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ACW Presents World.Wide.Wrestlecide: F*** You, Our Webshow Is Better!


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Feb 4, 2005
FADE-IN: “Hey Man, Nice Shot” by Filter.

Rapid-fire shots.

KSZ and Orphan holding the Black Scorpion and Spirit of ACW Championships for all to see, throwing Khristian Keller off the stage.

Tyson XL using his XL Bomb to great effect on various superstars.

Andy Sharp connecting with the Sharper Image. Holding the ACW World Heavyweight Championship.

Hank Wright with the Wright-Off! Winning the Emperor of Japan tournament victorious in the middle of the ring, holding the Birthright trophy.

The Amazing Gabriel killing *****es dead with the Nothing Short of Amazing Piledriver.

Chris Hopper, connecting with the Icebreaker. Holding up the ACW Gateway Championship proudly.

GoldenHAWK soaring to new heights, showing clips of his reign as the Spirit of ACW Champion.

Big E. Small, Mach 2 and Big E. Smalls, along with Lettie Rios holding the ACW Tag Team Titles.

The members of the Night Life, partying it up in the club! The Amazing Gabriel, Fever Pitch, Kaus, Aleczander, Elixr, and Elyse Frost, all in a row!

Arkady locking in the dreaded Mask of Voorhees.

Spike Saunders and Billy Law, bashing in the head of William T. Rex.

OMEGA. The End. That is all you need to know.

Chris Moliano. DIM. David Race. Jesse Ramey. Jack Harris. Naomi Machado. Wade Orsival Watson. PowerTrip. The Squadron. Abilities. The Players.

More rapid-fire shots of the various action-packed All-Stars!

And now... to the STUDIO in the All-Star Arena in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. And we're here with a tall, handsome young man dressed in a powder-blue dress shirt and black slacks. Fans who may know the referees will know this young man as none other than young referee, Evan Anders. And why's he hosting this shindig? We'll let him tell you that.

Evan Anders: ACW... WHAT... IS... UP? The name's Evan Anders. And when my sexy ass isn't out there trying to keep the peace between our All-Stars as a referee, I've been asked to come out here and perform the hosting duties for the grand return of Courage's BRAND SPANKING NEW sister show, World Wide Wrestlecide! Here in ACW, as you already know, the word “wrestling” is most certainly not a dirty word! Hell, we tossed it into the title of the show! And over the course of the next hour, UNINTERRUPTED since this is being brought to you on Youtube and the kind folks of ESEN.com, you'll be seeing some action for the up-and-coming generation of All-Stars ready to take the world by storm.

He tapped a large ACW interview backdrop behind him and tapped on the screen.

Evan Anders: And as you can see, we've got state-of-the-art technology in the form of the RIDICULOUSLY expensive ACW Mini-Tron! Here in the packed All-Star Arena where we started it all back in 2009, we've managed to open the doors for the fans who made the first years of ACW's reboot mean a whole hell of a lot. And to repay them, we're going to be broadcasting exclusive matches right here INCLUDING our main event!

CUT-TO: Chyron of the ACW WWW logo. Andy Sharp vs. KIRU

Evan Anders (V/O): None other than Mr. All-Star himself, Andy Sharp is going to be going one-on-one against The Chop Doctor himself, KIRU! The man that made huge waves in his native land of Japan during our stay there. But enough about all of that. Kicking off the show, we have some action-packed eight-man tag team action! Carrachio Salfuego will re-team with his friends, The Squadron. Avis Flyfield, Aaron Fetzer, and Adam Nowell will be taking on the foursome of Damon Somner and Greg Matthews aka The Health Fanatics. Their partners will be the twin troublemakers themselves, Sheamus and Selby O'Brien aka The SOBs. Now, let's take it on down to ringside for this match!


Match Number One: Carrachio Salfuego and The Squadron vs. The SOBs and The Health Fanatics

“Learn To Fly” by The Foo Fighters.

The very first edition of World.Wide.Wrestlecide in some time was going to start off with some true fan favorites! The high flying aviation afficianados (and their surly, yet vicious tag team partner, Adam Nowell) were imitating planes and making their way down to ringside. Both Aaron Fetzer and Avis Flyfield gave their ring goggles to some lucky young children in the front row while Nowell kept the rear, ready to try and put their tag team loss to the very formidable Beasts of Prey behind them. “Shadows” by Breed 77 hit next and The Madrid Magician made his way out from the back! Young Carrachio Salfuego was game and ready to go for tonight's match.

