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Jan 1, 2000
Kevin Nash Stole My Heart
Decent read.

Definitely provided a backdrop as to what to expect from the NEW matches and participants, having never read any of NEW.


Holy Crap Holzie! I'm even more in love with you now than I once was. Forget Lindz... I'm forever yours! :eek:

Thanks for the kind words, man. I appreciate them. It's nice to read that someone cares and enjoys your work and it makes ya want to start kicking some Hiroshi Muffin butt!!:rolleyes:

As for the EPW/NEW show. Quite the spectacle. I'm proud to be a part of it. Should be 2007 Show of the Year (on paper at least)

Mental Note: Date with Holzie Checklist... Ball Gag... check! Blindfold... check! wrist straps... ankle straps... chin straps... check, check and check! trapeze and trampoline... CHECK! Sequined Speedo... Ok. I'm ready to go!!


J_A said:
I'm officially scared :eek:

Hey. I was gone for too long! Roll over Holzie... Daddy's home!:D

Oh, I'm bringing it Muffin Man. I'm bringing it soon.

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