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WFW Road To Glory: Psycho & Noble Sheik vs. Savoy Posse


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA

(match written by Chris Horowitz, former IWF President)


BRANDON JACOBS: Folks, we are back and with this match, we are going to break from our regular format at the request of the Savoy Posse’s own Ron Artest.

JONATHAN MARX: Is it really a good idea to give Ron Artest a live microphone?

VIC WATERS: Maybe, maybe not, but would you like to be the one who tells him no and have him go all thug life on you.

JONATHAN MARX: Excellent point.

BRANDON JACOBS: Lets send this one out to Fantasyland and lets hope the censors let most of this through. Anyone with small children might want to put them to be early.

VIC WATERS: Alright Tinkerbell, lets get this show on the road.


Artest: Man I don't believe this ****! The WFW thinks it can make Ron Artest fight in FANTASY LAND? Ron Artest is from the ghetto, not some damn castle. I ain't roll in no pumpkin carriage neither. Pansy ass suckas, thinkin' Artest ain't hard. So I'm coming to you straight up tonight, giving the people what they want while my boy Steve takes care of bidness. That mother has HEART, this ain't nuttin to him. Especially against some of the biggest fools on this Earf, some Sheik and a Psycho.

(Cut to Psycho and The Noble Sheik being led into Fantasy Land.)

Artest: These guys are TURRIBLE, look at it, they don't have chance, because against Steve Savoy, he may be one guy, but quite frankly, dats all you need. He ain't afraid of no terrorists son.

(Cut to Steve Savoy, who looks quite angry at going it alone.)

Artest: This match is falls count anywhere in this sissy land, so a pin won't be counting on the Jungle Cruise, or junk like that, they're stuck in this little pink place.

(The bell rings, and the match starts near the entrance to "It's a Small World")

Artest: I ain't liking this, that small world ride is a heap, although its got them sexy hula girls that Ron Artest likes! That's the way Steve, show em. Those suckas came right at him, and Steve ducked, and took that terrorist son of a ***** down. Psycho boy is coming after him, but Steve blocks the right, lands his own, then takes him down with the shoulder. AND THE TERRORIST PEARL HARBORS HIM! That's something Ron Artest does NOT accept. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. He knocked him from behind and slammed him into one of those damn railings!

(Steve Savoy rolls under the railings seperating the lines, and towards the ride.)

Artest: Man this ain't good, those two crazies have him up, and they suplexed him into one of those stupid boats!

(The ride starts up as Sheik and Psycho get back to their feet, and turn around to see Savoy floating off.)

Artest: Psycho is coming after him, he steps into the boat, but Savoy is rockin it, he's rockin the house, rockin the mic, and he tosses Psycho out! He's gettin out of there! The Sheik is trying to get in there too, but Steve's in the ride now, and climbs off the boat into one of them damn countries.

(Sheik crosses the water and catches up to Savoy.)

Artest: THATS IT HE GOT HIM, HE SMACKED HIM UPSIDE THE FACE WITH THAT SUPERKICK! My man here is as great as my album, they both is HARD.

(PSycho suddenly charges Savoy, and takes him down with a clothesline.)

Artest: THE TERRORIST TAUGHT HIS BUDDY WELL. Man that Psycho has him for a DDT, but my boy Savoy ain't goin down like a sucka, he jabs him to break free, but the terrorist Sheik is up and clubs him down, and Psycho then gets that DDT. It ain't over though it ain't over, they try to pin him but Steve he kicked out!

(Savoy gets away from the duo, and struggles through the set, only to be caught in the Polynesian section.)

Artest: Steve swings away and gets Psycho in the skull with a fist of fury, but the terrorist Sheik clotheslines him, and he's got him in some terrorist llama clutch! THAT SON OF A ***** HE'S USING SOME HULA GIRL'S ARM TO APPLY IT THESE TERRORISTS ARE SICK!

(Savoy, on the edge of the moat, struggles to break the hold.)

Artest: Yeah I hope Terrorists can swim you ho, Steve breaks the hold by rolling into the water! Look at dat ingenuity. And in a match like this, that's all you need. OH MAN WHAT THE HELL! Psycho comes in with some crazy karate ninja kick! How is that ninja crap legal?! Now he throws Steve HEAD FIRST TO THE HULA GIRLS. These suckas ain't got no honor. They ain't from the street. And now the terrorist is going after Steve's eyes. He's trying to blind him with his terrorist tactics!

(Savoy attempts to escape and deliver an inverted atomic drop to The Noble Sheik, but Psycho drop kicks him to prevent it.)

Artest: Man whoever let these suckas get this match 2 on 1 anyway, the WFW is just out to help Al Queda. Steve's got Heart though, he got this he got this.

(Psycho sets Hart for a Tiger Driver, and delivers it next to the moat, with Savoy's neck landing on the edge of the platform. Savoy cries out in pain, and looks injured.)

Artest: Aw what is up with dat. He hit him with the Lion Bomb, now he's got him up, and throws him back into the girls while Sheik grabs some pipe or some crap. He hits Steve upside the head with that damn fruity Disney pipe! And what the hell is he doing now, HE'S BITING HIM? Is this what terrorists eat? Man Steve's gotta knock out these terrorist cannibals and quick.

(The Noble Sheik rolls Savoy over, and hooks him into the Camel Clutch, this time using the pipe.)

Artest: Aw what? Steve tapped out man he can't tap out he gots to fight! Take it back Steve. Look that sucka Sheik ain't even releasing the clutch! He probably gonna eat him after this. Man, well, BUY MY ALBUM, I gots to get outta this fruity place.

(We got to split screen to show Sheik finally getting off Savoy, as the ref check's on his neck, and Psycho and Sheik begin the celebration.)


JONATHAN MARX: Savoy looks like he has suffered a really neck injury and I hope he’ll be okay. Thankfully

VIC WATERS: I’ve seen Savoy take on Doc Silver in some of the greatest battles ever in WFW. He is a survivor and I know he’ll make it back eventually.

BRANDON JACOBS: He is my favorite and I know he is a favorite of a lot of fans here. I really wanted to see what the Savoy Posse could do in the finals but they will not have the chance because Psycho & Noble Sheik will advance to the next round to complete with three other teams facing off to the very first WFW World Tag Champions.

VIC WATERS: I have my money on the team that won at Almost Live.
BRANDON JACOBS: Folks, we have to take a commercial break, when we comeback, it is time for Mephisto & Blue Cat verses Copycat and Manson who makes his return back to wrestling here tonight. STAY TUNED EVERYONE!

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