“Call On Me” by Eric Prydz.

The fans booed the three men making their way out. Being led to the ring by their coach, Jim Naysmith, “The Powerhouse” Greg Matthews and “The Engine” Damon Somner were ready to play. They did some stretches around the ring, but their music was cut off by “Jump Around” by House of Pain. Their tag team partners were in the ACW Tag Team scene for a long time. Identical brothers Sheamus and Selby O'Brien made up The SOBs.

All eight men were in the ring now to start off this blockbuster opening match-up for tonight's newest edition of WWW. The match started with Salfuego and Damon Somner exchanging some holds on the mat, but some fancy footwork from The Madrid Magician had the crowd popping. He fell victim to a pair of Headscissors and was taken over to the outside from a hard kick from Salfuego! Greg Matthews tried to attack him from behind, but Salfuego saw him coming and Aaron Fetzer pulled the ropes down, sending him to the floor! Salfuego and Avis nodded before the tandem called Los Aviadores hit Stereo Suicide Dives onto both members of the Health Fanatics on the floor!

Once Slim J got control of the match, Nowell was tagged in now and took big Matthews to task with some kicks to the legs and a Roundhouse almost got him the win for his team, but it was broken up by Damon Somner. Eventually, The SOBs managed to turn the tide on Nowell with a hard tandem Powerbomb/Lungblower combination that would've gotten them the win had it not been for a quick save from Aaron Fetzer.

Nowell was at the mercy of the Health Fanatics and the SOBs for the next several minutes. Matthews lived up to his powerhouse moniker and kept him grounded with some suplexes while Somner worked over the arm. The SOBs each followed suit, working over Nowell's arm with some Armbar variations while Salfuego, Avis, and Carrachio all cheered on their pal.

When it was Sheamus who went for the kill with his patended ****faced Running Knee Strike, Nowell ducked it and DROVE him into the ground with a Michinoku Driver! What was normally his finisher, he couldn't follow up due to the punishment that he endured. Nowell crawled over to the corner...


And tagged to Selby O'Brien!

The fans cheered when Avis took the fight to Selby. Clotheslines, Forearm Smashes, and even a nicely-executed Dropkick were on the menu for him as Avis did a cartwheel to get the crowd moving. He climbed out to the top rope and measured up Selby...


The Flying Tomahawk Chop was going to do it!



But alas, it was Sheamus who saved his brother from defeat in the nick of time. Avis got back to his feet, but David Somner caught him with a hard Dropkick to the face! Nowell caught him with a Spin Kick, but Greg Matthews turned him inside out with a Power Hoist Suplex!

He could've finished this match, but he wasn't the legal man! He argued with referee Slim J, but he wasn't hearing any of it. Naysmith handed him one of the dumbells behind the referee's back, but when he swung, he missed and connected to the face of Selby O'Brien! He was out cold! And a Springboard Missile Dropkick from Salfuego took Matthews out of the equation while Fetzer and Nowell disposed of Somner and Sheamus O'Brien, leaving Avis alone with the groggy Selby. He and Fetzer both climbed to opposite sides of the ring as the fans cheered...


The Double Diving Headbutts from Avis and Fetzer dropped Selby O'Brien and now it was time for Avis to score the win...




Avis and Fetzer had busted out a new double-team finisher and scored a HUGE win in this opening contest! Salfuego, Avis, and Aaron each took their sweet time in the ring as they celebrated... by imitating planes. Nowell shook his head and let his team have their moment in the sun as he was want to do. He shook Salfuego's and when he went to also do the same to Avis and Aaron... they were jumping up and down like idiots. But they were victorious idiots tonight.

WINNERS: Carrachio Salfuego and The Squadron via pinfall (Avis over Selby O'Brien) at 11:26


Evan Anders: Good God almighty, that was some fast-paced action, but once again the team of The Squadron and Carrachio Salfuego gel very well together and pull out a huge win to kick off this edition of World.Wide.Wrestlecide! And now, it's time for some very clever product placement since we don't have commercials on this edition. We'll be right back!

And cut to a random stagehand drinking Diet Snapple. That **** is good. Go buy it now. Then to another dude eating a bag of Skittles. No, Skittles isn't one of the sponsors. But they're little rainbow-colored crack pills under the guise of candy and they're worth mentioning. Go buy 'em now.

