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Tri-Cities Triple Threat: Open RP Thread


Jan 1, 2000
Open Roleplay for IWF S02E03. Currently signed matches include...


Other matches to be determined. New characters are encouraged to make their debut here; just reply to this thread.

Three (3) promo limit. RP period ends 6/7/13.
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John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
The Perfect Offer


[Catalina Island Yacht Club in California. Perfection is sitting on an outside patio. His title draped over his shoulder, wearing a dress shirt and his hair let down. He drinks the last bit of scotch that remains in the glass that is in front of him. It's a warm day in California, the yachts seen in the distance going by]

PERFECTION: “Where to begin, where to begin…where...to…begin…..

As I sailed the Caribbean, relaxed in Punta Cana, swam in Puerto Rico, and swooned the women in the Bahamas I had time to think and reflect upon what Nathan Fear has done to me.

To ponder if I should tuck my tail between my legs and do things the way everyone thinks I should…or to continue doing what I want, when I want, and how I want.

Oh trust me…I was just SOOOOOO torn between the two options.”

[He chuckles the sarcasm off]

“What I don’t understand is...I did what you asked of me and this is how I'm rewarded? How is this fair?

Listen, Fear, the bell NEVER rang. I wrestled as agreed and Niles tapped out fair and square. What’s the big deal? That I cracked his face with my belt?

Get over it.

You never specified that I couldn't sway things in my direction. Nor is it my fault the kid isn't ring aware. And guess what? I don’t regret a second of it and yes I would do it again even with the resulting consequences because I'm THAT good….THAT Perfect.

And what exactly were those consequences for those of you who don’t pay attention?

A triple threat match with Leyenda de Ocho and Powdered Toast Man pain GRILLE...two men undeserving of not only my time but gettin' in ring with me.”

[Perfection shakes his head and moves some of his hair from his vision]

“Even you see that, Nate, hence why I don’t have to put my title on the line. And even if the option is available to let them wrestle for my belt I wouldn't risk my total control of this company so easily.”

[He rubs the nameplate on the Emerald City Championship with his finger his eyes staring at it for a few seconds]

“This IS control…

I make this belt have purpose. I make this belt period.

Go on, stare at it. Enjoy the visual stimulation because other than referee Tony Daniels showing you it before our match or me imprinting my name on your forehead this is as close as you’ll get.

Here’s some more facts of life for you to swallow…

This belt, everything it stands for…everything I have made it IS the IWF. Without me, without this belt, this company crumbles.

This belt…MY belt….opens all the doors of opportunity. Such as the one currently presented to me this week!”

[He smirks]

“Sure, this triple threat is my punishment for deceiving and cheating the fans…allegedly of course…but if you think I didn't have a trick up my sleeve then you’re more ignorant than I previously thought.

In fact, let’s cut the bullshit right now. I will make an offer to you pain GRILLE.”

[He reaches down under his chair and pulls out a silver metal briefcase and opens it revealing stacks of money inside lined up]

“Ten thousand. All right here for you. All you have to do is remove Leyenda de Ocho from the equation…permanently.

Make sure that Ocho isn't able to walk out of the ring on his own willpower and the money is all yours.

As far as my involvement in this whole charade....

Don’t touch me.

Don’t even look at me.

I will stand idly in the corner twiddling my thumbs while you do whatever it is you need to.

Ten thousand…cash.

And then when you're done crippling Ocho…lay down and lose to me with some dignity.”

[Perfection closes the brief case shut]

“Or…we can do it the hard way...the way where I have to get my hands dirty touching you two filthy bottom feeders and once again remind you who's the best damn wrestler in this company.

Ten thousand dollars seems pretty generous to keep your pride and not be embarrassed. Unlike our friend, Leyenda, you seem to have this thing called common sense, pain GRILLE.

However, I’m a businessman and I believe in something called redundancy.”

[He reaches now to the other side pulling out a separate briefcase, a black one this time. A waiter comes from the left side of the screen as well]

WAITER: “Would you care for another drink, Mr. Witherhold?”

[Perfection throws his arm up in the waiters direction with his finger pointed upward, a displeasing look on his face]

PERFECTION: “Would you care to shut the fuck up while I’m talking?”

WAITER: “Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.”

[Perfection rolls his eyes, opening the briefcase so the camera can see the money that fills the entire briefcase neatly, the waiter staring at the case with wide eyes.]

“Fifteen thousand dollars, Leyenda. All right here for you, more money than you make in a year working for this rats-nest.

