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Akron, OH Wired


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jul-19-03 AT 01:32 PM (EST)](FADE-IN: To darkness. There are brief flashes of dim light showing the letters "G," "L," "C." and then "W." The sound of a modem connecting to the Internet, a few seconds later, the scene is covered with film reels, rapidly running down either side, each with a GLCW highlight. The screen then shows several clips of Akron, Ohio, including several of Lebron James in his St. Vincent/St. Mary’s uniform dunking in the state championship game. The screen then shows several clips from the last Riptide, including the UA relinquishing their tag titles, Stephen Morgan winning the TV Title, and Jean Rabesque passing out to Maelstrom’s Mortal Sin. The reels begin to slow down, and then burn up from the bottom up the sides of the screen, as flames course upward, and leave us with a dark screen momentarily. Then a framing of a online media player fades onto the perimeter of the screen, as backstage and match clips from previous GLCW shows cycle on the screen. The camera zooms out to show a computer monitor playing the clips on a media player. This all fades to static, and the GLCW logo projects itself center screen, until the word "Wired" bumps the logo off the screen. The screen then blurs, and when it clears we are getting what appears to be an online feed of a studio, revealing Rick Wiseman and Tony Ross sitting a table.)

TONY ROSS: "Good evening, everyone, and welcome to another edition of our online broadcast Wired! Tonight’s footage comes from a huge GLCW show in Akron, Ohio. I’m joined by my partner Rick Wiseman, and Rick, this show was coming off one of the largest Riptides we have had in a long while."

RICK WISEMAN: "That’s right Tony, and we saw some major shake-ups at Riptide. Stephen Morgan won the GLCW TV Title, and the UA, by far the most dominating tag team in the short history of the GLCW, forfeited their titles on the show. And then two men who compete tonight on Wired as partners, Jean Rabesque and the Great Lakes Champion Maelstrom, took part in an absolutely epic event."

T.R.: "It was a great match, and as you said, those two will compete together tonight taking on our TV champion and his frequent partner, Nikolai Ash."

R.W.: "That one should be interesting as well."

T.R.: "However, our first match tonight features the Krymson Dragons going up against "Showtime" Steven James and Lincoln Jones. Our backstage correspondent Lady Veronica caught up with Jones and James before the match."

(CUTTO: The trio backstage)

LADY VERONICA: "Thanks guys. I'm here with the GLCW's newest addition to the tag team ranks, Steven James and Lincoln Jones. Guys, how do you feel about your first match as a team?"

"SHOWTIME" STEVEN JAMES: "Well you see Lady V, it goes like this, maybe this is our first match together but the bottom line is we've been friends for a while and we are not to be taken lightly."

LINCOLN JONES: "What the GLCW needs to realize is that the two of us are the perfect tag team. We've got it all...and as far as our finishing move...you'll have to see it to believe it."

LV: "That goes into my next question, we've heard so many things about this finishing move, you've made it clear that you won't say what it is, but can you tell us maybe it's name?"

SJ: "A name? Hhhmmm, yeah, we've got one..."The Soaring Eagle." That may change, but for now, that's what the announcers can call it."

LJ: "However, there is one thing we'd like to make clear, what goes up, must come down."

LV: "Ok...well I don't know what that means but I'm sure I'll find out. Good luck on your match tonight."

SJ: "Thanks V."