Evan Anders: Man, that was making ME thirsty! But anyway, on with the show. Coming up next, we've got a man that's been making life hell for “The Resurrected Anti-Star” Jesse Ramey. The man may have an ego about him for such a young and talented guy, but as we've seen in the past, he can back it up. I'm talking of course, about “The Finely Tuned Athletic Machine” David Race. And standing backstage now with Mr. Race is none other than our brand new broadcast colleague, Rebecca Erikson!


“Hey, all,” the lovely young woman said with a wink to the camera. “I'm Rebecca Erikson and welcome to World Wide Wrestlecide. Here with me at this time is one of the competitors for this next match. Please welcome... David Race.”

Stepping into view? The man himself. The Finely Tuned Athletic Machine. Complete with a very confident smirk, he rubbed his hands together and was dressed in his black ring gear with neon blue circuitry patterns.

“Now,” Rebecca asked, “you've made it no secret that you're showing no respect to veterans of this sport, especially one Jesse Ramey. Where do you go from...”

She was cut off with the front of his palm covering her face from the camera. He shifted his hand and pulled the microphone closer to his face before he looked her right in the eye.

“Rebecca Erikson, that introduction was WRONG. ALL WRONG.” He jabbed a finger into her arm. “UN... ACCEPTABLE. So if you don't mind, I'll let you stand there and I'll cover the Q&A session, kay?”

Reluctantly, she nodded along with the brash bastard.

“Perfect, now... allow myself to introduce... MYSELF.” He smiled as the fans in the arena booed the youngster. “Name's David Race. The Finely Tuned Athletic Machine. MISTER Race, if you may. And as for Jesse Ramey, you're new around here so I'm going to give you a free pass. I'll give you a little history lesson to bring you up to speed. At Revival, HE showed no respect to ME. I was all set to make my debut. I busted my ass off in the States for five years before I got this opportunity and you want to know where that got me? Locked in the locker room while his thought-to-have-been-dead ass steals my pay-per-view glory. That was my spot on the card I worked for. My paycheck. Money in my pocket that's gone because of him. My chance to show people and prove that I'm better than I tell people. And it was snatched from me. And was Ramey punished? No. Was he fined? No. Suspended? Nope. In fact, he's been handed three separate title opportunities and he's choked them all. And why? Because he won King of Ages two years ago and did jack-dum-dum-doodely-**** with it? It makes me sick.”

Race spat at the side in disgust.

“Now to my opponent, Kyle Starks. You and your partner, Ricky Santana, I hear you've been making waves competing on those In The Dark shows, but now you're stepping up to the big time. You don't have anybody to tag out to, Starks. It's just you and me. Ramey, what happens out there to this kid is on YOUR head and the second that you decide to finally nut up and meet me in the ring, one-on-one... I'll prove what I've been saying all along. You should switch careers and start doing stand-up because you're nothing more than a joke.”

He patted Rebecca on the arm.

“You know, you did pretty good there. You've got a real future doing this and don't let anybody tell you different.”

Race marched to the ring and headed off to battle. David Race... Kyle Starks... UP NEXT!


Match Number Two: David Race vs. Kyle Starks

“Singular Indestructible Droid” by Papa Roach.

The man made his way out from the back, attacking the camera with a verbal tirade. Tommy Vale called out the man nicknamed The Finely Tuned Athletic Machine to the ring and he looked smug as ever. The man who had been a thorn in the side of Jesse Ramey since his debut was in singles action tonight. And his opponent...

“Wild Boys” by Duran Duran played and out came... well, the Wyldboyz! “The Party Animal” Kyle Starks was accompanied by his tag team partner, Ricky Santana. They had won a few tag team matches in In The Dark before some Courage shows, but now Starks would represent them in singles competition against David Race.


And that was how both men started off the match quickly, but David Race made the match degenerate into a slugfest when he fired off some right hands. But it didn't take too long for the man called “Party Animal” to make a quick comeback, exploding out of the corner with a Spinning Leg Lariat for a ONE... TWO... no.

Kyle Starks whipped him to the corner and connected with a big Running Clothesline followed by a Leg Drop. But David Race turned the tide when Starks ran to the ropes and came back with a Rebound Clothesline!

The next couple of minutes belonged to David Race who worked him over with a series of neck-twisting submissions including a tight Cravate submission in the middle of the ring. Ricky Santana slapped his hands on the ring apron to cheer his tag team partner and the crowd joined in with it. Kyle tried to fight out, but Race turned the tide on that with a Double Underhook Suplex for another close two-count. He busted out a couple more suplexes, including two Belly to Backs followed by a German for a close fall!

