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The Experience!


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
(Camera opens up to Vizier ta Seti, Perfection and Scott Douglas all staring each other down in the middle of the ring.

"Caviar" by Dance Gavin Dance comes on.

The camera is at a still pace just before the bell rang during Chain Reaction 4 match.

As the music hits the vocals, clips from the Main event are shown.

Multiple pins, multiple finishers, a brutal contest.......

camera fades out to the ending seconds......

Courtney Allen on the apron....

Perfection arguing with her......

Seti charging and tossing Perfection out of the ring.....

Douglas and Seti grappling in the middle of the ring......

Seti reversing an irish whip and hitting Douglas with 'See No Evil'....

Perfection missing the save.....

Seti getting his arm raised in victory.....

Perfection grabbing the belt and trying to walk out with it....

Chairman Cho stopping him and Perfection relinquishing the belt.....

Chairman Cho handing the belt over to Vizier ta Seti and raising his arm in victory....

Black...... blackness........

CUTTO: Mary Lynn Mayweather hitting a perfect moonsault!
CUTTO: Erik Mateo tossing his opponent out of the ring!
CUTTO: Scott Douglas hitting the Sub Pop on Perfection!!
CUTTO: Perfection posing for the crowd and soaking in the boos.
CUTTO: Mr. Wrestling VIII, Af'aa, Eddie Whisky, Xavier Reed!

Fade to

IWF Presents:


Fade to Vizier ta Seti.. belt on his shoulder in the middle of the IWF ring.

The volume on the song increases at the end.......

'Would you like us to wave off every battle?'



(Camera opens up to Aaron Creed, accompanied by Terry 'The Idol' Anderson and a new commentator, Brian McGinnis.)

Creed: Welcome wrestling fans to IWF's The Experience! Our first ever supershow and man what a line up we have featured tonight! A few debuts, a Number one contendor match and the IWF Emerald City Championship will be on the line as Vizier ta Seti takes on Rocko Daymon in our main event.

Anderson: Both of them are punks, neither deserve to carry that title. It belongs to Perfection and no one else.

Creed: I beg to differ Terry.

McGinnis: As do I, Aaron, as do I.

Anderson: Who are you again?

Creed: Oh pardon my manners. Well fans our commentary crew has grown one stronger and I would like to introduce all of you to Brian McGinnis as he will be joining us in all future IWF broadcasts.

Anderson: Great another loser riding my coattails!

McGinnis: Terry you do realize i'm a fan of your ring work right?

Anderson: Are you trying to be sarcastic?

McGinnis: Not at all I've seen at least 6-7 of your matches from when your career was going pretty well down in Georgia.

Anderson: Well thanks... I guess.

Creed: Haha... well then. Let's take a run down of tonight's match ups. First we have Erik Mateo taking on Af'aa who both scored easy victories at Chain Reaction 4.

McGinnis: Look for the pure brawler Mateo to take the victory in this one.

Anderson: Hey... that was my line. What the hell is going on here?

Creed: After that Mr. Wrestling VIII has taken up the match against Stephen Waltz. It was originally going to be Xavier Reed vs. Waltz, but Reed has opted out of tonight's match up.

McGinnis: Well I have yet to see Mr. Wrestling 8 debut but... Stephen Waltz has fallen on hard times, I don't think he'll be able to stand up against a fresh wrestler.

Anderson: That's my boy don't cut him down like that!

McGinnis: I am picking based off of the wrestler's abilities not my heart.

Anderson: What is that supposed to mean? You calling me a cry baby!?!?

Creed: Calm down Terry. After that we'll be looking at Mary-Lynn Mayweather against Eddie Whisky, who had a lot to say towards the IWF vet Mary-Lynn.

Anderson: She's not vet, she's a woman!

McGinnis: Who can beat the pants off of any man, at any time, if given the right circumstances. Honestly though, tonight I think Whisky will take the victory. I've seen tapes of him wrestling in the past so I know he'll come prepared.

Anderson: Yeah that dirty tramp is going to take yet another loss. She's never been the same since she stole that briefcase of money from Perfection.