(CUTTO: James and Jones entering the ring, to a very nice pop from the crowd, followed by the Krymson Dragons, who receive amixed reaction. James starts the match, and he immediately starts going after Chameleon. Eventually the tide would turn, and Chameleon would take James down to the mat, and make the tag into Raizzor. Raizzor would then use many of his power moves, isolating on the back of Steven James, who was struggling to keep pace. A great deal of damage was done when Chameleon was tagged in, and executed a series of vicious backbreakers onto James, leaving him as a heap in the middle of the ring. Chameleon would tag back in Raizzor, who whipped James into the ropes, and showed his inexperience by ducking his head way too early. This allowed James to kick Raizzor straight between the eyes, leaving both men down. This left it a race to see who could get to their corner first, as both men made it at the same time. The crowd exploded as Lincoln Jones entered the ring and completely started cleaning house on the Krymson Dragons. He would backbody drops to both members, as well as a vicious clothesline that sent Chameleon flying out of the ring. Jones would continue the momentum for a bit on Raizzor until Chameleon tripped up Jones on the outside. This allowed the Dragons to double team Jones for a bit, but the big man would power it. As the Dragons were attempting to double team Jones, Steven James executed a beautiful double clothesline, leaping OVER Jones onto both Dragons. This sent Chameleon sprawling out of the ring, and Raizzor walked right into a huge Lincoln Jones choke slam for the pin. TIME - 5:12, CUTTO: Steven James leaping into Lincoln Jones‘ arm, celebrating winning the match)

(CUTTO: Rick and Tony)

TONY ROSS: "So a huge win there for the team of Jones and James. The tag ranks might be where it’s at for "Showtime."

RICK WISEMAN: "Well, after all the struggles he has had as a singles wrestler, it was good to see him finding success with his new venture. He is an incredibly talented young man and hopefully this is the beginning of a turnaround for him. And Lincoln Jones is just incredibly impressive!"

T.R.: "He most definitely is that. Up next the fans in Akron saw The Jobber, along with his newfound mean streak, taking on GLCW newcomer Scotty Sanders."

R.W.: "Jobber was not too happy about getting paired up with this newcomer, and that become blatantly clear as the match progressed."

(CUTTO: Jobber coming to the ring, looking very disturbed, not really motioning to anyone, followed by Scotty Sanders, who jogs to the ring to a very nice response. The match started with Jobber completely catching Sanders off guard with a barrage of rights and lefts. Once he got Sanders down to the mat, Jobber immediately started going after the leg of the GLCW newcomer. This included several kicks to the inside of the knee, and Jobber dropping his entire body weight onto that leg as it was draped across the bottom rope. Sanders then responded with a flurry of kicks with his other leg sending the Jobber sprawling to the mat. The crowd starting to get behind Sanders, as he jumped and landed several hard shots, and a nice snap suplex, sending the Jobber to the outside of the ring. Jobber was stalling as Sanders made a rookie mistake and Jobber grabbed his leg and pulled him to the outside. Jobber was then able to exploit that leg by ramming it into the steel outside. It was very evident throughout the entire match that Jobber was showing a mean streak. After getting Sanders back into the ring, Jobber continued the onslaught on the leg. He just could not keep Sanders down, though, as the GLCW rookie continued to fight back. For every attack the Jobber made, Sanders had one to return. He even set the crowd into a frenzy with a 2 and three quarter count on a nice roll through following a leg sweep. Jobber continued to show his experience by countering everything Sanders had and always being one step ahead. It looked to the fans of Akron that Sanders might be able to pull this match off. He had Jobber up for a piledriver, but Jobber powered out, as Sanders’ leg gave out, and Jobber hit an absolutely vicious Tiger Driver into a step over toe hold on Sanders’ injured leg, leading to the submission. TIME: 6:12, CUTTO: Jobber refusing to have his hand raised as he abruptly leaves the ring)

(CUTTO: Tony and Rick in the ring)

TONY ROSS: "A big win for Jobber there. That mean streak has definitely been coming through as of late."

RICK WISEMAN: "And a tough loss for Sanders, but I’m sure we will definitely be hearing more from him in the future. There’s no shame in losing to the Jobber, especially now that he is refocused."

T.R.: "Next up, we have two men of the most..... unorthodox men in GLCW squaring off as Jared Justice took on Madonna Wayne Grossard. Grossard is coming off a big win at Riptide, despite his somewhat bipolar behavior."

R.W.: "It seems as though Bostwick B. Maximized is doing everything in his power to keep Grossard on the right path, which is proving to be somewhat of a daunting task."