When he attempted a Corner Splash, Starks moved and made Race pay for it with a STO Drop! ONE! TWO! NO!

Close one by Starks, but no he di-int. He took him to task and tried for a DVD, but David Race slipped out the back and dropped him with a hard Falling Reverse DDT. Kyle Starks stumbled upwards but Race tossed him hard into the ringpost! When he came back around, he tightened both arms...



The Snap Double Arm DDT that had felled many athletes in the past put a nail in the coffin for just one more. David Race was a young, prideful, cocky, and arrogant ****bag. But one thing you can tack onto that after tonight... is a winner.

Winner: David Race via pinfall at 5:12



Evan Anders: Some intensity being shown there by David Race and a big singles victory to boot. The kid is definitely rocking the boat around here and if he keeps it up, it won't be long before he has gold around his waist. Now, coming up, we're going to be taking a look at a BRAND NEW team that debuted at Emperor of Japan: Night Two. But first, this next match is brought to you by Taco Bell. Because you should go get a Doritos Locos Tacos. That's like the best thing you could get at 2 AM when you're nursing a hangover... or something more professional than that...

He grinned sheepishly.

Evan Anders: So, yes. Remi De Rozario goes up against “The Machete” Naomi Machado!


Match Number Three: Naomi “The Machete” Machado vs. Remi De Rozario

“Seize The Day” by Avenged Sevenfold.

The fans came to life ad showed some love for “The Costa Rican Bullet” Remi De Rozario. The young Cartago, Costa Rican native made his way to the ring, pumping a fist in the air and taking in the cheers. He knew that he was going to need every last bit of energy he could get. His opponent was nothing short of a deadly anomaly between the ropes.

“Don't Touch” by Galneryus.

The cheers quickly turned into booing when Mickey Sakaki led her charge to the ring. Six foot one and 232 pounds of bad-ass woman with a physique built far less for alluring a man, but more for STRAIGHT ****ING KILLING YOU. And Rozario barely got any warning when he felt a big strike connect to the side of his face. He went down like a sack of potatoes after the first hit from Machado.

In a scene very reminiscent of what she had done to Alex Pure at Emperor of Japan, she wasted no time in wailing on him with little to no regard for The Costa Rican Bullet's own safety. Mickey warned The Machete not to risk a disqualification again and decided to abide by the referee's warnings, backing off. Slim J ordered a clean break and that allowed for Rozario to actually get in some offense in the form of some good Forearm Smashes, then an Enzuigiri that rocked The Machete! ONE! TWO! NO!

Rozario was close, but wasn't able to really seal the deal for himself. He went up top and tried for the Diving Headbutt, but Machete got up and he missed! But when he recovered and tried to get back to his feet, the Running Bicycle Knee Strike did not and nearly knocked Remi De Rozario into next week's show where he'd probably wrestle somebody like Angel Trinidad or something.

But anyway, The Machete was not done and scraped the carcass of young Remi off the canvas. When he tried to... SHIN SAIKYOU SHORYUKEN! The big-ass short-arm Uppercut nearly knocked him out some more and it was clear that Remi had been straight KTFO-ed.

Slim J had no choice but to stop the match and award it to Naomi Machado. Victorious again, she and Mickey Sakaki left the ringside area and retreated back up the ramp, leaving another lasting impression among the ACW fans as she looked on at her handiwork.

Another member of the roster down.

The Machete was living up to her name and cutting down the competition one show at a time.

WINNER: Naomi “Machete” Machado via referee stoppage at 2:46



Now, back to Evan Anders... eating a Doritos Locos Taco. And he tosses it quickly to the side as he finishes the last bite. When he realizes the camera is locked on him now, he quickly throws the wrapper over his shoulder with hot sauce dabbled on his chin.

Evan Anders: Crap, sorry, I thought we were going to have more time to grab a bite, but as you can quickly see, Naomi Machado is just living up to her Machete moniker and chopping away at the competition. She is a beast in the ring and with young Mickey Sakaki guiding her, there's only one thing that Machado can do... and that's anything she wants!

The young man clears his throat.

