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What follows the IGC Unlucky for Some 2013 Tour?


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Aug 26, 2008
Something that will be hyped in the duration of the tour is the PPV which will take place after the tour. So just you are aware of the upcoming schedule, including the tour, see below...

TBCV for VictoraliciousPalumbo Center (Duquesne University)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (5,358)
IGC Championship Match
TBCUnlucky for Some 2013 Tour: IBroadbent Arena (Kentucky Exposition Center)
Louisville, Kentucky (6,600)
TBCUnlucky for Some 2013 Tour: IISummit Arena
Hot Springs, Arkansas (6,200)
TBCUnlucky for Some 2013 Tour: IIISpinebuster Arena
Baton Rouge, Louisiana (7,500)
TBCUnlucky for Some 2013 Tour: IVDallas Convention Center
Dallas, Texas (7,428)
TBCUnlucky for Some 2013 Tour: VSanta Ana Star Center
Rio Rancho, New Mexcio (8,000)
TBCUnlucky for Some 2013 Tour: VITucson Convention Center
Tucson, Arizona (8,750)
TBCUnlucky for Some 2013 Tour: VIIGolden Spike Arena
Ogden, Utah (8,500)
TBCUnlucky for Some 2013 Tour: VIIIReno Events Center
Reno, Nevada (7,500)
TBCSynchronise Your Watches (Tour finale PPV)Orleans Arena
Las Vegas, Nevada
TBCOpporknockity Tunes – Royal Rumble MatchSt. John Arena
Steubenville, Ohio

V for Victoralicious is hopefully going to be posted by February 8th with the tour kicking off immediately afterward. There will be the eight (8) touring shows followed by the climactic PPV titled Synchronise Your Watches.

Also in the duration of the tour we will be hyping the Opporknockity Tunes PPV where there will be the following matches...

Intergalactic Team Championships of the Universe match

Intergalactic Championship match

Opporknockity Tunes match
- a thirty man Royal Rumble where the winner receives two (2) Intergalactic Championship shots.

  1. First shot would take place at Pride Your Prejudice (the following show)​
  2. The second shot works like a Money in the Bank where they can cash it in at any given time​

I'm sure the second one raises questions so how the "unannounced shot at any time at all" works is that AFTER the deadline for every card I will post an RP thread SOLELY for the owner of that title shot to post just ONE (1) RP within three (3) days of the previous RP deadline closing as their shot. The Champion is able to make one (1) response to the challenge. Once the shot has been used these threads will cease.

If you are wondering how the Opporknockity Tunes match will work it will be simply as follows:
  • All competitors will get 2 RP max limit for the Opporknockity Tunes match
  • There will be a 1,000 word limit on each RP
  • I will judge all RPs and give them a score
  • I will take an average of the two RPs as the functioning RP score
  • I will randomly generate the entries into the match
  • Your wrestler's existence in this match is solely defined against the score they receive and the wrestlers which are in the ring at that time. Example: If Ikan Jobtayoo (RP score 3.4), "Normal" John Johnson (RP score 7.3), pain GRILLE (RP score 7.9) and August Monday (RP score 9.0) then the highest score could potentially eliminate all three of those competitors. GRILLE could eliminate all but Monday. Johnson could eliminate Jobtayooi
  • Where there are two wrestlers who have the same RP score I will revert to their highest scoring RP as the decider for who would advance
  • The wrestler who has obtained the highest score will win the Opporknockity Tunes match.

I will need to think of how the scoring categories will work moving forward but this is the best way, in my mind, for this to work properly.

The Opporknockity Tunes match will be open to everyone, just like every other IGC event.

Those involved in the tour, who wish to be a part of this show, can announce their involvement during the tour as this will be hyped throughout the tour proceeding toward what will be one of the IGC's pinnacle events.

Questions? Suggestions? Discussions?

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