T.R.: "Let’s check out what happened."

(CUTTO: Justice coming to the ring to a very nice reaction from the fans, with a bit of a deranged look on his face, followed by Grossard and Maximized, Grossard reluctantly flashes a metal sign to the crowd as Maximized leads him to the ring. The match started with a handshake, much to the confusion of Justice. There were then several collar and elbow tie-ups, with Grossard giving a clean break every single time. All of this friendly behavior seemed to get to Justice a bit, as he charged in at Grossard, who ducked behind and hit a nice German suplex. Justice continually kept trying to come at Grossard with more power moves, but Grossard kept moving out of the way and exhibiting some technical mastery over Justice. This included several nice wrestling sequences including the dreaded drop toehold, and several submissions that started to take their toll. Justice would find a way to come back with several power moves, including a wicked powerslam that sent chills through everyone in the arena. Justice then followed that up with a DDT that was equally as brutal. Grossard then rolled to the outside, and started to show that look in his eye that the world saw at Riptide and really had expected to see from Grossard in his return to the ring. He jumped back into the ring, and jumped onto Justice and began choking him viciously, almost getting himself disqualified. It was at this point that Maximized again began screaming at Grossard, asking him to remember what he needed to do to keep his job in the GLCW. Grossard would try to tone it down, but some damage had been done to Justice. His flow continued to be thrown off by Grossard’s unorthodox movements. Justice again took control with a nice series of power moves, and an abdominal stretch that took its toll on Grossard. However, as this move was in progress, Grossard began groping Justice’s inner thigh, which caused Justice to become very disheveled. He jerked away from Grossard quickly and started to throw rights and left. He bounced Grossard off the ropes and locked in a sleeper hold. However, as Grossard was coming in, he grabbed the referee and the three collided in the middle of the ring. As the referee was gathering himself, Grossard nailed Justice with a low blow that lingered down there for quite a bit of time. The pain and shock stunned Justice and gave Grossard time to hit the Flame Thrower across the top rope for the pin. TIME: 7:09. CUTTO: Grossard and Maximized leaving the ring victorious, as Justice angrily looks on in the middle of the ring.)

(CUTTO: Tony and Rick in the studio)

TONY ROSS: "More unusual behavior from Grossard, but it seems to work for him."

RICK WISEMAN: "It definitely does, and he will be someone for both Maelstrom and Stephen Morgan, our GLCW singles champions, to look out for in the future."

T.R.: "It was clearly obvious that Justice was thrown off his game there. He didn’t know what to expect from Grossard."

R.W.: "Yes, it is very unusual for Jared Justice for him to go up against someone more unorthodox than him, but I’m sure he will rebound."

T.R.: "Up next, we had a tag team match between two of the up and coming teams in the GLCW, Major Impact and The Movement."

(CUTTO: The Movement entering the ring with Britni, who gets the predominant amount of cheers from the crowd as she wears next to nothing, Major Impact was in next, accompanied by The General, these teams wasted no time in going after each other, as soon a pier six brawl ensued amongst the four men. Jon Savage clotheslined Rockwell out of the ring, and Wellington took care of Ric Savage, so the two remaining in the ring immediately started going after each other. After a brief mat sequence that saw Jon Savage make a nice roll through legspring, he quickly made the tag to Ric, and the two began doubleteaming Wellington in the corner. The General was obviously very pleased with this as both men continued to kick Wellington in the corner. Rockwell did not help things either as he continued to try to enter the match, only to be stopped by the referee. When this occurred, both members of Major Impact as well as The General took their aggression out on Wellington. The match turned though after Wellington was whipped into the ropes and Jon Savage ducked his head too early. This allowed Wellington to hit a nice swinging neckbreaker and make the tag out to Rockwell, who took both members of Major Impact on like a house of fire. He executed back body drops on both members, and a clothesline for both Jon Savage and The General who had gotten up on the ring apron. Rockwell then continued the onslaught on Ric Savage until a rake to the eyes evened the match. Both men made tags out, and Shane Rockwell took control of Jon Savage. Major Impact looked like it had the match won, when Rockwell had Jon Savage up for a huge suplex, only to have The General grab his leg from outside the ring. Jon Savage then climbed the top rope, only to be greeted by the beautiful Britni, who started taking off the few clothes she still had remaining. This distracting Savage and allowed Rockwell to come up and hit the Final Approach off the top rope for the pin. TIME: 4:42, CUTTO: The Movement having their arms raised by Brtini in the ring, as The General scolds Major Impact on the aisle.)

