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The Legends Week 2 Results

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: Reggie Schrader sitting in the PWC studios, ready to give us the latest news from The Circuit.)

Schrader: The twists and turns as The Legends moves through week two continues, we opened with Shawn Hart and Jonathan Marx trying to get themselves back on track in a battle that was about as close to ‘must win’ as any week 2 match-up could be.

Marx opened up with a flurry of early offense and had Hart on the ropes early on, but never was able to get a finisher landed or able to secured Marxism, and Hart managed to turn the tide and rallied with a burst of his own offense, finally ended with him managing to hit the Hart Attack and score the pin.

WINNER OF MATCH 1: Shawn Hart (Hart Attack -> Pin) 6:12

Our second match Alex Austin battled El Cabron and the rookie continued his hot streak, Austin with a mat wrestling masterpiece kept Cabron on the mat early on, Cabron rallied with some high flying offense, trying to keep the youngster off balance with high impact risk taking moves, but Austin managed to avoid a splash and then locked up a Guillotine Choke dropping into guard. Cabron fought the hold for as long as he could, before blacking out from the choke, the ref checked the arm and it dropped three times, giving Austin his second win over a veteran of the wrestling world.

WINNER OF MATCH 2: Alex Austin (Guillotine Choke -> Ref stoppage.) 5:35

With that The Legends seems more like the Alex Austin coming out party, but next week will be huge, as Michael Bastard, who’s got three points of his own, comes off his bye and will try to pull even with Austin as they meet up, and Shawn Hart will try to build on the momentum from this win as he’ll fight El Cabron who looks to rebound from tonight’s result!


Alex Austin 6 points

Michael Bastard 3 points

Shawn Hart 3 points

Jonathan Marx 0 points

El Cabron 0 points

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