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    Round 1: Justin Voss vs. Mark Maverick

    Roleplay goes here. 2 RP limit for this round.

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    Re: Round 1: Justin Voss vs. Mark Maverick



    (A grainy, jumpy camera shows an Indy show in Ohio. The state is identified by the Buckeye state’s peculiar-shaped flag next to the American flag. The Indy wrestling show is identified by the arena - little more than a VFW hall – and the amount of people there. Mark Maverick, still sweaty after his match, sits on the top rope, his boots resting on the bottom rope. With microphone in hand, he flings his hair out of his face, or tries to, the sweat sticking to it like glue. His breathing is heavy and his shoulder slumped, either from exhaustion or from his sitting position. In every way he’d seem tired. Every way but one - his eyes, they’re lit up a bit more than normal.)

    MM: Wow, that was fun. (The crowd gives a spattering of applause.) But I’m guessing this isn’t possible in a joint like this so… (He smiles.) We ain’t got no censors to warn, so ya’ll just gotta deal with the fact that Mark Maverick has the **** **** Mic! (Laughter from the crowd) How many times you heard that line? Or at least the original one? (A few hold up their hand almost like their in a spirited church service.) Well, I got a new line for you. It ain’t as funny, but I’m telling you, it’s easier to catch than VD from Shawn Jessica Hart.

    (Some more laughter followed by…)

    GUY IN THE CROWD: Been there. Done that. Got the scars to prove it.

    (Mark laughs and points the guy out.)

    MM: Now, don’t be stealing my catch phrases. And that’s not exactly a new line.

    SAME GUY: It’s new for me to say it!

    MM: That it might be, man. But the reason I’m still out here, besides hanging out with my people (Another smatter of cheers), is a line everyone’s gonna be talking about. (Mark pauses, his smile growing with each passing second.)

    MM: UltraTitle.

    ANOTHER GUY: It’s about **** time!

    MM: Tell me about it! (Puts a finger up.) Though not really, this isn’t ya’ll’s **** to go on Youtube. This is mine, **** it! (Some cheers.) I ain’t done nothing bigger than a DVD special in what… five… ten years? And it’s time. It’s BEEN time, but for one reason or another, I’ve stayed outta the light and let other men take it. I can’t do that no more. I can’t sit on the sidelines. I can’t roll over and play dead. ****, I can’t even lose myself in a bottle of Jack no more. Because I got to do this. Some people might say I’m trying to relive my youth. I say **** that – I ain’t ever **** *** growing up! And maybe this ol’ Texan will get punked out in round one against… oh, what’s his name? (Mark hops off the turnbuckle and leans against the ropes.) Justin Voss, or the artist formerly known as J. Leslie Voss. But I doubt it cause he’s trying to get redemption. He’s trying to find atonement. He wants the world to see him as a new man.

    (Mark inhales through his nose and exhales roughly.)

    MM: **** man, then go to church. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to turn it into a 2nd career. Certainly worked for old HBK - went from Rocker to Playgirl to DX then on to tightening his Bible belt, and each time the t-shirt sales rose with it. Reinvention is the mother of longevity. She’s also a *** **** milf whore, but that’s what they don’t want you to know.

    MM: Justin… J. “Don’t call me Leslie” Voss, I wish you well in your search for redemption. I’m figuring you can spend all **** day cataloging and purging your sins. Me? I got one thing I’m planning to purge – the fact I never fought in the UltraTitle tournament. Make that two things – the fact I never stepped foot in the ring against you. Make that three – the fact I never went deeper in a tournament in the ol’ US of A than I did into Mercedes Devon’s **** - five bucks to whoever can tell me who she married.

    GUY IN THE CROWD: Cameron Cruise!

    MM: ****! (Mark points to a lady in the crowd) You got 5 bucks I can borrow? (She goes to get into her purse.) Nah, sweetie. I’ll sign him a picture. He can sell it on ebay for around 2.50, at least if he doesn’t mind mailing it to Singapore – I still got a *****load of fans in the Orient. Now, where the **** was I? You people are throwing me all off my game tonight.

    FROM THE CROWD: Better us than Justin Voss.

    MM: He’ll get his chance. And that reminds me, I’m thinking Justin is actually this guys name, which is weird in this business. Most wrestlers who use Justin are like – Justin Credible, Justin Sane, Justin FromgettingmyassbeatbyMarkMaverick. I’m thinking that last one can replace Voss, that way he finishes his redemptive story with a trail name like someone who just walked the **** **** Appalachain trail. Personally, I have my own trail to walk. It starts with Justin, and if I play my cards right, ends somewhere in Greensboro fighting for the one thing that can change my life. I’ve been through tournaments. ****, been through ones that ARE the scars I always talk about.

