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WFW Road To Glory: Copycat & Manson vs. Mephisto & Blue Cat


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA

BRANDON JACOBS: We are back and it is time for the long awaited return of Manson to the WFW.

VIC WATERS: If he has gone anyplace in the first place.

JONATHAN MARX: I don’t think Manson would betray the fans that made him who he is. He may be devious and manipulative, but he isn’t ungrateful.

VIC WATERS: All I am saying is that Copycat should keep one eye open.

JONATHAN MARX: I am sure he already is. The don’t call him the smartest man in the game for nothing. Personally, I think someone is trying to setup Manson for the fall.

VIC WATERS: Manson certainly has enough enemies that would love to ruin his reputation.

JONATHAN MARX: Copycat would love to get a win here and going into the four way match at the Superbowl of Wrestling with some momentum by sticking it Edmunds one more.

BRANDON JACOBS: Edmunds and LOVE have made his life a living nightmare and led to his World Title reign ending prematurely. But that can all change again in just once match, folks, lets send this one down to ringside at Main Street USA and get this one underway!

(written by McNichols)

(CUTTO: Center ring where the ring announcer stands.)

RING ANNOUNCER: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall......

(SFX: Thunderclap. Again. Followed by mechanical, haunting laughter.)

(CUEUP: “Phantom of the Opera” with a jagged guitar riff. CUTTO: The entrance way fills up with blue smoke and out emerges....a man wrapped in a rainbow cat and masked like cat, whiskers extended out in all directions. He opens his cape to reveal a wrestling suit that resembled a fine tuxedo.)

RING ANNOUNCER: Introducing the first team.....first....his weight is unknown...but he currently resides in the dungeons of the Deathcot Center..he is a refined gentleman of refined tastes and before his sojourn into the blackest depths of hell he lived in seasonal residences across Europe..he is the RAINBOW CAT.

(He twirls down to ringside as the audience stares at him, unsure what to make of him.)

JONATHAN MARX: Many WFW fans will remember that the last time the Blue Cat was seen on television, it was a thinly-veiled disguise by Sean Edmunds to attack his long-time rival Copycat.

BRANDON JACOBS: However, there’s been nothing to connect this current Blue Cat to Sean Edmunds, though Edmunds has been on hiatus for some time now in World’s Finest Wrestling.

VIC WATERS: That’s the Rainbow cat to you. Lord Mephisto elevated him to such status and I’d expect you all to respect that. As for Sean Edmunds, this is a man who, like Alex Wylde, was the WFW World Heavyweight Champion and the President, though not at the same time. He’s had a grueling year and deserves some time off. Meanwhile, if this young lad out there in a mask insists on carrying the Edmunds name and doing it proud, more power to him.

(The audience and ringside area go black. Red flashes by. When the lights come back on, a litter carried by 4 men in black, head-to-foot, is carried to ringside with a large, black and red, royally, attired wrestler, sitting indian-style with a devilish gargoyle mask on his face. The crowd begins throwing their drinks him, but the Rainbow cat bows to him from the ring.)

(“Phantom of the Opera” continues playing.)

RING ANNOUNCER:...and his tag team partner...weight unknown...hailing from the infinite black and torment of hell itself...the now rightful king of Deathcot Center...he is the prince of lie...the lord of hell....ULTIMO MEPHISTO.

(The Rainbow Cat opens the ring ropes for his master where Ultimo Mephisto struts in and spreads his bat-wings which are a part of his costume as he takes in the crowd from all 4 sides, demanding to be worshipped.)
WATERS(shaking head): Every time I see Lord Ultimo Mephisto, he looks bigger and more powerful than the last. How could anyone think that this engine of destruction bred right out of hell is Mike Manson?

JONATHAN MARX: He has adopted the more wild, brawling style Manson mastered during his early career before he became more methodical and thoughtful to his approach in the ring.

BRANDON JACOBS: Truth be told, I was looking forward to watching Manson wrestle a reflection of himself, but I’m still eagerly anticipating the return of Alex Wylde to a WFW ring and him teaming with Copycat.


(Crowd rises to their feet.)

(CUEUP: “My Way” by Butch Walker.)

RING ANNOUNCER:And their opponents..first...weighting 301 lbs...from Kalamazoo, Michigan, he is the former WFW World’s Heavyweight Champion..he is....COPYCAT..