All you have to do is not show up.

Allow things to be a smooth transition and stop sticking your nose in my business.

I have grown tired of you.....of having to beat you within an inch of your existence only to have you pop back up like a bad game of Wack-a-Mole!

Fifteen thousand…so I don’t have to see your mug across the ring from me again.”

[He really slams the briefcase closed this time]

“Or…we can do this the other way. Where pain GRILLE accepts my offer, which he will, and you can spend the night being used like a pitbull’s chew toy.

In essence, I am helping you out, Ocho. I am saving you from having to get your ass whooped again. Fifteen grand and you don't have to disappoint the fans a third week in a row...so your face isn't on the other end of my boot for the hundredth time!

I'm your God damn Savior.

[James lets out disappointing sigh]

"...But whatever, you do whatever your little naïve heart wants.

Be an ideologue.

Be whatever it is you want.

At the end of the day….

I will still BE champion.”

[The camera pans out a little where we see the waiter still looking at Perfection]

“….Are you going to get me another scotch or just bask in my presence the next thirty minutes?!”



Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO

“You can keep your money – believe me when I tell you that I’m doing just fine in that regard. I’ve got an even better idea for a wager, Perfection, and I’ll make it quick so you won’t have to strain your brain too hard.”

(The camera opens to Leyenda de Ocho sitting behind the Mortal Kombat II machine at Headquarters Beercade in Chicago. A glass of Diet Coke sits beside the machine. Ocho wears his trademark pastel pink hoodie as the camera peers over his shoulder mid-game, where he controls Liu Kang in a battle against Reptile.)

Ocho: “If you pin me or make me submit at the Tri-Cities Triple Threat, you’ll have your wish. I will walk away from the IWF, I’ll sail on to other shores, I’ll bid a fond farewell to the wonderful Seattle fans who have welcomed me with open arms.

If I pin YOU or make you submit? I win your Emerald City Championship.”

(A sip. A refreshed-sounding “ahhhhh”.)

Ocho: “...with one little detail, of course. If you were to use your infamous belt-shot tactic, get DQ’d, get counted out, or somehow some other way cheat to win? The belt would be mine. And of course, if pain GRILLE is involved with the decision in one way or the other, the wager is totally off.

It’s simple, Perfection: I’m giving you the one and ONLY shot you will EVER have to vanquish the greatest threat you may have to your, er-hem, ‘illustrious’ career. I’m a man of my word, and if you pin or submit me cleanly, I’ll hold onto my end of the bargain.

But that’s the real catch, isn’t it? You’ve never won cleanly in your life. Can you really do it when a prize even more valuable to you than your title is on the line?

A ‘perfect’ champion should have no problem with this…right?

I don’t think you’ve got the courage to accept. I think you are so desperate to hold onto your belt by any means necessary that you would superglue it to your waist before you’d do your job as a professional wrestler and wrestle without cheating. I think you will be down on your hands and knees, BEGGING pain GRILLE to take your bribe, because you understand just how hungry I am to get a bit of revenge on James Witherhold.

…but there’s the other question, isn’t there? Deep down, a tiny voice is trying to cry out, Perfection…

…what if bribing pain GRILLE isn’t enough to stop Ocho?”

(A KO to Reptile. Ocho stops playing the game, picking up his glass and swirling his Diet Coke as if it were an aged bourbon. He turns his head slightly, though the details of his mask are still obscured to the camera. He turns his attention back when he hears "Round 2, Fight".)

Ocho: “Fact is, I’ve beaten GRILLE once already. I’ve taken out his Foreign Legion, too. There is not a reality that we live in where throwing cash at a Frenchman will change history.

When the bribe proves to be not enough, there’d just be one way out. The only way you KNOW how to get out.

You’d cheat to win. In front of all the fans of the Tri-Cities, you’ll show just how ineffectual you really are at your chosen profession, and you’ll hit someone in the face with a belt, or kick someone in the groin, or run out of the match with your tail between your legs while I beat GRILLE. And that crack in the veneer that is ‘your perfect championship reign’ grows just-that-much-bigger.

So what will it be? If you say yes to the wager, you’re getting the one chance of your life to be rid of me for good, and should you succeed, you may be able to hold onto your prized possession for years on end. Or, will you say no, and be faced with your daunting, ever-present nightmare that Ocho isn’t going anywhere?

If it’s as simple as ‘I am better than Ocho’…well, the choice is clear, isn’t it?”

