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An unlikely pre-match routine


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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(The elevator shuddered to a halt at the top floor, the penthouse suites, Jane Smithfield rocked back impatiently on her heels as she waited for the doors to open. In the space of thirty seconds she’d received calls from both Simon Wilcox and Michael Hardy to visit them in their separate suites. As the doors opened she took advantage of the mirrored walls to admire herself in the mirror. Despite Simply Stunning losing the tag belts their popularity knew no ends and that meant better wages for her, which she had invested in a new wardrobe. The pinstripe skirt suit wasn’t cheap, neither were the heels she had to get to go with it, but she kept telling herself she had to make a good impression. She wandered down the hall, Simon had called first and it was coincidence that his suite was nearest. She knocked on the door and wandered in slowly when she saw it was unlocked.)

JS: Hello?

SW: Jane?

JS: The very person.

SW: Come in and sit down, I’m just getting out the shower.

(Jane walked into the suite, it was as large and luxurious as it was expensive, she could see the steam coming from the bathroom and she wandered over to the window to look out at the darkness of the evening sky. She heard a noise and saw Simon Wilcox walk into the room draped in a white bathrobe.)

SW: I needed that, cleared out all the cobwebs.

JS: Good, you’ll need to be fresh and alert for On-Time.

SW: Unlike last time you mean?!?!

JS: I just meant….

SW: ….I know, I know. I’m joking.

JS: What can I do for you then?

SW: You want a drink?

JS: Not at the moment, things to do, people to see.

SW: Okay, well, still sit down a minute won’t you?

(Jane smiled and walked over to the bed, she perched on the end, before turning towards Simon who was fiddling with a carton of juice.)

SW: I was wondering……this is going to sound daft.

JS: What is? Are you going to ask if you can borrow my clothes?!?!

SW: No! Nothing as crazy as that. I just wondered….if you’d like to have dinner tomorrow night?

JS: Sure, do you guys have any preference?

SW: No, no, you don’t get it. I meant just the two of us.

JS: Oh right, I get you, just the two of us.

SW: It was stupid of me to ask, just forget it.

JS: No, no it wasn’t. That sounds……cool.

SW: Really?

JS: Sure, there’s no law against it is there?!?!

SW: Not that I know of! We’ll sort it out tomorrow.

JS: I’d like that very much, I hope you don’t mind, but I have to pop out and see Michael now.

SW: No trouble at all, good night.

(Simon leant over and kissed her on the cheek before seeing her to the door. Jane smiled and walked up the corridor towards Michael’s suite, again the door was ajar and she knocked.)

MH: Who is it?

JS: Its me…Jane.

MH: I’ll be right with you.

(A few seconds later and Michael Hardy appeared at the door, he smiled at her and beckoned her into his equally decadent suite.)

JS: Its sure nice to see how the other half live!

MH: Your room is poor?

JS: No, its nice, just joshing with you.

MH: Good, because I can change it if you want?

JS: No, really, its fine.

MH: Okay, good, drink?

(Jane declined and watched as Hardy made his way to the fridge, pulling out a beaker of juice and a sandwich. He nodded for her to sit in a leather armchair, she gladly accepted, she’d been running round all day and she needed a rest. She sunk into its mass of comfort, sliding off her shoes she curled into a ball and looked at Hardy.)

MH: I have to admit that this call wasn’t professional.

JS: Good, because my tactics for tag wrestling suck!

MH: Then we’re even! Seriously though, I wanted to ask you something.

JS: You don’t want to have dinner with me do you?!?!

MH: What?

JS: Nothing, just joking.

MH: But, yes.

JS: Huh?

MH: You got it in one, I know we’re free of engagements tomorrow night and I wondered if you fancied going for a meal, just the two of us?

JS: Err…..yeah….okay.

MH: You sure, you sound uneasy?

JS: No, just….shocked.

MH: We can cancel if you’d rather.

JS: No, tomorrow is fine, lets talk more tomorrow.

MH: Fine with me.

JS: Umm, I better go get something to wear, plus I have a few bits and bobs to do, I better get going.

(Jane kissed Hardy on the cheek before gathering her belongings and making her way to the elevator, tomorrow would be a busy day!)

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