(COPYCAT emerges from the entrance, wearing his red & oranage robe and beret, and gazes ahead at the ring as the fans slap at his shoulders and arms. Mephisto’s servants scatter past him with their litter and he squints his eyes at them.)

JONATHAN MARX: Certainly, Copycat has unfinished business with the gentlemen inside that ring as they might be blamed for his title loss to Anarky.

BRANDON JACOBS: While Manson, against doctor’s orders, tried to help, the force of Mephisto and the Rainbow Cat was too much to overcome and Anarky walked away the champion, though it was much deserved.

VIC WATERS: When will you two learn? It’s ULTIMO MEPHISTO, or simply Lord. And looking at him and Copycat live and in person, I’d say that Ultimo Mephisto is actually what Manson was not, and that’s Copycat’s physical equal. A taller, broader, more powerful mind. To survive this evening’s encounter, Copycat will have to rely on those wits he so often brags about.

JONATHAN MARX: But where did that get Manson?

(CUEUP: “Diesel Power” by Prodigy. Fans roar to a fever pitch.)

RING ANNOUNCER: His tag team partner...another former WFW World Heavyweight Champion....the former WFW President...he weighs 228 lbs and is from Atlantic City, New Jersey....this is ALEX WYLDE.

(Wylde dashes out past Copycat, still in his bloodied street clothes, now wearing elbow and knee pads. Copycat, sighing, throws his beret into the crowd, throws off his robe, and runs after him.)

BRANDON JACOBS: Wylde hits the ring and we’re underway!!

(Bell rings.)

BRANDON JACOBS: Wylde immediately attacking Mephisto and the Rainbow Cat! He’s a flurry of action and here’s Copycat behind him to help!

(Wylde and the Rainbow Cat fall through the ring ropes brawling as Copycat and Mephisto trade punches.)

VIC WATERS: I told you before, it’s Ultimo Mephisto!

JONATHAN MARX: For the sake of simplicity and clarity, let’s just refer to him as Mephisto and the Rainbow Cat as the Cat, not to be confused with Copycat.
BRANDON JACOBS: Sounds fine to me.

VIC WATERS: Heathens.

BRANDON JACOBS: Copycat and Mephisto trading punches...and now we can see that Mephisto, while not an obvious weight advantage, he does have a height advantage on Copycat.

VIC WATERS: How could anyone have thought this guy was Manson?

BRANDON JACOBS: Mephisto with a high knee and he whips Copycat against the ropes...no..he pulls him back in for a short-arm clothesline! He picks him back up for a clothesline/sweep combo! A quick cover..1..2...NO.

(The Rainbow Cat hotshots Wylde onto the apron and climbs up into his corner.)

BRANDON JACOBS: Mephisto with a bodyslam and off the ropes with a big elbow! He tags in the Cat and holds down Copycat as the cat legdrops him and hooks a leg. 1....2....NO. The Cat ligts Copycat up into the air with a gutwrench suplex. He hits the oklahoma roll. 1..2...NO!..

JONATHAN MARX: Quite a difference in styles between Mephisto and the Cat. Mephisto obviously using his power while the Cat uses his technical know-how, though Copycat is known for being able to adapt.

BRANDON JACOBS: Copycat dives across the ring to tag in Wylde! Wylde is reaching over the top rope...but the Cat drags him back into his corner and tags in Mephisto. He pounds down on Copycat from behind with a double-ax handle.

VIC WATERS:....and he spits across the ring at Alex Wylde!

JONATHAN MARX: Wylde won’t take that! He’s supposed to be the one that’s doing the spitting!

BRANDON JACOBS: He rages into the ring, but the ref’s handing him back! Turn around! Turn around! The Cat kicks Copycat in the crouch and Mephisto brings him up for a backdrop suplex! He plants hard on the back of the neck and head. He makes a tag and hits the camel clutch on Copycat! The Cat with a vicious dropkick to the face!

(Wyldes screams to Copycat, ‘Tag out! Tag out!”)
BRANDON JACOBS: A cover....1...2...(The Cat puts a leg on the ropes)...No....Copycat with a kick-out! (The Cat shakes his head.) He drags Copycat up by the hair and shoots him across the ropes...but Copycat ducks the clothesline..but Mephisto forearms him from behind!