    FROM THE CROWD: Been there. Done that! Got the- -

    MM: (Holds his hand up) Yeah, yeah, they know what I’m talking about. I’m not **** up enough to think this is just another tournament. It’s not. This is just the ONLY opportunity that could bring 128 men from all around the world. And the only one I’m willing to add a few more scars for.

    (Mark goes close to the camera.)

    MM: And Justin, I hope you’re ready for a few more scars. They’ll be coming on your way out of the tournament. As I see it, I’m doing you a favor so you can go on about your business of fixing your little soul. (Mark turns from the camera and back to the crowd.) Who’d a thought it – Mark Maverick the **** **** humanitarian.

    Yeah, I'm a Christian.

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    Re: Round 1: Justin Voss vs. Mark Maverick

    (CUTTO: A hand covering the camera’s gaze. It pulls back and you can see a man staring just off like he were getting himself into perfect position. It is JUSTIN VOSS, sitting before his laptop readying himself to address the fans in relation to the recent announcement of the Bracket 1 for the tournament.)

    (In his desk chair, he reaches down and pulls on the gas-lift for a short burst, dropping just over a half inch and reassessing his positioning on the screen. He pulls the lift up again and raises himself a quarter inch. Satisified with his seating arrangement, Voss grabs a water bottle from out of shot and takes a swig from it. He begins to speak between gulps.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “Mark Maverick. Back in Australia, where I’m from, you’d be hailed as a national hero.”

    (Voss swigs from the water bottle again.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “A beer swillin’ brawler who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty or himself a little bloody? You’d wind up being on our ten dollar bill. You’d get a tickertape parade down Bourke Street in Melbourne.

    “Cash in the stereotypes, man... Australians love them some fisticuffs.”

    (One more swig, just for good measure, and Voss returns it to it’s off-screen home.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: (finger raised to make a point) “But I gotta say, Mark, I find something which you said quite interesting.” (pointing that finger down the webcam at Maverick) “ I think you hit the nail right on the head, man... Maybe I’m not seeking redemption.” (looking off-screen contemplating Maverick’s words) “Maybe atonement IS my destiny. Maybe I am searching for some reconciliation...”

    (Voss stares off into the distance letting those words resonate within himself. Never once in his life did he think he’d be finding himself to a theology lesson from a man who’d normally beat his truths into people. And this one struck Voss with all the force of a king-hit, except instead of seeing birds he was finding enlightenment.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: (leaning his chin on his hand) “I AM searching for someone to forgive me for my sins, man.

    “But I’m tellin’ you now, man, it’s NEVER gonna happen on my knees in no church lightin’ candles for a some guy some book told the tale about.” (hand on heart, other hand held as if he were swearing an oath) “No disrespecting anybody who stands tried and true with the Good Book in their hand... but I believe in something entirely different.

    “I believe in people.”

    (Voss nods matter-of-factly to the camera, as if punctuating his point.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “Essentially, the two are pretty much one in the same, right? Sure, we’re told about some guy who trail blazed across the Middle East turning water into wine and healing blind people but they’re all euphemisms for a larger purpose, man.

    “They’re like case studies or somethin’. You get just as much from one of Aesop’s fables if you ask me.

    “The purpose of the Good Book is to provide people with guidance and some framework around how to treat their fellow man and be the person you have the potential to be. It’s no set of laws... It’s just best practice for being a decent human being.”

    (Shrugs at his webcam.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “I’m sure old Shawn Michaels and his Bible belt are gonna tighten around me on this one, Marky, but I’m just callin’ it as I see it. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I admire anybody who has the passion to put their heart into their faith. I don’t care if you’re prayin’ to Jesus, Allah, Buddha or the God damn Easter Bunny, man... as long as you’re serving purpose to be the best person you can be than that’s all anybody can ask of you right?

    “And funnily enough, I used to refer to myself as the Religious Rasslin’ Experience and You’re F[censored]ken God, man. Guess you gotta believe in something, right?”

    (He winks at the camera.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “And you’re right, Mark... I could stand here and give you a laundry list of all my sins. All the things I done wrong. I could go on an Earl-like quest and try to redeem the wrongs I’ve committed. All I need is the stupid sidekick, right?

