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The Jobber vs. Nemesis


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Jan 1, 2000
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-20-03 AT 04:21 PM (EST)](Cue up "Not To Touch The Earth" by the Doors)

(Fade into the Jobber's Whitelandia compound. Cut to the living room where he sits as always on that same couch.)

The Jobber: So Nemesis, we meet again. For the first time, for the last time. I would sit here analyzing the amusing ironies of that sentence but talking a mile a minute for a few hours is more your field I suspect.

Yes Nemesis, like Nebraska Jones and that Suicide fellow you are one chatty individual. But in this case I can put up with your long winded hot air nature.

But finally GLCW has thrown me an opponent somewhat worthy of my skills. Nebraska Jones was a start in the right direction, but the relations of an untalented windbag isn't exactly what I was shooting for, no matter how famous the untalented windbag. Especially when I had already crushed the original windbag, let alone his clone. But you Nemesis, you are somewhat important in the great scheme of things.

GLCW had plans for you at somepoint, and maybe still do. Or maybe this is a sign that you have fallen from favor and they will no longer give you the chances that people like me have to fight for. Not as fun to be outside the sanctum of the chosen few? Forced to actually win to advance? Forced to rely on your talent, and your ability.

And instead of being placed with the weaklings at the top, the boys who didn't earn their place you must compete with the men who are forced to fight foward ten steps for every one step they take back. Now that you've taken your first step back from the meaty underbelly of GLCW, I think you can expect so many more as you face those are hungry, those who are sick of seeing those as the top enjoy their free ride in GLCW's fancy car. There are some of them who'd enjoy the chance not only to take you all down a peg, but to utterly destroy you. Perhaps there will be some mercy as you were never thrust down everyone's throats, but as for me, I can't say I'd take any less enjoyment in injuring you than I took in destroying the bottom feeders thrown at me up until now.

It's just that when you are in my situation... there's not much else to do for entertainment these days. There's maiming a person, and not much else. Nemesis, welcome to the bottom of the ladder, have fun trying to climb up any of these rungs.

It's not even so much trying to climb up, because if you even think of it in that respect, you'll just be thrown into a fit of depression from the sheer pointlessness of it all. Here I am, several battles into my campaign and I'm left with Nemesis as my most fearsome opponent today. No, the GLCW will not give me the false idols it cherishes, the untalented schmucks like Jared Wells, theyw ill simply throw their used baggage from the top of the ladder down here to the bottom.

Wells still has some strange value to them, so he remains protected. You my friend are now worthless to them, so you are thrown to the wolves to be pulled apart. Like all of my opponents so far...

(Fade out)

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