(CUTTO: Tony and Rick in the studio)

TONY ROSS: "It goes to show what a nice looking woman can do for you. The Movement picks up a big win here on Wired."

RICK WISEMAN: "Needless to say, I don’t think The General would have had the same effect on the Movement."

T.R.: "That is a definite same assumption there Rick. Up next fans, a match between one established superstar here in the GLCW, that being Anarky, and a star who has just recently returned to the GLCW in the person of Cameron Cruise. Fans in Akron were treated to something special, let’s check it out!"

(CUTTO: Anarky coming to the ring, and receiving the same heat he’s used to getting around the Midwest, followed by Cruise, who gets a good response. The match started with Cruise going immediately on the offensive, laying into Anarky with rights and lefts and finally a dropkick that sent Anarky sprawling to the outside. Cruise would not give Anarky any time for a breather as he leaped over the top rope and hitting a splash onto Anarky on the outside. Cruise would throw Anarky back in the ring, but only managed to get a two count. Anarky stayed on the defensive, as Cruise pursued him around the ring. A quick kick to the gut by Anarky quickly even the score, as he followed with a press slam. He would go for a nice after bouncing off the rope, but Cruise would duck out of the way, and hit a DDT, landing himself another two count. The two would get back up to an even keel again, as they locked up, and Anarky sent Cruise into the ropes and took him down with a shoulder block. He then picked up Cruise and hit a DDT of his own, managing only a 2 count. He would then pick up Cruise for a slam, only to have Cruise slip out of the back, and immediately fall, landing into an inverted DDT, again bringing the crowd to its feet. Cruise then climbed to the top rope and hit a beautiful legdrop for what the crowd that was certainly the pinfall. However, just before three Anarky managed to get his shoulder up, and Cruise could not believe that that move did not get a three count. Anarky again was able to make a comeback by kicking Cruise in the stomach repeatedly. Once he got Cruise down on the mat, he began violently kicking Cruise in the head, opening up a rather large gash in Cruise’s forehead. After that, he would hit a full nelson slam, but again Cruise managed to kick out. Anarky would then hit a cradle piledriver, but again Cameron Cruise was able to kick out. The crowd was in an absolute frenzy by this time, rallying trying to get behind Cameron Cruise. Cruise was able to respond by battling back. He blocked several rights and left from Anarky, and landed some of his own. He then hit an absolutely ridiculous brainbuster that had Anarky down for the count. Cruise wanted to finish the match, however, the way he wished he had previously and climbed back to the top rope. Anarky would move out of the way this time, and upon Cruise regaining his feet, Anarky hit the Chaos Breaker out of nowhere to score the pinfall. TIME: 16:22. CUTTO: Anarky having his hand raised as he scrambled up the aisle. CUTTO: Cameron Cruise getting a standing ovation from the Akron crowd as blood runs from his face as he makes it to his feet and raises an arm to the masses.)

(CUTTO: Tony and Rick in the studio)

TONY ROSS: "What a match! Anarky may have gotten the win there, but what an impressive showing for Cameron Cruise! It is quite clear that Anarky wasn’t expecting anything like that in that match."

RICK WISEMAN: "Cruise took the fight right to Anarky and never relented. I actually thought he might have had the pin after the brainbuster, but he went for a little bit too much and Anarky capitalized for the pin."