    “I mean, for Chris’sakes, man... I ACTUALLY took candy from a baby at a Pay-Per-View! From a real live baby.”

    (Running his hand down the length of his face, Voss let out a sigh of disbelief like he were hearing it for the first time.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “Do I seek atonement? Man... I think you got my number. You got me figured me out pretty good. But what you DON’T know is what I would do to find it.

    “What I would do to reconcile my sins with professional wrestling.

    “What I would do for the forgiveness of the fans.

    “What I would do to seek some peace in this sport for my family.”

    (Reaching off-screen, Voss pulls a photo frame back into shot, staring at it for a moment. His heart seems to sink as he looks at it, turning it briefly to the give the webcam a shot of his tribe he then reaches out and puts them back where they sat off-screen.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “See, Mark, whether I get through you or not isn’t the point. Whether I defeat you in the first round of ULTRATITLE means nothing for this journey I’ve embarked on.

    “Do I wanna beat you? Hellz yeah! f[censored]ken OATH I wanna beat you. I wanna beat you bad.

    “Does me changing my perspective mean I’m gonna go out there and not try to beat you to within an inch of your God damned life for me to advance? Of course it doesn’t.

    “You better believe in the fact that just because I’m showing some respect to this business doesn’t mean I’m not gonna show you some respect. And me showing you some respect means I get inside that ring with you and beat you to a messy pulp like ya owe me money and send YOU home with some more scars, Mark.”

    (The blood begins to rush to his head as the passion begins to circulate through him, speaking more with his hands as he became more animated by his message.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “I’ve battled guys like you before, Mark. Once upon a time I’d tuck my tail between my legs and run around like a chicken-s[censored]t trying to avoid your clutches.

    “Today, I’ll stand tall and deliver every punch you rain down on me back with as much vigour and as much ferocity as you can muster. Changing my perspective does NOT make me a push over. It inspires that hunger inside of my belly, Mark, and makes me hungrier for victory.

    “You mightn’t be so sure on the reason you’ve entered this tournament. Maybe it is for one more run. One last run. Makin’ a comeback. Fattening your bank balance. Improve ya pay check at the Indies. Some last point you gotta prove to yourself. I want to make one thing clear to you, Mark, so pay attention to why I’M doin’ this thing.”

    (He shifts in his seat.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “When we face off at ULTRATITLE... one-on-one... you’re facing a man who has FOUND purpose to be inside that wrestling ring for a change. You’re facing a fellow gladiator who’s willing to face you man-to-man and spill as much blood, sweat and tears as it takes to go over the top of a warrior like you. I HAVE come here to prove a point.

    “You wanna get bloody, Mark? Lets get bloody. Let’s battle however you damn well want. I don’t mind however this s[censored]t goes down. No matter what happens in this match, Mark... At the end, when that bell’s tolled and one of our wrists are raised high above our head, I’m gonna shake your hand. I’d like to shake your hand and know that I’ve had enough respect for you as a wrestler that I’ve given you everything I could to beat you, no matter the result.

    “I’m not scared of getting bloody with you, Mark.

    "Been there.

    "Done that.”

    (He winks at the camera.)

    “I got the scars to prove it.”

    (And the laptop screen was folded downward.)


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    Re: Round 1: Justin Voss vs. Mark Maverick

    “Hey Mark,” Eugene rushed forward, “got a second for the crowd?”

    Mark Maverick looked around. In the backstage area, Eugene was alone, at least as far as a ‘crowd’ goes. Behind Eugene, wrestlers Mark’d never met, and a few he’d wished he never met, settled into their various routines. Mark made that face, the one he used when someone didn’t make no sense. Fortunately, Eugene read the signal.

    “Not here,” Eugene said, “we’re running video footage in the show of the various matchups so people can really get into the matches.”

    “Good **** idea,” Mark said.

    “It’s right over here, if you’re ready,” Eugene motioned to a UltraTitle banner and small camera setup.

    “Eugene, I was born ready,” Mark said and positioned himself in front of the banner. He’d done this, what, thousand times? Million times if you counted in front of his mirror. It was as much a part of him as nailing a springboard back elbow, and nearly as much fun.

    (Cut to Mark Maverick brushing his hair out of his face.)

    MARK MAVERICK: Hey Eugene…

    (Silence reigns for several long moments.)

    MARK MAVERICK: Eugene!

    EUGENE (from off-camera): What?

    MARK MAVERICK (smirks): You better warn the censors, cause Mark Maverick has some *** **** camera time.

