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The Official #OpenPromo Storyline / Staff


Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
For psychos like me who need an "in-character" reason for why everything happens, here is the official storyline narrative for the existence of #OpenPromo. This is not something that you ever need to mention in your promos. But if for whatever reason you need to know how this whole thing exists inside the fantasy e-fedding realm, here it is (think of it like Netflix or WWE network, or even a YouTube channel):

#OpenPromo is a digital streaming service launched by Castor Strife Productions in 2015. It enables wrestlers, promoters, and fans to register and freely upload video content. The platform interface divides content into three categories for three types of uploaders: Promos (wrestlers), Events (promoters), and Community Content (fans).

While the service is partially owned by Castor Strife and a number of investors that include the FWrestling network, #OpenPromo has been intentionally left without a President, GM, or Commissioner. Instead, it is moderated by a team led by Castor Strife, with creative advice from a revolving council of renowned industry figures. The purpose of the #OpenPromo moderators and council is to ensure that spam, extremely bigoted and illegal material stays off the service, and to devise new and fresh ways of creatively stimulating uploaders.

The service itself will finance pay-per-views on an on-demand basis. There is no timeframe for when these shows will happen, as they depend purely on fan request.

#OpenPromo Sponsored Event Staff

(Note: These are just the in-character staff I am going to use for the sponsored events, aka the events that I personally write under the official #OpenPromo banner. You don't ever have to use these staff characters and announcers for the events you and other community members run)

Adam Solak - Lead Commentator

Chicago native in his early-thirties, Solak cut his teeth doing play-by-play for local minor league hockey and indie wrestling. He's a Polish-American with floppy dirty-blonde hair and good height who wears bow-ties with his suits.

Jimmy Mylde - Color Commentator

Experienced color commentator and manager who has worked everywhere from NTWA, to Future Stars of Wrestling, to NLW, NFW, EPW, and special events for ESEN. He's an old Italian-American curmudgeon who will work with Solak behind the desk.

Shayna Garrett
- Program Host
Shayna is a standup comic from Atlanta who has worked with the Hawks and Falcons, as well as local indie wrestling promotions. Twenty-something African American girl with red-streaks in her hair, Shayna will conduct interviews and host special programs.

Alex Austin - Analyst
World submission grappling champion, pro wrestler, and one half of the tag team known as Ill Fortune, Austin will provide analysis from the perspective of a young, rising star in the business.

Jonathan Marx
- AnalystFrom WFW to EPW to NFW, Marx has been there, done that. A multiple time world champion and Princeton graduate, Marx will provide analysis as only he can.Green Machine - AnalystManager, television personality, gambling junkie, Greenie is as experienced as it gets, and always has the inside perspective.

Stan Vick
- AnalystThe legend himself! Vick knows how to beat and torture a man sixteen hundred ways from Sunday. He dominated the wrestling business in the 90s, and brings a unique viewpoint to the broadcast team.

W.K. Spades - Digital Editor/Lead Writer
Former journalist for the Orlando Sentinel, Spades made a name in the wrestling industry working with Castor Strife on PRIME television programming from 2010 to 2012. Spades will be digital editor and lead writer for #OpenPromo.


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