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Turning Point


Jan 1, 1970
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Feb-01-02 AT 06:26 PM (EDT)] FADEIN: US Interstate Highway Route 70 East. Jefferson City, Missouri - 12:30 AM CST, its below 30 degrees outside on a clear night. A 3/4 full moon hangs above some scattered clouds slowly moving over the plains. The camera spins around to one of your typical highway resting areas. The local Holiday Inn, Motel 6, Best Western signs lighting up the area. A local bus transit pulls into the parking lot and stops. A few passengers unload from the bus, one of them 'THE WOLF' MIKE RANDALLS who is wearing a long, black trenchcoat, frayed blue jeans and black steel toed boots. RANDALLS is only carrying one bag…the camera fades in and out to the view of inside of a motel room facing the door. The door is unlocked and opened with RANDALLS walking in silently. He places his bag on the bed and unzips it. He pulls out a manilla envelope that he stares at blankly for a couple of seconds. RANDALLS comes back to his senses, places the envelope on the nightstand, sits down on the bed facing the camera. He sheds the trenchcoat, revealing a black t-shirt. On his arms you see multiple scars, wounds and a previous burn…he clasps his hands together, intensely staring forward.

RANDALLS: "History defines us all. You cannot escape history, nor can you deny it. Our past is what composes us. Our actions will always define us. Eddy Love may think he has the answers to all the questions. Hell, all Love does is mock those that ask them. But what Eddy Love does not understand is that his career, HIS LIFE is reaching a turning point. We all have them, Eddy. The paths we walk, the trails we follow - they all have a purpose and they all change us. My path led me through the darkness and to the clarity of THE WAY. My path has deceived me, tortured me and left me with such deep scars inside I've only been left feeling hollow to this day. Now, I walk the path fed by the only feeling I know - PAIN. History is also full of IRONY. Three years ago, as Chad Merritt decided to make such a scar - a young man by the name of Eddy Love ventured on to HIS OWN path. Ironically, one of the first paths he crossed was MINE. It was a strange time for me…knowing certain things that were to come, including my 'dismissal' from the CSWA. It was also a time to me when NOTHING mattered, not even my PRIDE nor my survival. My path had reached a turning point - the sport I put my life on the line for decided that I was too much of a risk and too unstable. As they say, my 'services' weren't needed anymore…"

"It could've been anyone those last couple of months. Like a terminal patient, I was just waiting for the inevitable. Whether it was lacking focus in my loss to a young Pat Black, or letting my frustrations flow in my double countout against Eddy Love - nothing mattered. Then, after being banned from the one thing I lived for. I got the call. My 'services' were needed. Only by that time, I was a different man. It’s a tale that's been told and not worth repeating. What is worth stating is what Eddy Love ignores, denies and will try to escape. You can't escape CHANGE, Eddy. It will hunt you down and eat you alive as long as you run. The years I was gone, Eddy - you were the rooster that ruled the roost. Those events fed your ego well and developed you into the person you are today. You're cocky, arrogant and rightfully so. Whether it was Vizzack, Flair, Powers, Radder, Hornet or Deacon - you couldn't be topped. Now, in the back of your head you realize what's been presented in front of you. Forget the Claimstakers, forget the Playboys. For as long as I was gone, you were the best. You wore the gold, you made 'em all eat crow - you were the King. But as both you and I know - that's not possible more. You're Turning Point sits right in front of this camera, looking you straight in the eye and can tell you without a flinch that if you keep walking down this path, you WILL NOT win. And your career WILL NOT survive."

"Its been one year, we've both said that. We both look at that year very differently, too. But without question, things HAVE NOT gone as planned, have they? You told the world that you could out-wrestle me - you haven't come close. You told the world that you would humiliate me - the only humiliation I could ever feel would be being forced to QUIT and walk away. Well, I'm just getting started. And as much as you take claim to erasing the Claimstakers, the true threat still remains strong, Love. Flair doesn't have the drive to seek this out all the way. Hornet has too much to lose if he does. But not me - Love. What I want, I will see through. For all I ever promised to the Claimstakers, to the CSWA and to you - was to BRING THE WAR. Nothing about that has STOPPED. Nothing has CHANGED. In St. Louis, for me the battle rages on. It doesn't matter what 'surprise' you've come up with. It doesn't matter that Merritt is desperately trying to bury me from the thing he fears most. But still, the WAR has taken its toll, Eddy. You can't be too sure anymore that you have what it takes. You and Troy might have broken up the Three, but you both were too scared to break THE ONE. Troy quickly made his choice, Eddy. He chose Flair. He chose safety. At St. Louis, you have to make a choice as well…"

"There's only one reason this drags on. Ironmans, Six Man Tag Matches, Handicap Matches - Chad Merritt wants to bury me in a place where he doesn't have to deal with me. But after this match, he and you have no choice if you want to continue this WAR. St. Louis is the line that will be drawn into the sand, Eddy. How far will you be willing to go? If you choose to keep walking down this path after St. Louis, there will be no more partners, no more special gimmicks. It will come down to just YOU and ME. It will come down to whether you wish to stand in the way of MY PATH...my retribution. Its your turning point, Love. You can either choose to seek what you have always sought - fame, fortune, women, The Playboy lifestyle, the World Title…or you can choose the path that stands in the way of MINE. More broken bones, more scars, much more PAIN. Nothing left to question, nothing left to deny. Nothing left to do, but put your career on the line. I won't stop the WAR until I can't stand, Eddy. I won't LEAVE until I am completely destroyed. Are you willing to go this far? Does it mean enough to you? Or does that World Title around Evan Aho's waist seem like a much SAFER place? The CSWA has fallen into complete disarray from this WAR. Steve Radder has been World Champion, Eddy. The crown we both claim to is broken and scattered. The shards lie apart and alone. I know that TITLE means more to you than this WAR could. But I'd love to see you prove me wrong, but I get the feeling you're looking for an out. That wasn't about Wicked Sight, Eddy. That was about seeking safer territory."

"If you choose to walk away, Love…you only prolong what's been made inevitable. If you choose to see this all the way through, then you subject yourself to never seeing that title again. Love, it's time to realize that you've come to this turn. I'm not like ANY other you've had to face. I'll willingly fall into any trap. I will risk my body, my life and my career for this. I'm willing to go as far as you want, then ask for more. Vizzack, Powers, Hornet, Flair, Deacon - I'm not Eddy. I'M THE WOLF. I'm the WAR. I'm the NIGHTMARE. I'm the ONE that knows how to bring those scattered shards back together. Its why I FIGHT THE WAR - its the TURNING POINT I have chosen. Its time to choose YOUR WAY, Eddy. The turning point has come. Either you can fall to deeper depths with me, into a WAR you've never endured. Or you can climb out, Eddy. You can walk away back to the lifestyle you love best. It doesn't matter if you do, eventually I'll be back for that piece of the crown. The King has returned, Eddy - and I'm taking back what's MINE."


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