McGinnis: I believe that was the other way around Terry.

Anderson: That's what 'THEY' want you to believe.

McGinnis: Who is they?

Creed: That's another topic for another day! Taking place before the main event we will be having a Number 1 Contendor match between Perfection and Scott Douglas.

Anderson: Should be Emerald City Champion, Perfection!

McGinnis: Well hate to disagree Terry, but Vizier ta Seti clearly won that match and i'm afraid, Perfection's ego may get in the way again tonight, i'm picking Douglas in this one.

Anderson: You are crazy.... where did we get this guy Creedy Boy?

Creed: I believe he was hired by the IWF front office.

Anderson: Well they are crazy too.

Creed: After all of those matches it will be time for the main event where we will be seeing a special appearance by Rocko Daymon as he will be taking on Vizier ta Seti in a match for the Emerald City Championship.

Anderson: Which belongs to Perfection.

McGinnis: This will be a stellar match up, however I have to give IWF's champion the edge, if only because of his youth and speed. I think as time has gone on and Rocko's multiple injuries he has suffered, he won't be able to put up a good enough fit to get the victory over Seti.

Anderson: None of this matters. Perfection should be champion!

Creed: Folks we got to cut to commerical but our first match will be up right after! Stay tuned!!


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Af'aa vs. Erik Mateo

Both men came down to mixed reactions from the crowd. Mateo scoring a few more boos then Af'aa but still mixed.

After the bell rang, Erik Mateo took the early advantage and with constant cheering from Terry 'The Idol' Anderson he was clearly in control at the early onset of the match.

Using his brawling strength he kept Af'aa in the corner with several fists and kicks to the face and body.

After missing a huge clothesline after an irish whip, Af'aa countered with a outstanding dropkick which drew quick praise from McGinnis.

Creed pointed out that neither man had actually performed a grappling move yet, until Af'aa picked up Mateo and hit him with a swift DDT.

He continued to work on Mateo's head with various headlocks and forearm smashes, but Mateo ended up reversing a bulldog attempt into a high back suplex.

Mateo picked up Af'aa off the mat and hooked him for a devestating Sit out Powerbomb. He got the easy pinfall after that. Once the match was done he tossed Af'aa out of the ring to a chorus of boos.

Winner: Erik Mateo


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Waltz vs. Mr. Wrestling VII

Mr. Wrestling 8 comes out first in this match up and the fans are clueless as what to think. He's wearing a full blown, bright yellow dress suit, with a bright lime green tie. Wearing sunglasses over his mask he tosses them out to the fans as he makes his way to the ring.

Anderson, even knowing that Mr. Wrestling is facing his protege, marks out for him immediately.

Stephen Waltz, comes out slowly to the ring next. Sporting a neck brace yet again. The fans actually seem to feel sorry for him and throw in a few cheers his way.

McGinnis can't seem to understand why IWF puts Waltz in this position to fight, which Anderson replies with a quick 'He can do anything' comment. Creed brushes it off and notes that the bell rang.

As the match starts up MW8 goes quick to work on Waltz, who does his best to fend him off but is unsuccessful.

Waltz at one point blocks a swift kick from MW8, but is immediately hooked into a double arm DDT. He goes for the pin fall after that, but Waltz kicks out which McGinnis notes as not being a good idea.

Anderson doing his best to mark out for Waltz sees the end coming as MW8 sets up the 'Total Asshole Driver' quickly nails it which makes Anderson cringe. He hooks the leg for the cover and gets the quick three count.

Winner: Mr. Wrestling VIII


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Mary-Lynn Mayweather vs. Eddie Whisky

Eddie Whisky came out first in this match up and the crowd gave him an immediate reaction to his outbursts that came from his promo work the previous weeks.

Mary-Lynn Mayweather came out to a large chorus of cheers, the fans missed her on Chain Reaction 4.