    (Mark laughs, not uproariously, but in a way that lets you know he’s enjoying this.)

    MM: “Justin, you heel you - Taking candy from a baby. That’s pretty **** clever, an A-1, honest to the Easter Bunny, cliché brought to life and all that ****. And to hear you tell it, I’m just another cliché though I thought I labeled myself a humanitarian sending your sorry **** home. But I’ll bite, Justin. Cliché? Well, you touch this particular clichés candy and I’m gonna break my **** foot off in your ****. And my candy is a round 2 appointment.

    (Mark gives an affirmative nod)

    MM: I listened to your spiel and couldn’t help but re-check my bracket. I was pretty **** certain I hadn’t drawn the freakin’ Deacon, but somehow, you preached more than Ol’ Chris and Mute boy combined. I gotta tell you, though, I learned me some things - that Jesus was one of them case studies. I got one of those once, along with a paternity test. Lucky for me, the **** slept with the ring announcer before getting to my room. I also learnt you can pray to Jesus, Allah, Buddha, or the aforementioned Easter Bunny as long as you’re trying to be a good person. My question is, why not pray to all of them? Why not pray to the stones and the trees and the sky and the moon? For all the **** good it’s gonna do ya later tonight, why not sacrifice your children to some **** piece of ****?

    (Mark’s eyebrow raises and he smirks.)

    MM: Assuming that doesn’t make you a bad guy.

    (Mark shakes his head.)

    MM: Personally, since you didn’t take my humanitarian offer seriously, I don’t give a ****. I don’t care if you’re a good person, whatever the **** that means, or bad. (Mark’s voice increases in energy and volume as he continues.) I don’t care if you’re heel, babyface or the tweener who can’t figure out which side of the fence he’s playing on (Mark winks) if you get my meaning. I don’t care if you want to be redeemed or damned. What I do care about is two things –that we have one helluva match and that you deliver with your actions like you’re trying to do with your mouth. As I see it, this little business we been doing for Allah only knows how many years, we’ve never had a chance like this. Look at this field – we got guys from every company, every major player overseas and every Buddha-forsaken indy up to the majors, competing for this one title. It’s like the **** *** Haley’s comet, like striking oil in my beloved Texas. And sure, in the latter’s case, riches will come with it, but the former is just as **** important – it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. 128 men, each thinking they’re the king****, and in a few short days, 64 are going home. The worst part is, out of those, half of them will skulk back to some shadow. The other half, the half I **** well plan on one of us being in, is gonna have something to remember, assuming the concussion we give each other doesn’t **** give us a memory lapse. And if we do forget, we’ll have a video and writers who write about the best **** match in this bracket. ****! Best match in this **** round!

    (Mark touches the UT banner behind him.)

    MM: And the winner, they get another opportunity to do it again.

    (With a shake of his head, Mark’s long hair cutting in front of his face, Mark’s voice sounds quiet, as if he’s holding back a bit.)

    MM: You don’t see an energy like this very often. You don’t see an excitement. You don’t find crowds as insane or people as stoked, not just to give you money for giving them a **** show, but to give you what all of us really do this for – the energy. They give it. Even when it’s 14 ****heads in a bingo hall, they give you what they have. When it’s 14,000. When they can feed off each other and you can feed off them like some **** ***** succubus, the rides gonna be so **** insane I’ll need to drink myself into oblivion just to come back down to **** *** Earth.

    (Mark flips his hair out of his face and turns back to the camera.)

    MM: That’s why I’m here, and that’s why I’m gonna pound your **** face into the mat. I used to say that if you mess with the bull, you’ll get the horns. I even named my **** finisher that. Well, tonight, you won’t need to mess with no **** bull. You won’t need to wear red or try to poke it in the **** with some **** spear. Cause you’re still gonna get the horns.

    (Affirmative nod.)

    MM: And if you steal that line, cliché as it may be, I’m gonna hunt you down and beat your **** whether I win, you win, or Buddha returns and the world ends. You may think you been there, done that, got the scars to prove it, but until tonight, you’re gonna learn

    (And a shaking of his head.)

    MM: You ain’t got ****!

    (Before he walks off the screen leaving only the UT banner behind him.)

    MM: See you out there. And Eugene, turn the **** camera off already.

    Yeah, I'm a Christian.

    And check out the link below to see the World's newest, most innovative wrestling RPG!


