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The Past Revisited...(Mr. Rocko)

Damian D Stone

League Member
Sep 5, 2004


((I guess we could be glad he has this week off. He's been in a pissy mood since the Danny Collins promo that talked about him "dropping the ball." Now, he gets the new roster changes...and now it really has irritated him. Usually, he wouldn't give a dang who was now part of the fed. He just knew that they would eventually have to come through him to get a shot at anything. But this...this new guy has left quite a mark on him already. For a man who really hasn't talked about the past THAT much [minus the book], seeing him...it reminded him of that past...that hard stomping ground that he tread...the blood that he shed...the eye that he lost. Hell, we're not even talking about Devon Jackson here! It's time to do something he hasn't done in such a long time: AN SCW Promo...for the EUWC!))

((Fade to New York City...and the abandoned building that was once known as SCW NYC. We see Damian Stone standing outside of it...looking up at the boarded structure. Damian is dressed in black jeans, a "The Damned- Moltov Cocktail 4-all" T-shirt, and a new short biker-leather coat. Damian's hair is up in a pony-tail and we see the black patch quite visibly across his head and right eye. His hands are in his coat pockets and he is wearing simple, black high-tops. Damian looks at the building and speaks))

Wow...strange how the past has ultimately changed us all. The past lately has been something that has haunted me for a long time...and I have always wondered what would have happened if I had to ever face it again. Sure, the book I wrote said some interesting things about the past, but I didn't say all of it. I couldn't say all of it. There were too many people that would have come after me...calling me a liar...telling me that there was no way I could hang with the best of the best. And yet...now where I stand, I am one of the best. I am the biggest name in the federation. There is no one right now that has been on more of a tear than me...well, besides a Mr. Taylor. So, when I do stand here and say some of the things I will say, I say them with a smile on my face...


Rocko, I do not know if you were around when it happened...but if so, do you remember the biggest upset that ever took place on SCW Television? LIVE television? I'm sure someone told you of the debacle that The Dark Carnival had when they stepped into the ring with a then young, rather inexperienced team called The Damned. But two things kept both of these boys in that match: their abilities to take the damage...and their hearts. No man could deny them of that...and when I hit Kevin Powers with what was then called the Stone Kold Klothesline, the crowd went ballistic. No man...and I mean NO MAN thought that, on that day, TDC would fall. And now look at where we stand...you come to the EUWC and stand before us. A member of a roster that I was once proud to be with. I applaud you of all that you have done...

**we see Damian start to clap**

...but here, in MY house...in MY domain, you might get an ugly wake-up call from me personally. So what I am about to tell you is something that I do mean will be a tell-tale of what is to come.[/I/

**Stone begins to walk away from the building. As he walks away, he speaks**

The PPV, Bloodbath, is only three weeks away from starting. And while everyone is so focused on the Title-for-Title main event, and the Bloodbath Cage Match, I want to take your focus and throw it here...at me.

**He stops and focused in on the camera**

I sometimes like to throw out crazy matches at a whim...and this is one of those times. Since Bloodbath is all about gimmick matches, I want to challenge you to one. I want you...just you...to think of all the crazy gimmick matches that SCW had back in the day. I want you to imagine of the one match that you wanted with...say DreamMaker...Sean Stevens, both of them...Ruiz...Devon...ME...and step up. They say I'm the number four man in this company right now. You want to show this company greatness, you got to step through me....and to do that...you gotta step up. So do it. Step on up to the plate my friend...and we'll see just who, not just who is the sickest mutha in this match...but who really does deserve the slot this place has given me.

**Stone smiles as a Black 2000 Dodge Viper Convertible rolls into the screen**

Like I used to say, 'For this is my reality, Rocko...




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