[FADE IN. A night-time scene, with a fire burning in a forest clearing. In the distance, the rumbling of fireworks can be heard. Sitting by the fire, starring into the flames, sits the Empire Pro Wrestling Intercontinental Champion, "The Dragon"]

Karl: Two thousand and five is now over. A year which brought new highs to this company, where each and every member of the roster put forth efforts in the ring that they could be proud of time and time again. Only a handful could hold the championships at the year's end, but for those who are not fortunate enough - none of them have been anything less than spectacular. Their performances have challenged people like Adam, Lindsay, Blitz and myself to excell, to reach heights even greater than many would have at first thought possible.

Even though this year has had its ups and its downs, it has been a tremendous time to be part of Empire Pro Wrestling. Two thousand and six presents a new group of wrestlers joining the established performers, and will no doubt be full of surprises for talent and fans alike.

But one thing will remain constant.

Empire Pro Wrestling will continue to grow, and the men and women who are under contract will do their utmost to ensure the fans go away happy.

Two thousand and five has been called by many the year of The Dragon - but the best is yet to come. Good luck to all on the roster, and all associated with EPW - by giving me challenges to overcome, you help me improve.

But above all, have a happy new year.

[Overhead, a firework bursts, showering the sky in multi-coloured sparkles. FADE OUT]


OoC: OK, so I'm 20 minutes late my time

Happy New Year to everyone ^_^