(On screen, Liu Kang transforms into a dragon, devouring the head and torso of a dazed Reptile. Ocho takes one more sip of Diet Coke before the game cabinet cries out a resounding "Fatality!". Fade to black.)

Johnny Niles

League Member
Mar 5, 2012
Re: Fatality?

[We FADE IN to a small studio with the Immortal Wrestling Federation logo placed on a backdrop on the wall. Around the studio are some chairs, a comfortable-looking couch, a poker table and a fridge. On the studio walls are some posters for various wrestling shows, including EPW, IGC, and DEFIANCE. Suddenly, the sound of a door being opened is heard. The studio door opens and in walks in Johnny Niles, the IWF’s resident “Best in the World”. He gazes around, most likely searching for any moronic interviewers – though whether he wants them here in order to beat them up or not is unclear. After seeing noone else is here, Niles moves towards the fridge, lightly limping due to the brutal assault on his leg at the hands of the Emerald City Champion, Perfection. Niles grabs a can of Pepsi from the fridge and soon after sits down in one of the studio chairs. He is clearly not in a good mood, as you should all know if you’ve seen the last IWF show:Road to Immortality”.]

Niles: At “Road to Immortality” I experienced some highs and lows. On the bright side I soundly defeated The Bastard, though beating that moldy cheese eating, craptastically pitiful goat-faced bastard can hardly be considered an accomplishment. On the other side of the spectrum, I lost against James Witherhold in a match for the Emerald City Championship... after he cheapshotted me with a title belt to the back of my head.

[His left eye twitches, probably from remembering that humiliating experience. After taking a sip from his Pespsi, Niles continues.]

So let’s recap your “glorious” title reign so far, James. First, you defeated Vizier ta Seti to win the title... Meh, not exactly a victory for the ages. Then you ran out on your partner Kerry Kuroyama in a match that would determine your next opponents, which shows what a moronic jackass you are since if you didn’t you’d probably only had had to deal with one opponent, not two. Sure, you only faced Leyenda de Ocho, but only because Soviet Bigfoot knocked Spooky Doom into the next century.

[Niles grins, remembering that spectacle. Not suprising, since he wasn’t exactly Spooky’s biggest fan.]

Moving on. After that you retained the title against Leyenda de Ocho by putting the belt in front of your face and getting Ocho disqualified. A truly magnificient display of cunning and sheer genius. *cough* And last but not least, you beat me after I had already wrestled AND you cheapshotting me.

[Mockingly claps.]

Wow, your mother must be so proud of you. At least you proved something I already knew beforehand: You’re intimidated by me. You knew you couldn’t beat me even after I had a match earlier in the night so you attacked me like the gutless coward you are.

[Takes another sip of his drink, then cracks his neck, after which he takes a moment to ponder before continuing.]

At “Tri-Cities Triple Threat” you’ll face Toastie - a man who verifies the “French are cowards” stereotype – and Ocho in a match for “bragging rights”. I’m sure you’ll enjoy bragging about bribing Toastie and his Elite Breakfast Corps to take Ocho out after you inevitably win. Or if that doesn’t work, maybe you could use a new trick from your edition of “Textbook Wrestling Cheating Tactics 101”. Either way, it definitely won’t be a victory worth noting afterwards.

[Shakes his head, sighing heavily.]

Fear, I hope you’re watching, cause this concerns you too. You see, how would this company’s image look if the champions
are a bunch of spineless, gutless, lily livered monkeys who can’t win a match cleanly to save their worthless lives? If their shenanigans continue, then it will make all the true wrestlers here seem like chumps, and the fans will start to become disinterested in this company and look for others, whose champions are actually credible.

[Niles points towards some of the posters on the wall, which depict the champions of DEFIANCE, IGC, EPW, etc.]

So you see, it’s in your best interest that the Emerald City Championship isn’t held by a shit-covered greasy baboon ass like James, but by a true champion – like the “Best in the World”.

[Stands up and starts pacing around the room, before stopping in front of the IWF logo.]

So James, enjoy your little joyride with the title, because soon I’ll take it and prove to the world how “perfect” you really are, you pathetic piece of shit... Wait, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend all the pieces of shit in the world. For you see James, even a little piece of shit has a semblance of talent, whereas you don’t.

[Steps toward the window, from which a small park can be seen, an after it a couple of buildings and streets. Johnny takes a moment to take in the view, before looking back at the camera.]