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    Re: Round 1: Justin Voss vs. Mark Maverick

    (FADE-IN: On a shot of the ULTRATITLE backdrop. Panning from left-to-right, we begin with a screen full of “UL” as we move along, beginning to soak into our screen some of the other letters. “T” soon comes into view as the “U” begins to get shoved out of shot. Then there’s an “R” and succeeded by an “A” and then the shot is taken by the image of a man.)

    (A man we’ve come to understand has an ulterior motive to this tournament. A wrestler whose end game isn’t just to be crowned as the ULTRATITLE champion but to do it by the book.)

    (Hands on hips. Staring a hole into the camera. Face strewn with determination. JUSTIN VOSS looks like a man with a plan and ready for ULTRATITLE action. Dressed in an INFINITE Wrestling sleeveless t-shirt and dark blue jeans, he runs his hand through his fashionably unkempt short-back-and-sides hair. He points an accusatory finger down the camera’s barrel, like he were pointing out Maverick himself.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “Sacrifice my children? DON’T you talk to me about sacrificing my kids, Mark. I’ve sacrificed my children EVERY day in this industry. Every time I went out on the road.” (points off into the distance) “Every time I hit that wrestling ring. Every time I put my body on the line to compete.

    “Every time I got inside that ring I sacrificed my children by playing the villain, Mark.” (thumbs his chest viciously) “You don’t need to talk to me about sacrificing my children to the Tiki gods’ coz I’ve been there.

    “Done that.

    “Got the scars to prove it.”

    (Folding his arms across his chest, Voss can’t help be smirk as he tests Maverick’s waters, knowing full well what dabbling in his catch phrases stirs within the savage beast.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “You hit the nail on the head with one thing, Mark. This WILL be the match of the bracket.” (slams his fist into an open palm) “It WILL be the match of the round.” (slams it in that palm again) “People will look back on ULTRATITLE and this will be one of the highlights. This’ll be one for the ages. This is the s[censored]t legend..”. (dramatic pause) “... is made of, Mark.

    “And it’ll be you and I building that legacy.”

    (Pointing back and forth between the camera and himself, Voss nods his head slowly in appreciation as the weight of the contest begins to resonate with him.”

    JUSTIN VOSS: (thumbing himself in the chest) “I’ll keep my promise: I’ll give you my blood, sweat and tears as I dig down deep and do everything I can do to defeat you in that ring. You can bust me open, smash my bones, and grind them into bread but the only person that’ll be getting sustenance from all this will be me.

    “Do I want to be a first round carcass lying disregarded in the gutter of your road to victory? F[censored]k no. I’ll feast on the fact that between you and me there’s only one of us with purpose fuelling their engine. That I’m the only one whose blood is pumping for a reason in this tournament. This IS the be all and end all of them all, Mark. This is the Grand Daddy Poobah of wrestling tournaments and I’m gonna do everything I can to have that crown put on my head. I’ll do whatever it takes to be King of the Hill, Mark.”

    (Leaning in closer to the camera, Voss points to himself repeatedly as if to make a point.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “But this time I do it the right way. This time I do it with respect to the industry that’s given me so much. And it starts with respecting you enough to give you my everything.

    “You’re laying down the law. Drawing the line in the sand.” (points toward his feet) “Seein’ if I got the mettle to prove myself. I’m gonna get on this rollercoaster with you, go through all the peaks and troughs, trip out on the excitement and be spurred on by the adrenaline. We’ll go inside that ring and we’ll give each other everything we got. I promise you, Mark... I’m gonna give you EVERYTHING I got.


    (Voss’ heart rate begins to escalate. Pupils widening as the adrenaline courses through his veins. Chet rising and falling with each breath.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: (holding up one finger) “One thing you shouldn’t get confused about, Mark, is who you’re facing. Don’t let all these words confuse you from the fact that we’re NOT going into this to climax some stupid grudge. We’re not toeing the line because there’s a blood war we’ve had going on for the eons. This ain’t no crescendo, man. It ain’t nothing like that. We’re doing this coz its dog eat dog, Mark.”

    (A grin stretches across his face as he eyeballs the camera confidently. He tugs on his shirt repeatedly as if presenting himself.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “And I’ve got an appetite for destruction.

    “People have been sayin’ This new Voss don’t have the balls the old Voss had.”

    (Shaking his head to his disadain, Voss raises a finger and waggles it at the camera.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “The old me never had balls.” (grabs them for punctuation) “The old me manipulated the system to get what he wanted. The old me hid behind red-tape and the yellow streak up his spine to make sure he stayed ahead of the game.

