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A Little Problem



I just setup a New Account for FWrestling to host my rp layouts and went through the process but came to a brick wall. Maybe it's just me being dumb but I used the https://accountname.fwrestling.com:2083 or http://accountname.fwrestling.com:2082 things and did the proper steps I think I did anyway but it didn't work. I'm suppose to use my domain name in place of "Account Name" right? I will also email someone about this as I really would like to have this issue fixed.

IMInfluential@yahoo.com is my email account, maybe that can help fix my situation.


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
Correct, use your subdomain name (which I believe is influential) where it says "accountname." I'll get the helpdesk info updated to be more clear.

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