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Wouldn't You Like to Know...


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Jan 1, 2000
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Feb-02-03 AT 08:39 PM (EST)]FADE IN…

(LADY V walking up to NEMESIS, backstage at the Hammond, IN house show.)

LADY V: "Nemesis, congratulations on your return to wrestling, and let me welcome you officially to Great Lakes Championship Wrestling. We're all certainly glad to have you."

NEMESIS: "Well V, thanks. It's really great to back and among the best in the world."

LADY V: "As I'm sure you know, the question on everyone’s mind is: where exactly has Nemesis been these past few months?"

NEMESIS: "And what an appropriate question. V, it goes like this. I left the business and I took steps towards gaining more control of my life and the direction it was headed. But let me tell you, everyone in the GLCW and everyone here in Hammond, that it isn't important where Nemesis has been. What's important is where I'm going! Tonight, you and the GLCW will get a taste of things to come, so to speak."

LADY V: "Can't wait to see that match with you and Larry Tact later on. Do you have anything to say about the match, or to Larry himself?"

NEMESIS: "Well, sure. This match is definitely going to turn some heads. Those who've never see neither Larry or I may not expect much from this match, but that expectation will be severely disappointed. I've wrestled the man what seems like a million times before, and each time is memorable not only for me, but for anyone who saw them. A midcard filler match on paper... you just wait and see how it turns out in real life and bright lights."

LADY V: "Recently, Larry Tact put out a promo that covered a lot of bases. From the fact that he doesn't trust you, to alluding about your past."

NEMESIS: "Well, Larry, like I said, you don't need to trust me. And like you said, there's no reason to. All I'm looking for is a bit of respect, which thus far, I have received. I never thought you were soft Tact, quite the contrary. I admire your return, and I am so anxious to be across from the ring with you, once again. I do request, that you don't pretend you know me, Tact. It has been a long time... longer than even of us realize. You know nothing of what I hold in esteem, as scraps of leather and metal shouldn't matter to anyone. You yourself stated that it's the battle, the journey to the championship... and I believe it is the accompanying reign as well. As for my titles... of course I keep them around, but I don't show them off. I keep them clean, and they deserve that much... but they don't get much press. As for the FWF Extreme Ring... I hadn't even realized it was at the cabin... thought it was back home with the others. But oh well... <sarcastically> I'm surprised you haven't asked me where the King of the Death Matches trophy is... or anything like that... seeing as how I'm so enveloped in them. Don't try to psychoanalyze me Larry, I've had enough of that over the last few months, and my questions in that arena have been answered, for the most part. You claim that I have only watered-down my past, and that you've put yours to rest? Well, no... I certainly have not buried my past. I've dealt with it, and accepted it as a part of who I am. I can show shame, and still embrace the experience of it. So much learning I received during that time... in the ring and in life. So I have accepted it for what it was, and accepted its place in my heart and history, and moved on with my life. I do not bury my problems Larry, under water or soil.

LADY V: "What about Larry's opinion of the fans. From what you've just told me, I can only imagine you have a response for that."

NEMESIS: "You know...<pondering> you're right. Larry Tact claims the fans never did anything for him. That the jeers and cheers never amount to anything. That the *fans* are not involved in the *experience* of wrestling. Larry... without the fans, we're nothing. Without the fans, you're nothing. You would have no job, Larry. Your suntan lotion modeling... non-existent. Fans watch the shows, by the merchandise, and "stuff their faces" with the over-priced food that pays the way for Malec to sign his name to your *oh-so-precious* paycheck. You just keep that in mind while you go out tonight, risking your livelihood in front of the people who've made you.

LADY V: "and any other words for Larry Tact?"

NEMESIS: "Larry, you and I are going to do this, and we're going to create new adjectives trying to describe its caliber. Awesome, intense, breath-taking... words won't do it justice. That's not arrogance, or confidence... it's the simple truth. Just wait 'till later on."

LADY V: "One more thing, Nemesis?"

NEMESIS: "Of course V, no problem."

LADY V: "You began your career, saying your involvement in the ring was a tribute of sorts to the fans. You wanted to give the fans what you felt they deserved, being spectators who've paid to see an event, am I right?"

NEMESIS: "Exactly right."

LADY V: "Later on in your career, you seemed to have lost that desire for working in the ring for the people in the seats. In many instances you even heckled fans, and in a few cases came to physical altercations..."

NEMESIS: "...Yes, yes, that is all true as well. I come between those ropes for one reason. That reason stares back at me every time I walk around that ring and look into the crowd. My priorities may have been mixed up once before, but the same thing will not happen again. I am here to give the fans what they deserve. I am here to succeed on their behalf, in respect for what they do for this business. I am here in GLCW for the same reason as I was in CWWF all those years ago just starting out green as can be. Tonight I'll put any suspicions of my motives to rest. The fans, you Lady V, and the employees of the GLCW will know it."

LADY V: "Good luck tonight, Nemesis. We all look forward to the match between you and Larry Tact."

NEMESIS: "Thanks V, and enjoy..."


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