But before I do all that, I have to defeat one man in order to qualify: Scott Douglas. Scotty, you’re a great wrestler and all, but the fact is I’m the best in the world, so it doesn’t really matter how good you are, you’re still gonna lose. Sure, you may have beaten Perfection once, but I have something you don’t: a reason... A reason to win the title.

[Peers out the window, pondering for a moment, a despodent look in his eyes.]

Scotty, I respect you and all that other crap, but I need this victory – I need it - otherwise I’ll be known as a joke for the rest of my career. Do you know how it feels, Scott, to not be taken seriously? Do you know how it feels to know you’re the best, yet everyone laughs at you, mocks you?

[His voice starts cracking, while his breathing rate starts to increase.]

How it feels to be this close (Uses his index finger and thumb to give a visual measurement) to winning a title, only for it to be taken away by some idiots dressed as food or a belt shot – to take it away from you? Do you, Scott!? DO YOU!!?

[Niles angrily punches the wall, a look in his eyes somewhere between “You had sex with my girlfriend!!” and “I’m gonna kill you!!”. He breathes heavily, clenching his teeth to the point where they might fuse together. Just as he seems ready to go berserk, he takes a deep breath and soon calms down, then takes a sip of his drink, a small stream of blood trickling down his right hand.]

No? Well I do, and it’s not exactly like ecstacy. It makes me want to break someone’s bones, give them brain damage and maybe even rip their testicles off, then pay their hospital bill so that after they get better I can do it ALL. OVER. AGAIN!!

[Niles closes his eyes, seemingly visualising the scene in his head, no doubt in excruciating detail. After a minute a two, he cracks a smile, then even starts chuckling a little.]

But don’t worry “Sub Pop”, I’ll save that for the assclown. Unfortunately for you though, if I wish to rectify my past failures I’ll still have to mow through you in our match. So bring your A-game Scotty – not to win, but just to SURVIVE. Even if you do, at “Tri-Cities Triple Threat”, you’ll still be the one looking at the lights, while I’ll go on to face that sock humper James. But don’t feel too bad, cause after I win the title and kick his sorry ass down to the bottom of the rankings where he belongs, I’ll make sure you’ll get the first shot at me.

[Moves away from the window, taking one final sip of his Pepsi before throwing the empty can in the trash. He takes one last look at the IWF logo, before turning to the camera.]

As for the rest of you watching, be patient, for there’s a new era coming to the IWF: the Era of Johnny Niles. And if you don’t like it... well, I don’t give a crap, cause I’m... THE BEST... IN... THE... WOOOORRRRRLLLLLDDDDD!!!!

[Niles grins as he heads for the door. Just as he’s about to leave, his eyes catch sight of something. He notices a poster for the upcoming show “Tri-Cities Triple Threat”, depicting the Emerald City Champion Perfection, holding the Emerald City Championship and smirking arrogantly. Niles eyes the poster for a while, before mouthing the word “soon” and heading out the door as we FADE OUT]

Johnny Niles

League Member
Mar 5, 2012
Re: Fatality?

[We FADE IN to the inside of a local gym, where we see some men training for whatever they’re training for. In one corner of the gym though, is our main target today: IWF newcomer Curtis Reeds. He’s sitting down on a bench, lifting some dumbbells as the cameraman approaches him. Reeds then notices the camera and snarls at the other gym trainees, who soon hightail it out of there.]

I’m guessing you’re from that wrestling promotion, aren’t you? Well, what do you want? You want my life story or something!?

[The cameraman nods, as Reeds sighs heavily.]

Fine. I got arrested because I beat a guy up, even though he was the one who started it! Provoking me, prodding me... But while I did my time, I picked up some nifty tricks from my fellow inmates. After I got out, I decided to go somewhere where my newfound “talents” would be appreciated. And so I joined this little runt of an organization... what was it called again? World Wrestling, Seattle Wrestling, Playground Wrestling...

Immortal Wrestling. It’s called Immortal Wrestling Federation.

[Reeds stares at the cameraman, before slamming his fist on the bench, which causes the cameraman to jump a little.]

Did I say you could talk! Did you hear me say (in a mocking tone) “Why go on kind sir, please speak.”


[The cameraman shakes his head, as Reeds snarls at him.]

Next time, you wait until I tell you to talk, got it! Good.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, that whole wrestling thing. To all you people watching (points to the camera), let me tell you this: this “Immortal Wrestling Federation” is NOT a place where “new stars are made”. The IWF is my PERSONAL FEEDING GROUND, and all those so-called “new stars”, “champions”, and “best in the worlds” are my PREY, understood!?

