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3 into 2 doesn't go.


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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(The stretch limo cut through the traffic like a sleek black knife through stationary metallic butter. Inside the limo sat Simply Stunning and Jane Smithfield. Michael Hardy looked around, the tinted windows were useless on a dark night such as tonight, but he knew they’d be useful once the lights were on them as they arrived at the film premiere. Despite the air conditioning being on he tugged at the tie round his neck like he were sweltering, his blue suit was crisp and new, the black shirt complimenting it well. Across from him sat Simon and Jane, of the two he knew which he’d rather look at and it wasn’t his tag partner. Whilst Simon cut a dash in a cream suit with a red shirt there was no doubt Jane looked far more appealing, wearing a simple dark green dress and silver sandals she looked heavenly. Michael did his best not to stare and instead looked wistfully out the window.)

JS: You okay Mikey?

MH: Sure, why do you ask?

JS: Just wondered, you okay Si?

SW: Yeah, thanks for asking.

JS: Considering we’re on a night out you two are very quiet.

(Both guys just smiled.)

JS: Is there something you’re not telling me?

MH: No.

SW: Absolutely not.

(The two men looked at each other, their stares meant the same thing, convincing each other to stay silent about their hotel room conversation.)

JS: Well, considering you’re sharing the night with a single girl who’s spent a lot of time and money on her appearance you’d think you could at least say something!

MH: I’m sorry, we’re sorry, you look truly amazing.

SW: Yes, our silence isn’t a slight towards you, its just we can’t think of anything to say that would begin to do you justice.

(Jane shrieked with a mixture of laughter and slight embarrassment, twisting her body round on the seat to look straight at the two men, realising her dress had ridden up a touch too far she slumped down in the leather seat and crossed her legs teasingly in the direction of the ex-tag champions.)

JS: This is the first time I’ve been to anything like this.

MH: We tend to be lucky and get them all the time.

SW: Yeah, stick with us, we’ll get you into all the best places!

(Simon winked theatrically as if to emphasise his flippant remark, causing Jane to laugh loudly again and prod his leg with her dangling foot.)

MH: Umm, so who will you be sitting next to in the cinema?

(Michael smiled nervously, realising her jealous and childish his question was.)

JS: Oh I don’t know, whoever buys the best snacks I guess!

(The trio laughed and then noticed that the limo was slowing down, as if in synch the noise of a crowd suddenly appeared in their ears and they realised they had arrived. Lines of people opened up as limo after limo stopped and deposited their occupants like some form of extravagant bus service. Eventually it was their limo’s turn and it pulled up, the main door perfectly in line with a red carpet.)

MH: You ready?

JS: I guess, I’m nervous as hell though.

SW: Just smile and keep with us, you’ll be fine.

(The door opened and the trio were invited to get out, as they did so a menagerie of flash bulbs and noise struck them. Jane stood in the middle of the CSWA superstars, holding each of their hands as if to comfort her. As they smiled and walked up the red carpet to the exclusive cinema, a series of questions and commands seemed to appear out of the air.)

R1: Over here!

R2: Jane, smile for the camera!

R3: Are you boys ready for the next card?

R4: Any plans on a re-match for the titles?

R5: What was the cause for the loss?

R6: Do you know the director?

R7: Is it true you were offered roles in the film?

(The trio never answered, they just smiled, waved and walked up the carpet where they were met by a concierge who escorted them in.)

SW: Whew, that was fun!

MH: How you feeling?

JS: Good, what a rush!

SW: Almost as good as being in the ring!

JS: If you get that much of a buzz by wrestling, you better get a bigger one fighting the Hip-Hop Express!

MH: Enough about them, lets enjoy tonight.

SW: Sounds good, lets go.

(Fade to black.)

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