After the bell rang Anderson couldn't stop bad mouthing MLM and was quickly pleased when Whisky took a massive early advantage with his definite size advantage. After a series of blows to the back Whisky hit MLM with a massive power bomb and went for the pin but she kicked out.

McGinnis was clearly amazed by Whisky's overwhelming power as he took complete control over MLM in the early going. Hitting in various succession, a gut-wrench suplex, a belly to belly suplex, at one point MLM ducked a lariat but he caught her on the turn around with a awesome choke slam.

Both Creed and Anderson agreed with McGinnis in his impressed view of Whisky's move set. The crowd didn't seem to care as they broke out in a Mary-Lynn chant. Which seemed to get her going as she started a small comeback with a blitz of swift kicks and punches that left Whisky rattled.

After hitting a spring board dropkick and getting a slow two count, MLM was looking to try and put Whisky away as she climbed the top ropes setting him up for the moonsault. She didn't see him coming as he grabbed he pants and ripped her off the top turnbuckle.

In a crazy series of moves, however, she used the ropes to her advantage and wrapped her legs around them as Whisky was trying to pull her away from the turnbuckle. Still with full control of her, he turns his body around to see what's preventing him from sending her to the mat... she then springboards her legs off the top ropes, flips around and nails him with a reverse DDT!

She goes for the quick pin and scores the victory to a loud cheer from the fans. McGinnis is amazed by the events and MLM quickly gets out of the ring as Whisky gets to his feet and is screaming at the ref that it was a quick count. The crowd boos him loudly as he is enraged in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Mary-Lynn Mayweather


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
#1 Contender Match: Scott Douglas vs. Perfection

Bell: Ladies and GENTLEMEN!!! Introducing first! Hailing from: Seattle, Washington. Weighing in at two hundred and twenty six pounds and standing six foot and one... "SUP POP" Scotttt DOUGLASSSSS!!!!!

("Baby Takes" by Green River pops on the PA system and Scott Douglas appears from behind the curtains.)

Creed: Well this one has built some heat of the past week or so; with Perfection claiming Scott Douglas cost him his first IWF title reign.

(Scott throws both taped hands, balled into tight fists, above his head, and gets a decent pop. He pauses midway and looks back as Courtney Allen emerges into view and draws twice the pop. She stops and strikes a pose for a moment and skips to catch up with Douglas.)

Anderson: Just like I said last week. Who cares about 'Sup Mop'? This match is over before it even begins. Last week Moppy got in the way of Perfection and this week he pays for it.

(The two proceed to the ring together. At the apron Scott leans in and gives Courtney a kiss on the cheek and directs her to the side of the ring. He slides in the ring and immediately ascends the turnbuckle. Douglas throws his arms in the air yet again, drawing another pop.)

Creed: Brian, I’d like to say that Terry grows on you… but I won’t. What’s you take on tonight’s match up?

(“Perfect Gentlemen” by Helloween hits the PA.)

McGinnis: Well Aaron, this is for the number one contendership to Vizier Ta Seti’s Emerald City Championship. I think that speaks volumes on what kind of action we are in store for tonight.

Bell: Introducing next, hailing from Hollywood, California. Weighing in at 220 lbs and checking in at 6 foot even here is.... PERFECTTTTION!!!!!

(The fans turn their attention to 'Perfection' as he makes his way past the curtains. The crowd lets out a chrous of boos as he smirks at all of them while strutting to the ring.)

Creed: Perfection makes his way to the ring, and we should be underway here shortly.?

Anderson: You mean Perfection’s victory will be properly recorded in the history books shortly.

Creed: That has yet to be seen Terry. This one could go either way.

McGinnis:: It definitely could. We are looking at two very evenly matched wrestlers in the ring right now. Perfection is only giving up six pounds and one inch to Scott Douglas tonight. Not to mention both men are technically proficient combatants.

(Bell rings.)

Creed: See, Terry … that is commentating. And we are underway folks.

Anderson: What? I was checking my phone to see if the IWF website had the news of Perfections victory yet.

