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A few short steps from the promised land


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Jan 1, 2000
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(OORP: I’m addressing this RP as if before Fish Fund seeing as the result of Evan’s match is as yet unknown. Therefore Stanley doesn’t know he lost this match at Fish Fund.)

(Stanley looked straight into the camera, he had plenty to say and wanted to waste little time before speaking. He shuffled about as the cameraman fiddled with the zoom before finally beckoning the Gent to speak.)

LS: Normally I wouldn’t allow myself to look beyond my next match, but in a few weeks Lawrence Stanley faces a mammoth match against Evan Aho, a match which could shape my future here in the CSWA. I know I have a Presidential match at Fish Fund, but for the moment I want to focus on the CSWA World champion.

I have to hand it to you Evan, you are a hell of a champion and a competitor. I’ve always respected your ability and your manner in and out of the ring, but the way you rampaged through the ranks of the CSWA until you reached the pinnacle was truly an awesome accomplishment. Although maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, after all you are virtually married to the sport we compete in. Where the vast majority of the roster look to activities outside wrestling to relax to, you embed yourself further into the ways of the squared circle. To you wrestling is a twenty four hours a day, seven days a week profession and I applaud you for your dedication. I too was like that once, not anymore, its not that I don’t take my job seriously, its just I realised that you need to take a break occasionally just for sanity’s sake.

I look at you and I see possibly the best technical athlete in wrestling today, a man who’s knowledge of holds and moves is as extensive as the knowledge held in the most prestigious libraries. The reason I added the word ‘probably’ to the sentence is that there could well be a man out there who is just that little bit more schooled, that little bit more knowledgeable, and you just happen to be looking at him. You combine your technical skills with aerial attacks, whereas I combine with more power based moves, either way we both know our way around the ring. I have waited a long time to lock horns with you in a CSWA ring, I want the chance to show people that “The English Gent” can school Evan Aho in the ways of technical wrestling. I want to show the world who is the master and who is the student.

But there is more at stake then just pride and honour, there are more extrinsic rewards to be gained. Whilst your CSWA World title will not be on the line, or possibly even my Presidential title, a victory over the World champion, even a non-title victory is a major boost to a wrestler’s career. I’ve had opportunities before to win the World title and I haven’t succeeded and I don’t intend to make those mistakes again. Beating you means I can pretty much guarantee a title shot further down the road, something that drives me on like nothing has ever done before. This could be the difference between us in the match Evan, I have a strong motivation for this match, do you? What is your motivation to do whatever it takes, to withstand any amount of punishment in order to win?

This is the sort of match where concentration has to be maximised, we both know whoever makes the big mistake earliest is going to go home with the loser’s purse. You’ve shown beyond doubt that when you are in trouble that is when you are at your best, be sure for your sake to bring motivation with you. I have my sights firmly locked on you, I have no intention of leaving OnTime with a new loss to my name, the CSWA is developing all the time, I need to be at the top where I will be noticed and you are blocking my path. I won’t allow you to stop me becoming the legend I was born to be, I promise you it won’t get nasty, but it will get serious and I will do whatever it takes to gain that title shot. I’ll see you at OnTime Evan, good luck, and enjoy your title while you still, I bid you good day.

(Fade to black.)


Obsession Confession

(OORP: Ross I didn't want to get in a RP argument over this, but Aho hasn't used an aerial move in well over a year and doesn't plan to. He's more of a striker than anything else. ;) Oh, and this RP is set post-Fish Fund, but really doesn't take into account the match outcomes.)

AHO - You think I'm the best technical athlete in wrestling? Nah, I'm no athlete. I'm just a wrestler.


Sitting on a ring apron, Evan Aho slowly winds athletic tape around his wrists and knuckles. He has on wrestling boots and gym shorts. His eyes are on the ground.

AHO - You're pretty close Lawerence, you're pretty close. But for me, wrestling isn't a twenty-four/seven profession, it's an obsession...and that's part of the difference between me and you. You need a break from your "job" to keep your sanity. But it's much more than a job to me Lawerence. I live this. I get paid to wrestle, but it's my life, not my job. I don't take breaks. If that's what it takes to keep one's sanity, then maybe I don't have mine.

Aho half smiles to himself and then delivers with a completely straight face.

Maybe I'm insane.

A long pause. Evan takes a deep breath.

So that's what you're up against Lawerence. You're facing a guy who lives wrestling. I know you're sound technically, I've seen you in the ring and I've caught all the tapes. I don't doubt your skills Lawerence. But if we're going to be judging who's the more schooled wrestler, I can guarantee that after I get done with ya...it will be you. But hey, you know that word's only as good as the man who stands behind it.

Aho lifts his eyes from the floor for just a moment.

You wanna know my motivation? This is my next match...and no matter how good anyone says they are, they're only as good as their next match. I'm not looking to prove myself to anyone but myself. I know my body's limits...and I've got a good idea of yours. I've said it before Lawerence, I won't do whatever it takes, I'm just going to wrestle.

You want a title shot. You want to become a legend. You want at the top of the wrestling world. I know you've got an agenda to fufill Lawerence and I won't take it personal. You find appropriate means to justify your ends. If you're willing to do whatever it takes, you better have a stomach as strong as your resolve...

Aho's eyes remain on the ground. He rolls his shoulder slightly.

I'm looking forward to this Lawerence. These days, it's not often you face someone with some ring integrity. But what's it going to be Lawerence, sportsmanship or recognition?


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