JONATHAN MARX: Mephisto and the Cat are making obvious advantage of the numbers game.

VIC WATERS: It might be awhile before Wylde is even tagged into this match.

BRANDON JACOBS: The Cat with a series of chops...slapping away at Copycat’s chest...Copycat fires back...the Cat ducks...but gets caught with an elbow! Copycat with a stiff European uppercut! And another! He hits an atomic drop and then shoots the Cat across the ropes and hits a running clothesline!

JONATHAN MARX: The Cat does a 360 as he’s hit!

VIC WATERS: Obviously, Lord Mephisto is waiting for the opportune time to unleash his supernatural abilities against Copycat as he did to Manson earlier.

BRANDON JACOBS: Copycat makes the tag to Wylde and the crowd goes berserk!

JONATHAN MARX: It’s been almost a year since they saw this man in action, this man who was fired in his prime from the WFW by Sean Edmunds, someone Alex Wylde had considered a friend.

VIC WATERS: I’m assuming they have unfinished business.

BRANDON JACOBS: Wylde fighting mad with chops to the Cat! He laying in the vicious kicks in the corner! He sprints to the corner to sidekick Mephisto but he drops off the apron to elude it! The Cat charges but Wylde catches him with a spinning heel kick! I don’t think he hit him fully with that.

VIC WATERS: I saw a lot of daylight.

JONATHAN MARX: Wylde is fighting on pure emotion here and isn’t even able to think or aim properly.

BRANDON JACOBS: He tags in Copycat and they throw the Cat into the corner and catche him on the rebound with a high doubel back body drop! Wait....Wylde jumps on top of the Cat and chokes away, but the ref’s there! He’s pulling Wylde back...he says he’s not the legal man anymore.

VIC WATERS: Wylde really isn’t thinking here.

BRANDON JACOBS: The ref is forcing Wylde back into the corner while Copycat tries to pick up the Cat...but here’s Mephisto from behind with a release german suplex!

JONATHAN MARX: He just cracked Copycat’s neck against the canvas!

BRANDON JACOBS: The Cat drags himself over for the cover! 1...2....NO! But the Cat makes a dive for his corner and tags in Mephisto. He calmly grabs Copycat by the legs and drags him away from Wylde!

VIC WATERS: Wylde desperately wants back into this match.

BRANDON JACOBS: Mephisto now with a long delayed suplex...hanging a man as massive as Copycat...up in the air...and drops him down...he picks him up...and hits another delayed suplex!

JONATHAN MARX: Copycat obviously in a lot of trouble here as he’s been denied any offense and Wylde’s influence on this match has been kept to a minimum.

VIC WATERS: The man who wants most to be in there has been kept to his corner. Lord Mephisto’s power is truly something to behold.

BRANDON JACOBS: Mephisto definitely flaunting his power now as he has lifted Copycat up into a gorilla press! Copycat weighs around 300 lbs, fans, this isn’t someone you can just throw around. Wait! Copycat catches Mephisto by the head and hits a swinging ddt reversal!

JONATHAN MARX: Copycat, while a big man, can sometimes shock people with his agility. He’s a new breed of wrestler that can leave his feet and still be comfortable, even being over 6'0 and 300 lbs.

VIC WATERS: He’s still slow to his feet after all the punishment he’s taken so far, but so is Mephisto, from not only the fierce ddt, but the shock of the reversal.

BRANDON JACOBS: They’re both up! Copycat with the Kit Kat Kick! Mephisto collapses to the mat! Copycat falls back in exhaustion.....but he uses the ropes to climb back up and he meets Mephisto with another Kit Kat Kick!! He falls over Mephisto for the cover!

JONATHAN MARX: This could be it!

BRANDON JACOBS: 1..2....NO..The Cat breaks it up with an elbow! Wylde runs into the ring and hits the Cat with a flying forearm! The ref’s grabbing at him....as Copycat hits a small package!!!

JONATHAN MARX: 1..2...3...1..2...3..the ref is not turning around. He’s too bust with Wylde.

VIC WATERS: Or has Lord Mephisto used his hypnotic powers to keep the referee distracted?