McGinnis: Perfection and Douglas: circling. Collar and Elbow Tie Up, Scott Douglas with a Waist lock. Standing Switch, Perfection back on the offensive… Hammerlock, reversed. Perfection maintains control.

Anderson: Perfect!

Creed: This is exactly the type of match we thought we’d see tonight. Douglas, again with the reversal.

McGinnis: Interrupted, drop toe hold.

Anderson: Perfect… drop toe hold


Creed: Float over, figure four arm lock… and a rope break.

McGinnis: Douglas clearly has an intimate knowledge of the inside of a wrestling ring. Both men back to their feet. Circling now.

(Scott hits the ropes, just as Perfection does the same on the other side of the ring. The two propel themselves toward one another on a collision course.)

Creed: Shoulder block. Clearly Scott’s slight weight advantage won out in that test of might.

McGinnis: Perfection back to his feet. Into the ropes. Douglas throws the clothesline.

(Perfection ducks under the clothes line, and continues into the ropes.)

Creed: Back off the ropes, spinning heel kick. Douglas goes down. Kip up!

McGinnis: Perfection grabs Douglas. Sent for the ride.

Anderson: They still have not updated this website. Wait, until I tell Art. Heads will roll.

(Scott comes off the ropes, drops and slides through Perfections legs. He pops back to his feet behind him and reaches for the cobra clutch.)

Creed: Terry, how do you expect …

Anderson: I expect perfection, Aaron.

McGinnis: Bulldog! Cobra Clutch Bulldog!

Creed: Perfection is stunned!

Anderson: Momentarily, Aaron. Give the man a moment. He has perfect timing.

McGinnis: Douglas, pulling Perfection back to his feet now. Standing side head lock. Pushed off, into the ropes.

Creed: Dropkick to the knee! Douglas collapses in the middle of the ring.

Anderson: This is it folks!

Creed: Douglas is really favoring that knee.

McGinnis: Perfection drags Douglas up to his feet, and … Northern Lights Suplex! Bridge, one … two …

Creed: Only a two count! Douglas narrowly escapes the fall. Perfection to his feet quickly to capitalize.

Anderson: That was three! One, Two, Three!

Creed: Check the website, Terry. Maybe, it was.

Anderson: Good idea, wait… PERFECT idea.

McGinnis: Douglas, struggling to his feet. Dropkick to knee once again. Perfection is focusing on that right knee.

Creed: That’s just good strategy, pick a weakness/work it over.

Anderson: Perf…

Creed: Spare us, Terry.

(Perfection showboats for the crowd as Douglas squirms in pain grasping his knee. The crowd reaction is mixed with a chorus of boo’s and a slight chant of “Sup Pop.”)

Creed: …And this is where that strategy goes awry. If Perfection does not capitalize here this may cost him the match.

McGinnis: Douglas, now attempting to get vertical. Big boot to the side of the face and he is back to mat. Perfection seems to have found his focus. He has Douglas by that right ankle; and there it is … PICTURE PERFECT!

Anderson: No update yet. We really need a new administrator. What’s going on? Where is that yellow guy?

Creed: Still Douglas verses Perfection, Terry. And this is shaping up to be quite the bout… but it may be over in a matter of seconds. I don’t know how much longer Douglas can take that figure four leg lock in the middle of the squared circle.

(Courtney is slapping the ring apron and looking back to the crowd chanting “Sub Pop, Sub Pop” in attempt to rally support.)

McGinnis: Relatively quiet for the bulk of tonight’s matchup; Courtney Allen, proves how much of an asset an outside influence can be on this type of match.

Creed: Shoulder down. One … one count only.

McGinnis: In the predicament Scott Douglas finds himself in at the moment … it can be easy to forget that you must keep at least one shoulder elevated to avoid the pin fall. The excruciating pain can numb you opponent into submission, so to speak … without ever actually tapping out.

Anderson: Expert analysis, Guinness. Speaking of Guinness … I think I’ll take Perfection out for a victory drink when this is over.

McGinnis: Actually, Terry it’s … (interrupted)

Anderson: BRILLIANT!