    OLD me, Mark.” (points off into the past) ‘Old me.”

    “What you’re facing is a rejuvenated, reinvigorated, unfatiguable, undefiable ME that’s doing things the old fashioned way. Facing his demons and knocking their heads off. The Australian way, Mark. Not backin’ down from a fight. Not steppin’ away from adversity. The end result of what happens between me and you, Mark, is one of us moves forward. One of us goes through to round two. ONE of us goes on.

    “One of us LIVES... to tell their ULTRATITLE tale.”

    (Eyes wide, Voss raises one finger in exclamation and holds it there a moment before turning it on himself and pointing to his own self.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “It’s the Circle of Life, Mark. Except in this scenario it’s like a crocodile fighting a tiger shark. There ain’t no lion picking off the wounded old gazelle with a gammy foot and a speech impediment. This is which predator will reign supreme?

    (pointing down the barrel, as if at Maverick) “Is it the one weathered by fights gone by, whose experience relies on thousands of millions of years of meticulously perfected technique?

    (thumbing his on chest) “Or it is the swift, potent killer who relies on its instinct and ingenuity?

    “Regardless to say, everybody wants to watch that fight happen. Everybody wants to see the outcome of that. S[censored]t... I wanna see that fight.

    “But I’ll have the front row seat, Mark. I’ll be the one standing there trading blows, trying to take down MY prey. I’ll be the sleek, calculating killing machine waiting for that moment. That one moment when I can take my shot and bring down the age old predator with my wit and determination.

    “I need to be careful I don’t give YOU that window. Give you that chance to take your kill shot, Mark.

    “I know what you’re capable of. You ARE a man that’s stood the test of time. Beaten down men probably far better than I in a wrestling ring. But there’s one thing that I got in spades that none of them would have ever had, Mark. One little thing.”

    (Holds one finger up. It’s joined shortly after by a second and he turns those fingers on his own eyes before pointing them toward the camera, like he were telling Maverick he had his eye on him.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “I got the balls to look you in dead in the eye and take everything you can give me. Maybe I do need my ass kicked. Maybe I do need that redeeming life lesson of having my face smashed into the canvas and if that’s the lesson I need to learn than I’m willing to be schooled. But I won’t die wondering about what coulda been or maybe woulda happened. I’ll know I went into ULTRATITLE and gave that s[censored]t one hundred and TEN percent from bell to bell.” (pointing off into the future) “ I’ll live happily ever after knowing I died tryin’.

    “I’m ready for you, Mark. I’m ready for everything you got to give me. Most people, I bet, stand on the other side of the ring, starin’ at your scarred face with piss runnin’ down their leg. They’re wonderin’ about how they’re gonna get out of that ring alive or if they left their affairs in order. Wonderin’ if they’ll survive this, get wheeled out on a gurney or carried out in a body bag.

    “That’s your dig, right?

    “Most of your in-ring ability relies heavily on the fact those scars you boast so proudly about and that the complete disregard you got for your own body scare the living p[censored]s outta the poor schmuck you stand in front of. Your intimidation is half your move set and it’s backed up by a bag full of crazy motherf[censored]ker. That’s what gets inside your opponent’s heads, I’m sure of it.”

    (Shakes his head slowly, yet surely, barely even blinking as he attempts to make eye contact with his opponent via television.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “But you don’t scare me.

    “Your scars don’t frighten me.

    “Nothing about you scares me, Mark Maverick. It just incites the passion...” (beats on his own heart with a fist) “...in me that THIS is my opportunity to prove myself, Mark. The opportunity to become the clichéd Phoenix rising from the fire. You’re the fire, Mark. You’re the fire. You’re event that triggers all this s[censored]t.”

    (Runs his pointer finger across over the horizon.)

    JUSTIN VOSS: “I will find my peace within this industry through the steps I take to redeem myself. I will get my reconciliation.

    “And I’m ready, Mark.

    (throws his head back like a wolf and howls with Flairesque passion) “HOOOOOOOOOO!”

    (Animatedly, he puts on a red shirt like he were defying the world, splays his arms out from his sides and smiles sadistically at the camera.)

    “I’m f[censored]ken ready.”

    (Voss extends a finger from each hand, presses them against either side of his head as if it made him look like a bull. He mimes the word “MOO!” to the camera before pawing the air and leaving the set, allowing the camera to pull back to soak in the complete shot of the ULTRATITLE banner.)


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