BRANDON JACOBS: Now he sees the pin! 1..2...NO. Mephisto kicks out now but Copycat with a snapmare....then another. He runs to the corner and decks the Cat! Then he catches Mephisto with a flying clothesline! Now a dropkick! The Cat runs into the ring....but Copycat catches him with a powerslam...on top of Mephisto!!!

JONATHAN MARX: Copycat now with a second wind!! He tags in Wylde and points to the top!!

VIC WATERS: My god, he wants to get aerial!

JONATHAN MARX: That’s something Alex Wylde loves to do!

BRANDON JACOBS: Copycat up top first...with a frog splash!!!! He’s followed by Wylde!!! They’re all sandwiched together!!

VIC WATERS: But Wylde hit Copycat! He hurt him!!

JONATHAN MARX: It’s adrenaline, Copycat won’t feel it. He knows what Wylde’s doing and imagine how Mephisto and the Cat feel.

BRANDON JACOBS: All 4 men are hurt here....Mephisto grabs Wylde and pulls out of the ring...as the Cat school boys Copycat..the ref count..1...2...NO..Copycat kicks out...but they’re not the legal men.

JONATHAN MARX: Mephisto just threw Wylde into the ring stairs...now he’s stalking Copycat back in the ring..
BRANDON JACOBS: He catches him with a full nelson....dragon suplex!! 1...2...NO....Wylde back on the apron..but the Cat knocks him off! Now he kicks Copycat in the stomach, reverse leg scissors and lifts him up! Mephisto on the second rope for the assisted piledriver!!

JONATHAN MARX: Copycat’s neck and head were just crushed against the mat!

VIC WATERS: But now the ref sees his error and he’s telling Mephisto and the Cat Wylde’s the legal man and that so is Mephisto. Well, that solves that.

JONATHAN MARX: Mephisto and the Cat just pulled Wylde up to the apron and forced him to tag Copycat.

VIC WATERS: Now that’s teamwork.

BRANDON JACOBS: Mephisto with a cover...1...2...NO.

JONATHAN MARX: Ever since Wylde ran into the ring and caused such chaos to start off, he and Copycat have just never been able to get an advantage.

WATER: Remember that these are two men who not only have never worked together before, but also have never liked each other.

BRANDON JACOBS: Mephisto now has locked Copycat in a vicious boston crab ad I wouldn’t blame him if he tapped right here.

JONATHAN MARX: It looks like he’s breaking Copycat in half.

WATER: Ah, the power of the gods. If Copycat really were the smartest player in the game, he’d give up right here.

(Wylde slaps the turnbuckle, leading the crowd in a “Cop-py-Cat” chant.)

BRANDON JACOBS: The crowd behind Copycat as he struggles for the ropes...he’s inching closer and closer...but Mephisto breaks drags him into his corner...he tags in the Cat...then resets the hold....

JONATHAN MARX:...and here’s the Cat off the top rope with the picture perfect elbow drop!!

VIC WATERS: Sean Edmunds himself couldn’t have done better!

BRANDON JACOBS: He covers!!! 1...2...NO! Copycat with a foot on the bottom rope. The Cat pulls him away and covers again! 1..2...NO! The Cat picks up Copycat..but Copycat catches him with a quick russian legsweep!! He crawls toward his corner and Wylde’s dying to get in there!! But Mephisto cuts him off with an elbow! He picks Copycat up and places him in a bone-crunching bear hug!

JONATHAN MARX: And here’s the Cat from behind with a sleeper! I think that’s actually a choke!

VIC WATERS: There’s been more and more of an ultimate fighting influence on wrestling these days and chokeout moves have become more and more popular amongst the wrestlers in WFW.

BRANDON JACOBS: Wylde can’t stand it anymore! He’s grabbed a chair and he’s run into the ring...but the ref catches the chair as he swings it!!! The Cat breaks the hold to get the chair from Wylde....but Copycat breaks the bearhug and hits a drop toe hold on Mephisto!...That trips up the Cat and he goes head first into the chair and Wylde!! They’re both down!!

JONATHAN MARX: But Copycat kips back up!

VIC WATERS: The cowd’s louder in here than at Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!

BRANDON JACOBS: Copycat with a press slam on the Cat and now he’s off the ropes....he wants the Cat’s Meow!!

JONATHAN MARX: Wylde has the chair again and he swings at Mephisto..he ducks...he’s going to hit Copycat...