Evan Anders: Now as we discussed earlier, we saw LOTS of things happen at The Emperor of Japan show! Hank Wright added his name to a who's who of wrestling talent and became the 2012 King of Ages. Tyson XL retained the ACW World Heavyweight Championship yet again in his toughest match to date, overcoming The Amazing Gabriel, Omega, and Andy Sharp. Arkady tore the complete house down with Jesse Ramey in a match that went over an hour before The Russian Wolf became the victory. Orphan came within an eyelash of winning The Birthright and putting us all out of work for crying out loud! We're all still here, but there's no way that the gruesome twosome of KSZ and Orphan are just going to go away quietly after coming so close to winning King of Ages.

He pointed to the cameras.

Evan Anders: Also at Emperor of Japan, a new tag team debuted and was successful in their first outing, despite the fact they may not be the best of friends and having a noticeable... generation gap as it were. Let's now have a look at the two men looking to give the ACW Tag Team Division a run for its money... former IWO wrestling legend, Capital Punishment and his tag team partner, “The Rookie Monster” Angel Trinidad. Collectively known... as Team HOSS.


What the fans saw next was quite the juxtaposition when it came to knowledge, skill, experience, and most noticeable of all, appearance. One side showed the form of a tall, older man with a short, dark brown buzzcut. It's clear he takes good care of himself even though he's up there in years. Dressed in a black IWO retro t-shirt and black jeans, the man known as Capital Punishment greeted the audience.

“For those that don't already know me from me trying to take the Gateway Title from Chris Hopper a few weeks ago, name's Capital Punishment.” He glanced off to his left. “And clearly, I'm in hell.”

And standing next to him? A TALL young man. Olive skin, stringy black hair covering most of his face. A body made from granite, shirtless with black track pants. And most of all... a... smile that looked kind of weird. Like an awkward smile on a driver's license photo. But a pearly-white smile nonetheless.

“And I'm 'The Rookie Monster' Angel Trinidad! You might remember us from such matches where I won my debut and joined forces with ol' Cappy here. And we're...”

“Ugh... don't say it...”

But Angel did anyway.

“We're the Hostile Order of Strong Soldiers. But you can call us... Team HOSS.”

Punishment could be heard off-camera grumbling “Jesus Christ” while Angel continued.

“See, we're both hostile... we're both strong... I'm a little bit stronger than him cause I'm younger... but he was a solider at one point, I think. There you go. Team HOSS.”

“Dip****,” he corrected Angel, “I was a prison guard. That's so completely different from the thing you said, it's not even funny. And I ought to smack you.”

Angel patted Capital Punishment on the shoulder, but he quickly smacked it away. The Rookie Monster continued that... ugh... awful smile.

“And regardless of what some may think, we're a pretty good team. We won our first match with no sweat, we're going to keep not breaking sweats, then we're going to win the ACW Tag Team also not breaking a sweat. I look forward to seeing the fans come out to see Angel Trinidad start his leck... uh, legacy. Sorry about that, excited to be here.”

Capital Punishment coughed to his side, masking something that kind of sounded like “botch.” But Angel Trinidad continued to talk anyway.

“We're putting the tag team division on notice. I'm young, strong, swift, energetic, charismatic, and Capital Punishment is... here to tag out to. And he's got experience. Together, we're unstoppable. Big E. Smalls... we comin' for YOU, dudes...”


Evan Anders: And there you have it. If those two can iron out their... apparent differences... then there's no telling how much potential they may have as a team. And now, it's that time of our show. We're going for the MAIN EVENT of the former two-time ACW World and Spirit of ACW Champion, Andy Sharp, going up against the young prodigy, “The Chop Doctor” KIRU! KIRU has already defeated one former champion in Khristian Keller, can he do it again against Andy Sharp? Let's take it on down to ringside for our main event of the evening!


Match Number Four: Andy Sharp vs. KIRU (w/Audrey Morrigan)

“I'm Afraid of Americans (Instrumental)” by David Bowie and Trent Reznor.

The music hit the speakers and out for this main event, KIRU was making his way to the ring, mainly to a mixed reception from the crowd. He had been fighting the good fight when ACW was in Japan, but here we were now at the The All-Star Arena. KIRU was about ready to raise the mic, but gave it over to his official translator and representation, the sassy and sexy Audrey Morrigan. Audrey announced to the crowd that KIRU's time was now and after a huge win at the Emperor of Japan pay-per-view and scoring a huge win over Khristian Keller, The Chop Doctor was going to do the same to Andy Sharp in the main event.


“War” by Sick Puppies.

The fans responded VERY well to Andy Sharp who was ready to go. A former two-time ACW World Heavyweight and Spirit Champion, not to mention ACW Tag Team Champion and ACW Television Champion meant that one of ACW's most decorated wrestlers was ready to hit the ring. He leaped over the ropes and stared KIRU in the face.