Creed: Perfection bridging up now trying to apply as much pressure as physically possible. This is not looking good for “Seattle’s Favorite Son.”

(Douglas struggles to sit up and throws a weak punch at Perfection.)

McGinnis: The Moss Bay Event Center crowd is on their feet; rallying behind their hometown anti-hero and he is feeding off their energy. Another shot to the head. Again. The referee warning Douglas about the closed fits.

Creed: Douglas mounting a comeback but does he have enough left in him to turn it…

(Douglas painstakingly rolls the adjoined two reversing the pressure of the hold back on to Perfection.)

Creed: And he has done it! Douglas gets the reverse! Perfection is inching his way to the ropes!

McGinnis: Rope break. Douglas to his feet; still favoring that right knee. Perfection pulling himself up the ropes and Douglas charges. Clothesline; he dumps Perfection to the outside.

Anderson: DQ! That’s a DQ right there! He is ruining another perfect match!

(Douglas stands against the ropes, holding the top rope, as Perfection gets to his feet on the outside.)

Creed: The referee begins his count. Perfection on his feet. CROSSBODY! Douglas just flung himself over that top ropes crashing violently into Perfection on the outside! What a match!!

McGinnis: That was a devastating move, although extremely high risk. It could have back fired on him easily.

Creed: Very true, Brian. Douglas rolls Perfection back into the ring and follows.

Anderson: This is a travesty. Unthinkable. I hang my head in shame.

Creed: Perfection not living up to your own unreasonable standards, Terry?

Anderson: What? No! This website still HAS NOT been updated! This is heartbreaking!

Creed: Really, Terry? You…

McGinnis: Back to the action. Douglas has Perfection in the center of the ring; Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex! Perfectly executed… Pardon the pun. Douglas for the cover.

Creed: One, two, thr … not quite. Two count only. Douglas, putting a few boots to Perfection after that pin attempt. Looks like he’s goes up top! This could be it. High risk. MOONSAULT! Nobody home!

Anderson: Perfect!

Creed: They updated?

Anderson: No, the match! Do you job, Aaron.

McGinnis: Perfection rolled out of the way just in time and goes back on the offensive instantly. Sets up behind Douglas, I think we will see those Rolling German Suplex’s Perfection favors.

(Perfection lifts and throws back for the Suplex, and launches Douglas up and over. Douglas lands, stomach down. Perfection gets up with a surprised look on his face and shaking his head.)

Creed: Holy cow. I think he over shot that one a bit.

McGinnis: Indeed, Aaron. More of an Overhead Release German Suplex. Perfection drags Douglas back up. Clenches from behind, I think he will try that one again.

(Perfection shoots back once again, and over throws. Douglas flips completely over, and lands on his feet, wobbling. Douglas gathers his footing as Perfection realizes what has happened and turns to face Douglas. He is met with a boot to the mid-section.)

Creed: Douglas is on his feet. He is on his feet. What athleticism!

McGinnis: Boot the mid-section. This may be that Fisherman Suplex brain buster he calls the “Sup Pop!”

(Crowd pops.)

Creed: Sup Pop! Sup POP! All he needs now is a cover and we have a NEW number one contender! Cover. One… two … three! No! Two and three quarters!

Anderson: YES! YES! I told you Moppy has no chance against Perfection!

Creed: This is unbelievable! Douglas can’t believe it! Frankly, neither can I! Douglas arguing with the referee now and Courtney is up on the apron to put in her two sense!

McGinnis: Perfection is back up.

Anderson: Here we go! Time to put this one to bed. Look at the perfect focus in that man’s eyes!

(Perfection grabs Douglas by the waist from behind. He pushes Douglas into Courtney as he shoots back for the German Suplex. Scott reaches out to grab a hold of Courtney as the bump sends her to the floor. The referee takes a slight bump but remains on his feet.)

Creed: Courtney to the floor! German Suplex!

McGinnis: Bridge! One, Two …

Anderson: THREE!! Perfection wins! Perfection wins!

Creed: Amazing match! And even more amazing Terry was paying attention for the finish.

