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"The Queen Bee" WynLyn


Crimson Lord ALWAYS Wins
Jul 12, 2017
Chicago, Illinios
Handler Information

Name: Scott
Email Address: Scottryan_76@yahoo.com
Best Way to Contact You:Fourms, email, skype (Crimson.Scott)
eWrestling Experience:Been e-fedding since 1990, Most of my time has been spent in UTA, I could name countless feds all which probably you have seen various incarnations of them, or never heard of them.
How did you find DEFIANCE? Current member
Are you willing to write matches? Already do with Segs

Writing Sample

Match: Crimson Lord Vs Kendrix(c)
Segment: David Vs Goliath
(she was Crimson?s valet in the UTA...so no actual work for her personally)

Wrestler(s) InformationRing Name: ?The Queen Bee" WynLyn

Height: 5?8??
Weight: 128 lbs.
Theme Song: "Siren" by Red Delicious
Hailing From:Chicago,Illinois
Gimmick:Mean Girl
Much like her father her ego is as big as his. She feels she is above everyone. She can be rather cruel to people. If you want to relate her to someone she has alot of (Cersei from Game of Thrones personality) She uses her looks alot to manipulating men, and even females to do tasks for her. Alot manipulation comes from sexuality. (I know this might rub people the wrong way it is only temporary nothing permanent, nothing along the lines of that top baby turning into a dastardly heel. It's more a lust reaction to her charms)

Wrestling Style:Technical
She spends alot of her time in the ring wearing people down she has quite a bit of power as well.
Just tidbit She squats 300 lbsHer Deadlift is 385 lbs
Three Weaknesses:
Her egotistical nature, tends to rub a lot of people the wrong way..even those closest to her.
She can handle herself in a male dominated sport..but when they start to get past the 260lbs. She struggles to put on a decent match
She still is a bit green only being in the business for 3 years.

Three Strengths:
Her freakish strength
Able to turn a babyface to a heel for a short time by manipulation
Growing up in the business she knows alot about ring psychology

Awards: IFBB Physique pro


"Siren" by Red Delicious

To Be Written


Angelica ?Gaze? Vicious - Mother
Scott ?Crimson Lord? Vicious - Father

WynLyn left her father Crimson Lord after UTA's Absolution PPV. She went to pursue the sport of bodybuilding. She spent months lifting weights, a lot of the times with her father. She did 5 shows and her fifth one she finally won her pro card in Women?s Physique. By this time The UTA had invaded DEFIANCE. She continued to do events throughout Chicago showing her physique in her spare time. Most of her time was spent on the indy scene honing her craft. Since her competition she toned down a bit. She continued to wrestle throughout the storyline of the invasion. As DEFIANCE moved on to a new chapter defeating WrestleUTA, she found Crimson stayed with the company. Not to mention two of her best friends also joined the company. So she had her agent send out some feelers to see if DEFIANCE may be interested in her services. Having her father in the company would probably be a instant hiring but she wanted to do it without his aid?..Will her story begin??

Physical Appearance:
Dirty blonde hair down past her shoulders
She is a bodybuilder so built like chyna but more feminine she has a more athletic look think Beth Phoenix or Mandy Rose for her current build
Red lipstick and nails with gold eyeshadow with white stars going off toward her temples
Green eyes

Ring Attire:
Gold daisy Duke spandex shorts with black trim
Gold sports bra
Gold elbow, knee, and boots with white trim and laces

Style: Mix of technical and power


Ten regular moveset moves:
Bullet Dropkick
Running Lariat
Inverted Gutwrench Suplex
Double Chicken Wing Stretch
Forearm Shiver (Done by Chyna)
Swinging Neckbreaker
Sidewalk Slam
Handstand-Backflip- Elbow Strike
Low Blow (male) Eye Rake (female)
Sleeper Slam

2-5 trademark moves:
Pulling Armbreaker - Arm bar but she digs her feet into the side of her opponent and pulls
Over the Shoulder Backbreaker - Lifted into a dominator position dropped into her knee
Rupture - Dropdown Gutbuster
Snap Laso from a El Paso Backbreaker
Inverted Body Crunch

1 Finishing Move:
Remembrance - A modified version of her father's Blood Lust (Top Rope Neckbreaker). She pulls the opponent who is sitting facing the crowd on the top turnbuckle to a single shoulder torture rack. She steps a few feet out and does a slight squat getting a bit of air between her and the opponent she catches them by the back of their neck into a reverse style Ace Cutter

1 "MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move(Optional)
HoneySuckle - Chick Kick (roundhouse kick to the side of the head)

Side notes
Member of the ToyBox
I know her gimmick is a bit controversial (at least i think you guys will think) Best way to describe it think Ravishing Rick Rude female version with a bit more too it
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Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
You've been a workhorse in your time here so far so I'll say yes, assuming you can keep up with 3 to 4 active characters. As far as the gimmick being controversial, I don't think so - although the lust turn deal feels more like a story line aspect more than an overall gimmick, I think it's fine as long as whoever your working with is ok with it. That being said it doesn't seem like that is something that could be used all that often with out it getting stale. That being said as long as it is as you described and not some Chikara-like antics. In summation, yes from me.


Active member
Staff member
Feb 4, 2005
I'd love to see you take a couple of BRAZEN folks and maybe give her a boytoy type to help her win matches and the like. And like Brian says if you csn maintain the characters, go for it.


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