The bell rang and the two men looked on at one another, waiting for the first opportunity to strike. KIRU started the match and actually got a couple of Arm Drag variations on Andy Sharp. He raised two fingers to the sky indicating that he had bested the former World Champion at least on this exchange. Sharp was in no mood to play around with The Chop Doctor and he went in again, only to get lifted up and slammed into the mat with a simple Body Slam followed by a Knee Drop for the first two-count of the match.

KIRU picked up Andy Sharp and tried to chop his brains out, but Andy blocked the shot and fired off a couple Uppercuts. It was all Hip Tosses and a big Clothesline attempt from KIRU turned into a Swinging Neckbreaker by the former champ. He followed THAT up with a Hip Toss into a Neckbreaker by a nearfall!

Andy was still banging and burning tonight and had the crowd all sorts of fired up, but when an attempt at a Flying Clotheline off the apron was dodged, Andy crashed and burned on the floor! KIRU took advantage and kicked away at Andy Sharp violently on the ground before he lifted him up and connected with a Falcon Arrow Suplex on the floor! Back inside, KIRU tried to finish the match..




KIRU took over the match and slowed down Andy's more frenetic offense, trading it in for some more methodical work aimed at the back. An attempt at a Bow and Arrow stretch from KIRU had the bigger Sharp trapped in its clutches. He pulled back further and further as Slim J asked him if he wanted to give. Andy shook his head no and the crowd was fully behind one of ACW's most decorated athletes.

KIRU punished him with a Snap Suplex, followed that up with another Backbreaker, then finally connected with a Standing Moonsault, aimed across the back of Andy! His ring psychology was definitely not lacking, but he got only another two-count.

Sharp needed to get some offense in a bad way and the crowd lent their support to Mr. All-Star, currently trapped in the clutches of a modified Camel Clutch-like submission hold. Eventually, Andy powered out WITH KIRU on his back and pushed the smaller wrestler into the corner!

Morrigan yelled for KIRU to fight back, but when he tried for the Lightning Spiral, Andy reversed that and connected with a HARD Spinebuster! He played to the crowd before he stood up and delivered an AMAZING Standing Shooting Star Press, amazing athleticism by the 240-pounder. That tune he played was an A-SHARP!

Sharp turned the tide with some elbows and a Leaping Shoulder Block that nearly knocked him out of his boots. A quick Snap Scoop Powerslam got another two-count!

This match had the crowd hooked with every near fall. Andy positioned for the Sharper Image, but KIRU slipped out the back and pushed Andy to the corner...


The Running Corner Boot knocked Andy stupid and that was it! ONE! TWO! NO! KIRU was in disbelief and even the fans thought that was the end, but Sharp weathered the storm. Andy was still groggy, so KIRU planted him into the mat with a Sliding Complete Shot and headed up top. He looked out to the crowd, looking to land that signature move off the top... THE CUTDOWN... NO!

Andy move, but KIRU rolled through his landing and headed back to his feet. When he turned around, the position was all that Andy needed to catch him in the head with an Enzuigiri! He lifted KIRU up next...BUCKLEBOMB! And when he slashed a thumb across his throat, he picked up KIRU and DROPPED him down hard.



That was it! Andy Sharp had managed to evade KIRU's killing finishing move long enough to connect with a one-two-three sequence that was enough to put the ultra-talented KIRU away. And while he ended up with a loss tonight, he had a former world champion on the ropes for nearly ten-plus minutes, going hold for hold and nearly getting the win on one or two occasions.

Tonight belonged to Andy Sharp on this night, but if the future of ACW rested with people like KIRU, then the future would be very bright.

WINNER: Andy Sharp via pinfall in 12:23



Evan Anders: And WHAT a match to close out the first edition of the Brand New World Wide Wrestlecide! And we've got much more action in store n the weeks to come. ACW is heading to the land of South America! We're going to be all over the place. Chile, Colombia, Argentina and most importantly, RIO DE JANEIRO! Party capital of the world where we'll cap off with the ACW Pay-Per View, CARNIVALE! But first, ACW makes a brief stop in the land of Singapore where we will be bringing the first Courage after Emperor of Japan right from The Float at Marina Bay! Thanks for joining us, I'm your host Evan Anders and it's been a pleasure. Good night!

(Throw in the ACW logo and we're done. Now, go home. Eat a sandwich. We'll see you next week...ish.)

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