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A Generation


The Godfather
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Mar 17, 1988
The rule of thumb is that a generation lasts twenty years.

The Lost Generation. The GI Generation. The Silent Generation. The Boomers. Generation X. The Millennials.

Generation after generation. Each looking to find its place, its niche, in its quest for meaning. Measured by wars and prosperity, music and culture, virtues and vices, causes and effects. Judged by their action and inaction, their triumphs and regrets.

1988 saw the onset of the first generation of CSWA wrestlers as the company began: Joey Melton, Mark Windham, Hornet.

1993 saw the national expansion bring in the top talent of the era: the start of careers like Eli Flair, Mike Randalls, GUNS, Cameron Cruise and Troy Windham.

1998 saw the CSWA become global with an explosion of talent: Deacon, Kevin Powers, Steve Radder and Evan Aho.

2001 and following saw the rise of the likes of UNIFIED Champion Dan Ryan, Shane Southern, Kin Hiroshi and “Triple X” Sean Stevens.

Generation after generation of superstars who have held gold and made waves throughout the industry. UNIFIED Champions, CSWA World Champions, fWo World Champions… CWL, EPW, NFW, ULTRATITLE, PRIME, WWR and so many others.

As the CSWA slouches its way to twenty years, it remembers the past. But the past means nothing without a future.

Are you the next generation?

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