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A Step Ahead of the Rest


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Sep 11, 2004
(Evol is relazing in a hotel room, nursing what injuries he recieved during the Bloodbath Match. He is lying in a fancy looking bed with a glass of wine and some bandages lying on the lightstand next to him.)

Evol: Damn fine match that was last night. Damn fine. Bumps and bruises were generously given out by the boatload. I am recovering here, in the lap of luxury while some poor idiot is footing the bill. I am here, not only resting and taking every advantage available here, but also it gives me time to think ahead and plan for the future. My aspirations are high, so very high. Lofty as they may seem, they are within my reach. Maybe not now but surely soon, they will be. Maybe if I wrote this crap down, it might be easier to keep track of. People to eliminate, titles to win.

First off, hats off to Stephen Greer for winning the whole freakin' thing. I mean, seriously, wow. To go through and let everyone else do the work for you takes not only a high amount of class but also great skill. I'd clap my hands if I cared enough. Just know that if I were ready, you would not have stood a hell's chance of winning. Be lucky about that.

Now, onto my old play, Holocaust. Not much love there, is there? I'd much rather see him riding under the tires of a speeding bus than in the ring. Of course, if someone like him were not here, who would I have to whine and moan about? Everyone needs a foil, it keeps you on your toes. I've tried to contact him since then but my calls have not been returned.

Which brings me to my next point, Team Danger, was it? A bunch of jerks if you ask me. I don't care how many people you have on your side, you seem to be like rabbits during breeding season. You chumps went down like a cheap prostitute. If you had any ability, you would have done more than be cannon fodder for everyone else. Be proud that you were only a stepping stone for the rest of us. Holocaust and I, with DDS's help did just fine against you. Now you know your place, you dogs.

And finally, before I need to pop a few more painkillers to go to sleep, Sean " Miracle Man" Taylor. Holder of both major titles now. Now that is someone who knows exactly how and when to act. Like a pack of wolves stalking their prey, you knew exactly how to hit your target, which last night just happened to be Danny Collins, a man who must have a whole forest of four leaf clovers up his ass. Lucky as lucky can be. But my friend, your train was de-railed last night. So, Seany boy, expect to be hearing from me in one way or another. I don't care if Stephen Greer has a title shot for what is now your belt. I fully plan on gunning after you next. Enjoy it while it lasts. I'm heading to bed.

(Scene ends.)

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