TONY ROSS: "In the unenviable task of following that match came Michael Manson and Golden Hawk. But before the match even started, Michael Manson had a bit of a...... presentation backstage."

(CUTTO: Manson offering Stephen Morgan a giant statue of himself made of cheese as a reparation, and Morgan just looks as it, shakes his head in despair, and Manson walks away)

(CUTTO: Tony and Rick back in the studio, also shaking their heads in disbelief)

TONY ROSS: "So, was that reparation for our last Wired, when Morgan got the Manson cheese statue?"

RICK WISEMAN: "I guess it was Tony, and it didn’t seem like Morgan was too excited to receive the gift."

T.R.: "Manson was in action against Golden Hawk, let’s see how it all played out."

(CUTTO: Golden Hawk coming out to the ring, to a great response, and jumping into the ring, raising a hand to the crowd, Manson was out next to the largest boos of the night. He would not make it to the ring immediately however, as Hawk jumped him in the aisle. Manson would try to get away as Hawk was pounding on him. Hawk took Manson down with a clothesline, and Manson began crawling towards the ring, throwing cameraman and GLCW employees between him and Golden Hawk, trying to buy himself some time after the initial onslaught. Hawk would eventually catch up to him on the side of the ring, but Manson would catapult Hawk into the steel ring steps, and Manson would climb into the ring to officially start the match. As he went back out, however, he would charge Hawk who responded by flipping Manson over with a back body drop. The rough Texan then through Manson into the ring, and started going at him with a barrage of lefts and rights. A whip into the ropes and a Lou Thesz press continued this trend. Manson begged into the corner, and hit a rake to the eyes, followed by a swinging neckbreaker, to take the advantage. Manson would then taunt the crowd for a bit, receiving anything but a positive reaction. He would then go back onto Hawk, using a barrage of suplexes to take Hawk down to the ring. Manson would then lock in a sleeper hold after some more taunting, it looked like Hawk, might be out, as the referee raised his arm twice, but on the third try, Hawk received a burst of energy from the Akron crowd. Hawk got to his feet, elbowed Manson in the stomach, bounced off the rope, and hot a vicious flying lariat. He then through Manson onto the top rope, and hit a huge superplex, leading to a two count. Manson begs off for some more time, doing anything to get away from Hawk’s power. Hawk would have none of this after some uppercuts and a double underhook piledriver had Manson out. However, Jonathan Marx would make his way to the ring, and would ring the bell, supposedly signaling the end of the match. However, the referee had made no motion to end the match. Marx just smiled as Hawk reached over to grab him. This gave Michael Manson enough time to get to his feet, kick Hawk in the stomach and hit the Sweet Dreams stunner for the pin. TIME: 11:02. CUTTO: Manson celebrating the ring, but getting out of there as soon as Hawk gets to his feet. CUTTO: Jonathan Marx smiling as he makes way back out of the ring area.)

(CUTTO: Tony and Rick in the studio)

TONY ROSS: "So I think it’s safe to say that Golden Hawk wasn’t at all pleased with the outcome of that match. He was totally taking it to Michael Manson, and he even might have been close to putting him away. And what was Jonathan Marx doing out there?"

RICK WISEMAN: "I’m not exactly sure Tony, but it seemed as though he might have been out there to stir the pot a bit with Golden Hawk, and I’m not sure I would suggest that to anyone."

TONY ROSS: "Like it or not, Michael Manson pulled out yet another victory. While he may not be the #1 contender that Anarky is, he still has to be a threat for Maelstrom’s Great Lakes Championship."

R.W.: "The competition is wide open right now in the GLCW, and everyone is gunning for Maelstrom."

T.R.: "Speaking of the champ, he’ll be coming up in tonight’s main event, but right now, we go back to the ring, our next match of the evening featured GLCW newcomer Dakota Smith, son of the great Nevada Smith, taking on the aforementioned Jonathan Marx."

