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Adam Benjamin


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
Your Name Jeff Kane

Your Email Address JaKanes@msn.com

Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: Kane 0828

Wrestler's Name: "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin

Wrestler's Age: 26

Height: 245

Weight: 6'4

Physical Description: A has the face of a GQ model and the body to go with it. From Head to toe Adam glows perfection. His hair is blond spiked high fitting for his personality. His eyes ice blue point holes into his opponents as he looks them in the eye. He is built to his body's weight, more cut the mass, not a once of fat on his body.

Hometown: United Kingdom

Entrance Music: "Loose Yourself" by Eminem

Alignment (Face/Heel): Huge Heel, however fans tend to respect his wrestling

Wrestling Style (Technical, Brawler, High Flyer, etc): Technical wizard


10 Basic Moves:Adam uses all kinds of basic mat wrestling moves. He loves to use stiff kicks, all kinds of suplexes basic moves that will break down his opponent.

Set up move: power bomb dropped into a sit out pile driver known as the "Yours Truly 2k4"

Finisher Name and Description: Shining wizard

Short Character Bio:

Adam Benjamin is a pure breed straight from the United Kingdom. Adam is a fully trained armature wrestler, having won a gold medal for England in the 2000 Good Will Games. Adam quickly adapted to the pro style winning several titles in local Uk indy federations. However Adam desired most to come to America and show all that Success is not given it is earned. Adam basically hates the American way of life. Thinks everyone is handed something here in the states and wants to come here and earn everything the right way and prove that an Englishman is better than any American inside the square circle... Adam is the one man movement against hardcore violence inside the ring. Adam is out to cure the wrestling world of barbaric wrestling and provide it with the purest style, of which he is the professor of pure, the new age technician inside the ring.

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