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The P* Classic Brackets

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: A nervous looking Reggie Schrader wearing a black blazer, dress pants with a white shirt, black tie, he stands in front of a giant wall showing the brackets for the 16 slots in the P* Classic Championship.)

SCHRADER: Welcome fans, and I can hardly believe the turnout and the attention we've been getting as the Prodigy Classic Championship, a one off event our board of directors decided to run in the hopes of drawing some big name talent, has far surpassed our wildest dreams, and so tonight, we're unveiling the 16 men in the tournament and the brackets.

Without further ado let's go to the opening bracket, who will be the first two men selected?

(The first screen springs to life, a blur of letters before finally stopping at HORNET)

SCHRADER: The Legendary Hornet! Fans nationwide were stunned to hear of his entry into this event, who will be his opening round opponent?

(The screen beneath Hornet's kicks to life and then we see ADRIAN WILLARD.)

SCHRADER: A reckless upstart with the chance for the match of his career, Adrian Willard draws the tough opening assignment against Hornet, but will Hornet look past him?

Filling out their bracket, the second match will feature...(Looks to the screen which flashes and then stops at CAMERON CRUISE) It's Cameron Cruise, a man who's been a champion just about everywhere he's ever gone and he's fighting...(The screen flashes and then reveals JONATHAN MARX) Wow Jonathan Marx, one of the toughest men this sport has ever known, that shall be a hell of a opening round match...

(CUTTO: Graphic on screen)



And now we move on to Bracket number 2...The opening match of this bracket shall be...(Screen pops up the name LARRY TACT) Oh wow, the returning Larry Tact, one of true all time greats of this sport throwing his hat into the ring against...(The screen pauses then the name ALEX AUSTIN comes on the screen) Alex Austin, the upstart who nearly won the Legends, The Circuit's debut event, now Austin gets another chance at redemption, but Tact sure won't make it easy on him.

The other half of this bracket, shall have these two men going at it...First we have...(Screen spins for a moment before flashing MR. MYERS) The mysterious Mr. Myders who just debuted a few weeks ago in NFW, I don't know what to make of him except that he's evil as can be...And he's fighting...(The screen flashes, it goes on a bit longer then usual, and then pops up MICHAEL MANSON)

Really?! Are you kidding me?! Michael Manson is in this tournament?! I thought Mr. Myers was evil, but that guy is on a whole 'nother level! This is a shocking turn of events.

(CUTTO: Graphic on screen)



(CUTTO: Back to Reggie now on the other side of the stage.)

Really I don't know how we can top those first two brackets, but we got to try, and so now let's kick off bracket number three with this battle...(The screen flashes for a beat, and then we see IMPULSE) Impulse, one of my favorite wrestlers on the scene, and who's he up against? (The screen flashes and then reveals HIGH FLYER) Oh man this is going to be an epic! These two could steal the show for sure, what a first round match we have in store here.

Who will the winner of that match get to fight? Well it's the winner of (Screen flashes, then LANE CASH appears) It's Lane Cash, an old school wrestler coming back into the fold fighting (Quick flash of names and then STEVEN SHANE) It's Steven Shane, a man who's also made a comeback and has already got himself some gold in EPW. I'm sure neither man will give an inch in this contest.

(CUTTO: Graphic on screen.)



(CUTTO: Reggie, now at the final 4 slots)

We still have some big names left to fill and only 4 slots left to fill them, man, the matches I can think about with these guys leave my head spinning. (The screen flashes and then ANARKY pops up.) It's Anarky, the EPW World Champion! And who is he going to battle?! (The screen flashes and then we see EL PABLO WINDHAM) Well, I guess it's one of the Windham brothers, and his initials are EPW, so well that should be kinda fun. I do hope he's up to date on his medical insurance, unless he's just some guy under a mask and it's going to turn out to be Tom Adler or GUNS when he hits the ring.

And that means our last match should be a hell of a barn burner, bring up the final two names please (The screens light up at the same time, revealing SHAWN HART and JOEY MELTON)

Two guys who've dominated this industry and they meet in round 1, what a battle.

(CUTTO: Graphic on screen)



(CUTTO: Reggie now standing at the front of the stage.)

What's going to happen in this tournament, will we see the epic Hornet Vs Melton finals, will Michael Manson and Anarky destroy everyone in route to a finals we might not eve able to air on TV? Or will one of the up and comers in the sport make a name for himself, it's all on the line and it's anyone's to win, the P* Classic Champion is here, good luck to everyone in the tournament and good night fans!

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