BRANDON JACOBS:....but he ducks...and comes off the ropes for the Cat’s Meow elbow! The ref’s distracted with Wylde and the chair....1..2...3....he grabs it away from Wylde and it falls out of his hands..now he slides into position...1...2....Mephisto kicks Copycat in the face.

JONATHAN MARX: Now the ref is forcing him back into his corner....as the Cat kicks Copycat in the crotch from the floor!

VIC WATERS: That’s the second groin-shot of the evening and I could spend all night watching Copycat’s groin get hammered.
JONATHAN MARX: I don’t know what to say to that.

VIC WATERS: I meant that in a manly way.

JONATHAN MARX: Things are so much clearer when Mike Manson’s kicking you in the head.

BRANDON JACOBS: The Cat with an atomic drop....then a northern lights suplex!!!

VIC WATERS: He’s obviously a huge fan of Sean Edmunds and who can blame him!

BRANDON JACOBS: The ref counts...1....Wait...Wylde has his shoe off and he throws it at the Cat....the ref snatches it up and shoves it into Wylde’s chest but that gives Mephisto the chance to walk into the ring...and stomp down on Copycat’s crotch!

VIC WATERS: I love it! In a purely manly, watching another man’s privates could assaulted way.

BRANDON JACOBS: The Cat bridges again into a pin...1...2...NO! Copycat still kicks out! The Cat slaps the mat in frustration! He picks Copycat and goes for a tilt-a-whirl tombstone...but Copycat reverses! And hits! ...Both him and the Cat are struggling to their feet....Copycat’s there first...a boot to the gut....and the Litter Bomb....the LITTER BOMB!!!

JONATHAN MARX: That, other than Dan Ryan’s Humility Bomb, is the most feared powerbomb in this industry!!

VIC WATERS: He’s too weak to make the cover...he falls back...

BRANDON JACOBS: ...and tags in Alex Wylde!

JONATHAN MARX: This is what he’s wanted for the whole match!

BRANDON JACOBS: He grabs Copycat and irish whips him into the corner where he nails Mephisto with the big clothesline! Wait! What’s this! WYLDE GOES FOR THE GATECRASHER SUPERKICK ON COPYCAT!

JONATHAN MARX: But Copycat spins around and catches his foot!!!

WATER: What the hell is going on?
BRANDON JACOBS: Wylde’s pleading with him! He’s saying he didn’t see him! He’s saying he thought he’d move!

(Copycat smiles, shakes his head.)

BRANDON JACOBS: He tosses Wylde’s foot aside....boot to the gut..he lifts him up for the Litter Bomb!

JONATHAN MARX:...and here’s Mephisto from behind...he’s pounding on Copycat...and now WYLDE’S PUTTING THE BOOTS TO HIM!!!!

VIC WATERS: It was Wylde! ALEX WYLDE ALL ALONG!!! He set this up!!! But Copycat caught on!!!

BRANDON JACOBS: But he can’t fight off 3 men by himself!!

JONATHAN MARX: The Cat’s already down though!!

BRANDON JACOBS: The crowd’s in hysterics! Copycat fighting back...lefts and rights....he grabs Mephisto by the mask and throws him into Wylde!

JONATHAN MARX: The mask’s halfway off!!

(Bell rings again and again as the ref throws the match out.)

BRANDON JACOBS: Copycat’s got the chair!!!

VIC WATERS: The greatest of equalizers!

BRANDON JACOBS: CHAIRSHOT!!! WYLDE’S DOWN! CHAIRSHOT! MEPHISTO’S DOWN!!! Copycat’s gone after his mask...he’s got it off....OH MY GOD!!!!


VIC WATERS: He couldn’t have been! Not all along!

BRANDON JACOBS: The Cat from behind with another chair!!! Copycat’s down...and the Cat’s pulling off his mask!!! God No...it’s SEAN EDMUNDS!!!

JONATHAN MARX: He’s done it again.

WATER: What a man Sean Edmunds is! He took on a dual identity for his vacation and now he’s exacting revenge on Copycat! Imagine what he’ll accomplish when he reports back to work full-time!

BRANDON JACOBS: Copycat’s lost his chair...and EDMUNDS with another vicious chairshot....right to the back!! All 3 put the boots to Copycat now!