Anderson: What? No, they finally updated the website. Perfection clinched the victory with perfectly executed German Suplex and bridged for the perfect pin.

Creed: We know, we just saw… never mind. A hard fought battle here but it seems in the end Douglas’ distraction, and Perfection’s opportunistic nature has decided this bout.

McGinnis: Aaron, this one really could have gone either way. It looked to be over several times and in the end Perfection seemed to harness his strength with astonishing focus while Douglas lost his arguing over the pin fall. And I feel it bares mentioning Courtney Allen played a part in this match; just not in the way Douglas would have had hoped.

Creed: Certainly. Possibly if she hadn’t have gotten up on that apron we could have seen a second reversal to that German Suplex. Terry, you thoughts?

Anderson: I’m Googling myself.

Creed: Nice addition, Terry. Up next is main event!


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Main Event: Seti vs. Daymon

("Do You Call My Name" by RA hits the PA.)

Creed: We weren't expecting this.

Anderson: That's what you get when you trust a sand n-

Creed: Can we please stay within the boundaries of good taste?

McGinnis: My career here is less than three hours old, and even I've figured out that that's impossible.

(A loud cheer erupts from the fans as the Emerald City Champion, Vizier ta Seti, entered the arena proper. He had the title belt strapped around his waist. His mowhawk was gelled or moussed or something of the sort eight inches high above his head in spikes; the heiroglyph of a viper was painted on each side of his head. His left eye had an Eye of Horus design drawn around it, and his right eye had an eight - point star around it. His baggy wrestling pants were adorned with a gold Horus design.)

McGinnis: He's ready for this match, and he's going to have to be. Rocko Daymon may not have wrestled in this country for quite some time but it's like riding a bike, Aaron... you never forget.

Anderson: Are you telling us you could get in there and wrestle Visor Setting right now, oh great one?

McGinnis: Could I get in there now with all the knowledge in the world on how to outsmart Vizier ta Seti? Probably. Do I have the physical gifts at this point in my life to do so? No.

Creed: You do realize he was mocking you, right?

McGinnis: If you acknowledge the children, they'll just keep pressing.

(In the ring, Vizier ta Seti retrieved a microphone from Donald Bell and stood in the center of the ring, stone - faced.)

SETI: According to your programs, the only thing you have left to see tonight is the defense of my Emerald City Championship against The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Rocko Daymon. At this time, I regret to inform you that the match that was promised to you will not be happening.

(Boos eminated from the crowd, and a chant of "BULLSH*T!" started up.)

SETI: And the reason... that the match will not take place... is that Rocko Daymon did not show up this evening.

(More boos followed, and Vizier did not appear to take any notice.)

SETI: This is the ultimate hypocrisy perpetuated by professional wrestlers who deem themselves to be 'celebrities.' Rocko Daymon considers himself better than the IWF.

(Pause, for dramatic effect.)

SETI: Rocko Daymon is a coward.

(The crowd popped at that.)

SETI: Two things will happen now: either Rocko will explain himself, or he won't. His explanation will be a mixture of making excuses about lingering injuries, or not wanting to lower his value to some empire by degrading himself to wrestle in front of all of you in this small venue. His silence would speak the same, only much louder.

(More boos.)

SETI: The truth is that he's scared.


Anderson: Can this idiot make up his mind?

McGinnis: Getting to the point sometimes requires background.

SETI: He knows that the IWF is Ground Zero for the next revolution of Professional Wrestling, and that the million dollar corporations masquerading as true wrestling are the doddering, lumbering Roman senators to our highly skilled silent assassins.

Only we will never be silent.

(He unstrapped himself and held the title belt near his face.)

SETI: I apologize for the lack of a title match this evening... I petitioned the IWF management for a replacement opponent: anyone that could give me a tough match for your entertainment, but was rebuffed: there was insufficient time to clear a suitable alternative. I promise you--

Anderson: And here we go!

Creed: Perfection has just entered the ring!