(CUTTO: Dakota Smith coming to the ring, accompanied by his father to a good response from the crowd, followed by Jonathan Marx, who didn’t quite get the same reaction. The match begins with a lockup, with Smith shoving Marx to the corner. Another lock up, and the same result ensures. They try for a third time, Marx with a go behind, kicking out the leg, taking Dakota to the mat, right into a rear chinlock. Marx quickly got back up, another tie-up, standing switch, and Marx again wrestles Smith down to the mat. Marx would quickly stand up and pat himself on the back for what he thought was teaching the rookie a wrestling lesson. Smith got back up and body tackled Marx to the ring, ending that bit. Smith then began plastering Marx with rights and lefts. A beautiful snap suplex then followed, immediately after that then came a knee planted to Marx’s knee. Marx retreated, Smith came in, and Marx executed a roll-up, getting only 2. That was followed by a bridge, getting another two count. The two then participated in yet another wrestling sequence, with Marx again proving his superiority in this department. Smith wouldn’t be denied though, as he fought out of whatever Marx had to over. One incredibly impressive display was shown as Smith bridged both his own body weight and Marx’s, and then reversed it into a hangman’s neckbreaker. Smith immediately followed that with a DDT, and then a piledriver, each of those moves only getting a 2 count. Marx would then grab Smith’s pants, and throw him to the outside of the ring, buying himself some time. As Smith was reentering, Marx dropped a boot to the head, and then executed a brutal abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring. Smith was in extreme agony for over a minute until he managed to make it to the rope. Marx was relentless, however, as he continued to attack the back of Dakota Smith. Smith somehow continually managed to keep fighting back. He was able to power out of yet another Marx abdominal stretch, and as he was about to apply one of his own, Marx scampered to the ropes. He bounced back though and Smith hit yet another neckbreaker. This was followed by a Tornado DDT, and Smith was looking poised to take out Marx. As this was happening, however, Michael Manson appeared at the top of the ramp, and with him was, of all things, a goat on a leash. Around the goat’s neck hung the words "Nevada Smith." Nevada, Dakota, and the referee were all screaming at Manson to leave the ring. While Dakota was distracted, Anarky appeared from the crowd, and was set to hit the Chaos Breaker on Smith. Smith however countered Anarky’s move into the 336, which is a fireman’s carry into a DDT. Marx saw his opportunity and he also charged at Dakota, but Dakota caught Marx with a swinging spinebuster, the referee turned and counted the pinfall, giving the match to Dakota Smith. However, Anarky and Manson would hit the ring and attack Dakota Smith. TIME: 12:19. CUTTO: Nevada Smith trying to interfere, but eventually getting overwhelmed by Manson, Anarky, and Marx. CUTTO: Jean Rabesque and Maelstrom coming to the ring, and clearing out that trio. Nevada Smith would then come to his feet, and have a vicious stare down with Maelstrom, as Rabesque tried to separate the two.)

(CUTTO: Tony and Rick in the studio)

TONY ROSS: "A tremendous match there with Dakota Smith proving that he is worthy of competing inside a GLCW ring."

RICK WISEMAN: "He was able to fight off three of the biggest names in the GLCW to pull that one off no small feat."

T.R.: "And did you notice the tension there between Maelstrom and Nevada. There’s still a lot of bad blood between those two Pandorians."

R.W.: "And what roll did Rabesque have in that whole thing?"

T.R.: "Still, a great match between two great competitors. Up next, we have two more superstars in a match that was originally scheduled to be for the GLCW TV Title."

R.W.: "Of course, Stephen Morgan took care of that before the match got to take place."

T.R.: "That’s right, with Morgan winning the title at Riptide, Jarod Poe couldn’t defend the title against Cannonball Kidd, but the match would go on as scheduled. After Jarod Poe entered the ring, the Kidd had a couple words for him, and then the match would get on."