JONATHAN MARX: It’s becoming clear that Alex Wylde must somehow have put this plan together. A year ago at the Superbowl of Wrestling, Mike Manson won the WFW World Heavyweight title off him and he was then fired from the WFW after losing his presidency. Wylde claimed he knew who Mephisto was all along! How long has he been waiting for his revenge?

VIC WATERS: Him and Sean Edmunds were allied since Wylde came into the WFW and won the presidency. Obviously, Edmunds firing Wylde was an elaborate cover. And of course, one reason Edmunds’ presidency could be considered a failure is his inability to control Mike Manson. Then of course Dan Ryan, another rival of Manson’s. And they came together to remove him from the WFW tonight.

BRANDON JACOBS: ...him and Copycat. Don’t forget a year ago at the Superbowl of Wrestling, it was Copycat who defeated Dan Ryan in his first WFW match. Copycat was a thorn in the side of Alex Wylde when he was president. And of course, Copycat and Edmunds have had a years long rivalry that has stretched across multiple promotions.

JONATHAN MARX:.....WFW needs to start sending some officials down there because Copycat’s bleeding badly from the face now. Ryan and Wylde are picking him up and Edmunds has the chair again.

VIC WATERS: Copycat has had this coming for years!

(Crowd roars as everyone looks to the entrance.)


(A bandaged Mike Manson stumbles out of the entryway with a neckbrace on, drunkenly, heads for the ring.)

JONATHAN MARX: He’s in no shape to be out here!

BRANDON JACOBS: He’s Mike Manson! He doesn’t feel pain like anyone else! He does what he has to like he’s always done and he’s here to give the people who tried to end his career hell!

(Manson rolls into the ring and picks up Copycat’s chair all in one fluid movement. He rushes toward the group and Edmunds backs off with his chair like he’s seen the dead rise. Wylde and Ryan let go of Copycat as Manson sets his chair to hit Wylde...and then..)



JONATHAN MARX: I’ve never seen a harder chairshot in my life!!!

(CUTTO: COPYCAT lying in a bloody heap.)

BRANDON JACOBS: MANSON with another chairshot on the fallen COPYCAT!! AGAIN! AND AGAIN!!!

(Crowd is upset, jeering, and throwing food and drinks into the ring. MANSON strips off his neckbrace ad bandages.)

BRANDON JACOBS: No...no..this can’t be happening!

JONATHAN MARX: He was never hurt! Manson was never hurt!! No, not another chairshot!! He’s going to scrape off Copycat’s face!!

BRANDON JACOBS: This is the final piece of the puzzle!! The only man Copycat has wronged! Mike Manson when he won the WFW World Heavyweight title off him!!

VIC WATERS: Appreciate the genius of it all!! Manson fooled the entire wrestling world with not only his injury, but with Mephisto! Somehow, he got us all to believe even when it was obvious! Now he’s gathered a coalition of men Copycat injured! He cost Copycat his world title against Anarky! Now he’s obliterating him with that chair!!

BRANDON JACOBS: Now he’s slapped on the tourniquet crossface!!!

JONATHAN MARX: Copycat is going to be in no position to compete at the Superbowl of Wrestling!!

(The bell rings frantically, but WFW officials that try to rush in are thrown down by Ryan, Wylde, or Edmunds.)
BRANDON JACOBS: Here’s the cavalry! JEAN RABESQUE, STEVE JOHNSON, JOHN DOE, BEAST, and CAMERON CRUISE!!! They’re backing up the officials as Manson and his co-horts bail!

JONATHAN MARX: The damage has been done, Brandon.

VIC WATERS: Mike Manson, truly the smartest player in the game. The way he just eliminated Copycat from the Superbowl, he’ll have his world title back in no time and all will be right in the world.

JONATHAN MARX: Only a fool would count Copycat out.

(CUTTO: Copycat, bleeding so badly you can’t see his face, lying motionless on the mat as medics attend to him.)

(CUTTO: MANSON backing up through the entrance, licking the blood off his fingers.)

BRANDON JACOBS: Folks, we have to take a commercial break, but when we comeback, we will find out who will join Anarky, Manson, and Copycat as the fourth man in the World Heavyweight Title match….. STAY TUNED!

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