And to those roaches who I’ll probably face here, listen up! Forget those rules you’re used to, from now on we play by MY RULES! Rule #1: Forget about winning, think about SURVIVING! If I’m in a good mood, maybe I’ll let you come out with just a few broken bones. Otherwise, open your bank accounts so you can pay for your hospital bills.

Rule #2: Don’t waste your breath praying to Jesus, Allah, Buddah, Chuck Norris or whoever you motherf*****s believe in! They won’t help you, cause when they hear my name they’ll turn tail and run, just like you sniveling mutts should!

And Rule #3: If you wanna do something, you ask for my permission first! You’ll WALK when I let you walk. You’ll BREATHE when I let you breathe. You maggots will LIVE when I let you live. Have I made myself clear!!?


I’ll take that as a yes. Now one last thing: Break my rules, and I’ll break YOU!

[Reeds grunts and gets up, heading toward the dressing room as the cameraman follows. Suddenly, he turns towards the cameraman, visibly annoyed.]


[He pushes the cameraman down, knocking the camera down as well. The cameraman quickly regains his composure, grabs the camera and runs out. As he does, we get one last glimpse of Reeds as we FADE OUT.]

Johnny Niles

League Member
Mar 5, 2012
Re: Fatality?

[We FADE IN to the inside of a local hotel room. In said hotel room we can hear the sound of the T.V. as we enter the bedroom where we find another IWF newcomer in Michael Raves. Raves – who hails from the small continent of Australia – is watching the T.V. intently, obviously in thought. As the camera pans to the T.V. screen we see he is watching the previous IWF episode “Road to Immortality”, more specifically the match between Pain GRILLE and Leyenda de Ocho.]

These blokes ain’t half bad. But they’re still bodgy compared to the ones I’ve faced back Down Under.

[Raves sighs and lays back on the back, staring up at the ceiling.]

When you think of pro wrestling countries you think of places like U.S.A, Mexico, Canada, Japan, etc. But nobody knows that Australia’s where the best wrestlers are.

[He snickers, looking at the T.V. which still displays the Ocho/GRILLE match.]

I came from back of Bourke to this country to show all these ankle biters what dinky-di wrestling is like in beautiful ol’ Aussie. After I heard about what a ripper this IWF was, I couldn’t wait to see all the talented athletes here.

But I was gobsmacked to see that it wasn’t like I thought it was. I mean, the Emerald City champion is a complete whacker, while others – while talented – are way in over their heads. For example: Johnny Niles, aka Mr. “Best in the World”. That fidjam has obviously never been to Australia before. Then there’s Pain GRILLE, a dipstick who needs help to protect his date.

[Raves sighs as he gets up to turn off the T.V. But he stops, gazing at the screen which now shows Emerald City champion Perfection coming down to the ring. Raves scoffs at the champion, then turns the T.V. off.]

Back in Australia, the champ was a bloke who could fight of a mob kangaroos if he wanted to. Here, it’s a cockie who’s matches are shit houses. And then he skites that no one can beat ‘im.

When I grew up, I watched wrestlers sweat and bleed to get to the top. Some of them had their careers ended before they even got there. But here, here you can apparently be a tin-arsed cockie to win the title, while all the real athletes wallow under you.

[Raves heads out of the bedroom towards the fridge, where he grabs a can of beer. He chugs down the cold drink and throws the empty can in the trash.]

That makes me want to vomit. It makes the title worth less than a zack.

No drama, though! “Perfection” may be getting the moolah now, but soon I’ll shoot right up the ranks and beat him for that title. And when I do, I won’t back down from any challengers, cause we Aussie’s aren’t cowards.

We have some of the most dangerous animals in Australia, like the Saltwater crocodile, the taipan, red-back spider, sea wasps, etc. But unlike most foreigners who might quake in their boots at the sight of them, we’re used to them. Hell, I got a pet crocodile name Shirley back at home!

[Raves laughs, sitting down on a couch in the living room. He sighs, running his hand through his hair, and staring out the window.]

After I win the Emerald City championship, I’ll put Australia on the map… Not the literal one, the wrestling one. Soon, promoters will be scrambling to get some Aussie talent, and wrestlers from around the world will come down there to hone their skills. And then everyone will see that Australia is the best wrestling zone in the world…

[He smiles, before looking at the time on his watch. He motions for the cameraman to get out, so he does so as we FADE OUT.]

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