillman-esque from before his death. Usually wears blue jeans, ripped, and black boots. Has full sleeve tattoos on both sides which are a mimick of the bones inside his body, except stylized a la Russel Crowe in Romper Stomper. Wears skull face-paint most of the time a la Papa Shango.

History: Debuted in ASWF in 1995ish. Went on to win inaugural World Title tournament. Joined NWL, CSWA, HCCW. Won some titles there. Took a long break. Joined WWL, AAWC, UWA, NGEN, IWC, did pretty well, won a few belts here and there. Joined GLCW at some point, or something like that, I think it was Malec's league. Ended up in FWF, winning the title there, beating Nevada Smith, I believe. Eventually joined WFW and won the Title there before another leave, and then joined EPW most recently.

Titles Held: AAWC United States Title, ASWF World Heavyweight Title, CSWA EN World Heavyweight Title, FWF World Heavyweight Title, HCCW Lightweight Title, IWC World Heavyweight Title, NGEN World Heavyweight Title, NWL World Heavyweight Title, WFW World Heavyweight Title

Style: Brawler

Move Set: Besides various punches and kicks, inverted DDT, implant DDT, flying forearm, brainbuster, eye gouge, lariat.. he'll often focus on a body part and just go to town on it. Even if it's against the rules. Especially... if it's against the rules. Can use some technical moves like suplex, but nothing crazy, no submission moves, Will occassionally use something high flying like a hurricanrana, but it's very rare and he's not so young anymore so he'd probably half kill himself. Will always push the choke count to 4 and a half. He's just that edgy.

Description of Finisher: Two-armed Rude Awakening

Finisher Name: Chaos Breaker

Entrance: "More Human Than Human" by White Zombie... generally ignores the fans and stares a hole down into his opponent. Throws his jacket off and runs in under the bottom rope, often attacking before the bell even rings. Otherwise he just enters slowly and waits, depending on how angry/impatient he is.

Strengths: High level of stamina, ability to withstand epic amounts of violence, tons of experience and "ring smarts," i.e. willing to grab that kid's crutch and kill someone with it.

Weaknesses: Not that technically proficient, can sometimes develop tunnel vision on an opponent (won't notice that he's being counted out/DQ'ed/about to be brained from behind), not as fast as he once was
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