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The Longest Night - Part 1


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
Hornet stirred at the cold gust of wind through the open window, sitting straight up in bed. Disoriented at first, he finally remembered where he was. It’s bad enough when you wake up and don’t know where you are. It’s even worse when you’re at home.

Four in the morning in Greensboro, NC is an odd time. The sky is still black, but there’s almost a hint of light. A promise of something better to come.

Most of the world’s asleep, with the exception of garbagemen and hookers. An odd combination if there ever was. And one thirty-six year old wrestler whose back aches.

It’s a cycle he’s gotten used to. In the beginning the painkillers worked magic; ten minutes after swallowing them down, out like a light and no worries. After a few weeks, it took four pills… then eight… then it was time to get a new prescription, then find another doctor for another prescription. There’s no question in his mind that it’s too many, but it stops the pain, and helps him sleep.

Except on nights like this one. Waking up in the middle of the night, unable to go back to bed, but too drained to do anything else except meander around like some fictional undead creature who goes back to sleep as the sun comes up. The sleep of the dead, the wanderings of a lost…

Lost soul? No, that’s too close to home. Too close to him. Mark Windham… the wrestling superstar turned tragic victim by his own design. The man who knew too little, but didn’t even know that much.

Tomorrow’s an on-sale in Hampton, then onto Norfolk for ON TIME and Nathan Cross. It would probably be a good idea to scout the kid, to know something about the man across the ring other than the fact that he’s from the West Coast and likes to fly.

So the midst of the darkness, the blue glare of a television appears, causing an instant headache. But wrestlers persevere through pain, right? Professional wrestlers don’t feel pain like normal people.

Common misconception. They feel it. We feel it. For some, it’s like adrenaline, too easy to become addicted to. For others, it’s just pain, it’s something you block out and get through, anyway you can. Either way, it’s not the feeling that’s different, it’s the approach. Because no matter what... Pain. It hurts.


Jan 1, 2000
Office Policy Not Followed

(CUT TO: "Middle Management" Mike McGee. McGee is wearing obnoxious gold-trimmed glasses with BluBlocker tint, a white-collared shirt with a blue body, a red tie, slacks and is drinking coffee, sitting at the edge of a desk in front of the CS-Guy logo banner.)

McGee: Hornet-- (nasal insincerety dripping) it's good to see you, my man. And not only am *I* happy to see you, I would also like to inform you that my supervisor, Chad Merrit, is also glad to see you. Because we *BOTH* have a problem with you.

As you can guess, Hornet, you name comes up quite a bit at staff meetings. You are held as an example of what the CSWA's marketing and R&D divisions can do-- how a no-name scrub became an international superstar because of the same braintrust that led the CSWA from being ran out of the back of a van into a Fortune 500 company. Hornet, you've made millions of dollars and have become a very famous man-- and it's all because of our boss, Mr. Chad Merrit. But that's not something you don't know already.

And something else that you don't know-- your W-4 form is missing. I personally do not care about your "pain"-- emotional, physical, spiritual or otherwise. As a veteran of this promotion, we look to you as an example for the rest of the roster to follow. And you should know by now, W-4 forms *MUST* be filed at my office by the end of January. However, you did NOT file your forms on time, making it hard for the Human Resources department to get our job done in time for the big company outing at Carowinds-- truly putting a downer on *OUR* day.

That's very upsetting, Mr. Hornet. And not only am *I* upset, but Mr. Merrit is upset, as well. But be assured, the situation has been remedied. A performance contract has already been filed in my office. And if we here at the head office feel the need to punish you further-- it will come in the ring. It's not something that we want to do... it's something that we HAVE to do to ensure a well-balanced and well-maintained office atmosphere. That's a direct command from me, your superior in Middle Management. (FTB)

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