(CUTTO: Jarod Poe entering the ring, dressed in his normal attire to a great response from the crowd, followed by the Cannonball Kidd, who came to the ring to intense boos, as he grabs the microphone)

THE CANNONBALL KIDD: "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who don't know me, I am Cannonball Kidd...a Man with a Message. And while I'm so glad to be in Akron, Ohio tonight - since the people here are clearly in dire need of my Message (crowd boos) - my Message must be directed tonight at the FORMER GLCW Television champion, one Jarod Poe. Poe, I've tried to convince you that your tactics of misinterpretation and intimidation will not get you much farther in life, but you continue to not believe me. Words can only do so much for you, Poe. And if I have to, I am prepared to show you tonight that times like these clearly call for a man of ACTION, not words. But it doesn't have to be that way, Poe. You do have a much better option, after all. Just say the words, and I can start helping you with my program today - a much more desirable outcome for you, I have to imagine. What do you say?"

(CUTTO: The Kidd extended his hand, only to have it slapped away by Poe who immediately began pummeling Kidd with rights and lefts, backing him into the ropes. Poe then whipped Kidd into the ropes and hit a standing dropkick. Kidd would climb to his feet, only to have Poe hit a knee to the chin sending him back to the mat. Poe would come in and get met by a few rights to the midsection. A quick go behind by Kidd and a swinging DDT would get a two count. Both men then retreated to the corners, getting a nice response from the Akron crowd. The two would look up again, and engage a nice wrestling sequence, that involved several two counts, with Kidd eventually achieving the advantage into a reverse armbar. Poe would power out, reverse through and whip Kidd into the far corner. Poe would then get up and hit a nice flying clothesline onto Kidd. As Kidd got back up, a takeover suplex would get a two count, sending Kidd to the outside of the ring. Poe would immediately follow, and Kidd would retreat away from him, crawling back into the ring on the far side. As Poe reentered Kidd, would stomp on his hand, and take the advantage once again. Kidd snapmared Poe to the mat, and then climbed to the top rope quickly and as Poe was getting up, managed a nice flying dropkick for a two count. Poe would then keep the advantage, flying all over the ring, and using several high risk moves, all of which were getting two counts. Kidd finished this sequence with a beautiful hurricanrana roll up cradle into a two. Kidd then tried to finish the match off with a 450 splash, but Poe was able to move out of the way. Both men stayed down as the crowd began to cheer for Poe to get back to his feet. Both men would get up at around the same time, and Poe began leveling into Kidd. After a powerslam and a death valley driver, Poe was able to get a two count. He then through Kidd into the turnbuckle, but as he was charging into the corner, Kidd through the referee into Poe’s way, and the referee was knocked out in the process. This would not deter Poe however, as he would continue on the assault. He would hit the Black Circle of Death, followed by the Fading Light, and Kidd was down for the count. However, there was no referee to make the count. At that point, a very large man dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, and covered in face paint jumped from the crowd and stood behind Poe. As Poe got up to revive the referee, this man speared Poe, and then followed that with a cradle inverted powerbomb. He would then drag Kidd on top of Poe, and the referee revived to make the count, giving the win to Cannonball Kidd. TIME: 9:33. CUTTO: Poe being helped out of the ring. CUTTO: Cannonball Kidd in the ring with a microphone)

Cannonball Kidd: "Like I told you, Poe...times like these calls for a Man...of...ACTION!"

(CUTTO: Kidd motioning to this man and then leaving the ring)

(CUTTO: Tony and Rick in the studio)

TONY ROSS: "A big win for Cannonball Kidd, albeit the win was incredibly tainted."

RICK WISEMAN: "Yeah, Poe definitely had that match won, and who was that man....the Man of Action?"

T.R.: "I don’t know, but he does look quite familiar, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him in the future. Regardless of the means, it goes down as a win for Cannonball Kidd."

R.W.: "He’s definitely been on a tear as of late, we’ll see if he can continue it."

T.R.: "Our next match was tonight’s main event. It features Great Lakes Champion Maelstrom teaming with the man he just defeated at the last Riptide, Jean Rabesque against Nikolai Ash and our new TV Champion, Stephen Morgan."

