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The Story So Far 9/6/12

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Black Dawn came and went leaving the constantly shifting landscape of EPW in even more turmoil than usual. The main event of the night was controversial to say the least, as Cameron Cruise managed to overcome The First and win the EPW World Title, but his reign was short lived by a sneak attack after the match by the former champion who then invoked his re-match clause on the spot to have a return match with Cruise, and defeated him to gain a third reign as EPW World Champion.

Impulse was able to overcome Cruise’s brother in arms Jared Wells earlier in the night, but was then defeated by Stalker when Caitlyn Daymon shockingly revealed her long quest to rid EPW of Stalker was a ruse and that she was on his side the whole time. Thinks took yet another unexpected turn as Dan Ryan hit the ring and decided he’d had enough of Stalker’s antics and the bad blood between the two men led to Ryan firing Stalker and Caitlyn and leaving the IC Title vacant. The future of the title and the two fired stars of EPW now totally in the air.

Anarky left a brutal seven way war still the holder of the EPW TV Title. The self-professed Anti-Champion overcoming the best efforts of Paladin, Teddy Alexander, Adrian Willard, Aaron Jones, Larry Tact, and Classy Mike C to prove himself the better man in this falls count anywhere brawl. Anarky’s partner in crime, Rezin fared worse this evening, losing his hair to the legendary “Triple X” Sean Stevens, but the two men continue on their quest to destroy EPW.

Boogie Smallz returned with a vengeance, dominating Gabriel Poe and putting everyone on notice he was a threat in EPW.

The Animezing Dragons retained their tag titles over the debuting Dreamstealers who didn’t live up to the endless hype Jimmy Mylde had put on the two men, as the Dreamstealers cut and ran from the ring after having gotten more than their share of abuse from the champions.

But now all eyes turn towards the King of the Cage tournament, many newcomers have decided to enter the Empire seeking the chance to unseat the Dragons and win the EPW World Tag Team Championship, while those already in the Empire have had their fates subject to chance as many tag teams have been formed, some are longtime friends brought together, other force strangers to ally with each other, or even bitter enemies being asked to work together. Which team shall earn their crowns and the right to challenge for the tag titles at Unleashed is unknown, what is assured is that whoever it is, they will have earned it.

And that’s the story so far.

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