(CUTTO: Ash entering the ring first, looking somewhat withdrawn, not getting too large of a response, Morgan was in next to some MONSTER heat, as he proudly displayed the TV title to the crowd, Rabesque was in next to a huge pop, and finally Maelstrom came down and the ceiling came off the arena. Throughout this entire match, there was a constant uneasy feeling between Maelstrom and Rabesque, stemming from their heated match at Riptide. The match began with Morgan and Rabesque going through an elaborate wrestling sequence after they tied up. Rabesque would take the advantage with a headlock but Morgan would scamper to the ropes breaking the hold. The two would get at it again, with Morgan gaining the advantage early after Rabesque ducked his head for a back body drop. Morgan tried to end the match right then and there with a spinning roll through, but Rabesque was able to get up after a 2 count. Each man then made the tag, and Maelstrom took over on Ash with an assortment of power moves. Maelstrom truly displayed his power as he would pick up Ash and repeatedly give him back breakers without putting Ash to the ground. After five of these Ash was writhing in pain. Maelstrom then made the tag to Rabesque who continued the work on Ash’s back with several knees to the back area, as well as several wrestling moves to tweak it, including a brutal abdominal stretch. Morgan was able to get back into the match, as he executed a blind tag as Ash was getting whipped back into the ropes. He then executed a low blow on Rabesque as Rabesque was focused on Ash, and then began working him over. He whipped Rabesque into the ropes and hit a nice to the stomach, and then another standing knee as Rabesque was taken down. Morgan would make the tag to Ash, and the two would continue to double team Rabesque for several minutes in the corner, isolating the abdominal area of Rabesque. Morgan was at the top of his game here as he would consistently take advantage of the referee whenever he had his back turned. Ash continued to struggle, and at times it would seem that Morgan would get a little upset with him. The tide would change when Rabesque would make a flying double clothesline out of desperation to both Morgan and Ash. The crowd would then get on their feet, as Rabesque would stagger to the corner only to have Morgan cut him off just before he could make the tag to Maelstrom. Morgan would continue with a Dragon screw legwhip into an STF. It appeared Rabesque was going to tap before making it to the ropes. Morgan would then grab Rabesque’s leg, but Rabesque would counter with an Inziguri. With both men down, the crowd again came to its feet, and both men made tags and Maelstrom came into the ring and dominated Ash. Morgan was able to get back to his feet, and started jawing with fans on the apron, apparently not paying attention to his partner’s demise. Maelstrom would then whip Ash into Morgan, sending the TV champ sprawling off the ring apron, as Ash backed right into the Mortal Sin. Rabesque would cut Morgan off as Ash would eventually tap out. TIME: 14:22. CUTTO: Ash being helped from the ring as Morgan appears angry on the outside and Maelstrom and Rabesque have their hands raised in the ring.)

(CUTTO: Anarky, Michael Manson, and Jonathan Marx storm the ring and ambush Maelstrom and Rabesque. The two are totally incapacitated, and they even let Morgan get a few shots in before depositing him to the outside of the ring. CUTTO: Dakota Smith running to the ring and getting some shots in on Manson and Marx before an Anarky shot to the back of the head takes him out. CUTTO: Marx, Manson, and Anarky standing triumphantly over Maelstrom, Rabesque, and Smith.)

(CUTTO: Tony and Rick in the studio)

TONY ROSS: "And there you have it, another edition of Wired, our Internet based show."

RICK WISEMAN: "And what an ending, a great match featuring a heck of a performance by Stephen Morgan, albeit in a losing effort, and Maelstrom and Rabesque, even though there is some definite tension there, pulling out the victory in the main event. And then that Evil Triangle of Manson, Anarky, and Marx had to go and steal the show."

T.R.: "It will be very interesting to see how this saga plays out. For Rick Wiseman, I’m Tony Ross, wishing everyone a good night."

(fade out)

Copyright 2003
Great Lakes Championship Wrestling

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