McGinnis: He officially became the number one contender tonight, but he just wrestled less than ten minutes ago: his ego could cost him a fair shake if he tries to cash in right now against a fresh Champion.

(Perfection waited on the outside of the apron until he was provided with a microphone of his own.)

PERFECTION: It's shiny.

(Vizier looked around him, and took a step toward Perfection.)

PERFECTION: The belt. Not a smudge. I have to thank you for taking good care of my property.

SETI: This is my property, James.

PERFECTION: No, no, no. You never beat me for my belt.

SETI: YOU never beat me for my belt.

PERFECTION: Only for lack of a fair shot.

(Vizier laughed.)

SETI: If you were truly perfect, James... a one on one match or a triangle match should have been irrelevant. Perfection is unconditional.


(The fans started to chant "WI-THER-HOLD! WI-THER-HOLD!" as Vizier took a step back and laid the Emerald City Championship belt on the mat between the two men. Perfection started to yell at the fans but stopped as soon as he saw the title belt.)

SETI: Your shot's right here, James... take it.

(He smirked.)

SETI: If you can.

Creed: We've got a staredown, and Perfection is cracking his knuckles, we're going to see his title shot happen right now!

Anderson: No we're not, here comes security!

(A swarm of referees and wrestlers hit the ring, quickly, and got in between the two men. Fade to black.)


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
Perfect Prologue

(Camera cuts to Chairman Cho's office at Moss Bay Events Center. Cho is currently yelling at IWF Commish Art Mori.)

Cho: Listen Art, you are the commish, you are in charge of the wrestlers. Regardless of Rocko Daymon not showing up tonight YOU.. yes YOU should have handled it better.

Mori: Mr. Cho... I have no idea where he was. He confirmed to the staff that he was on his way a full hour before the show even started!

Cho: I do not CARE! If you didn't know where he was. Figure something out, Art or find yourself someone who can. I can easily replace you with Courtney Paz as she is by far more useful then you.

Mori: Kimball please....

Cho: Do not pull the family card, my sister asked me to get you a job when she found out my plans so I did. If you can't handle it then i'll just find someone else. Now get out of my office.

(Mori takes out a napkin and wipes the sweat from his forehead and exits the office, just as he does, Courtney Paz walks in with a DVD.)

Cho: How's our numbers?

Paz: Surprisingly good... the viewers didn't change their channels once they found out Daymon wasn't showing up. I really think Vizier engaged them pretty well and Perfection showing up only boosted the ratings.

Cho: Well I guess all is not lost.

Paz: Speaking of Perfection.... I need to show you something. It's video footage from the garage.

Cho: Don't keep me in suspense Ms. Paz!

(She places a DVD into the nearby Television/DVD player set and starts it up. As the camera moves around to get a good view of the scene Cho tells Courtney Paz to turn it up. Which she does.)

(The DVD shows Perfection and his brother Tom in the parking garage at Moss Bay Events Center.)

Tom: I don't feel comfortable doing this Jame...

Perfection: How many time do I have to tell you? It's Perfection!!!

Tom: I just... this feels weird. I shouldn't be here and setting him up. This isn't cool man.

Perfection: You want that money right? To help with those medical bills for 'Dad'? You want it right?

Tom: Well yeah but as I told you earlier he wants more then anything...

Perfection: Sh*t! Here he comes get ready!!

(Perfection hides behind a large pillar and Tom sheepishly looks to the ground as Rocko parks his car about ten feet from him. As Rocko gets out Tom approaches him and gets his view away from where Perfection is hiding.)

Tom: Uhhh... Mr. Daymon can I have your autograph? I'm a huge fan.

Rocko: Sure. I can do that. So you work the garage cause I want to make sure that....

(Before Rocko can finish his sentence, Perfection charges in and blind sides him with a tire iron. He grabs the keys out of his pocket and open the trunk. He orders his brother to help as they lift him up and toss him in the back. Perfection slams the trunk closed and hands the keys to his brother.)

Perfection: Alright get him the hell out of here. I don't want him anywhere near the arena!

Tom: What do I do when i'm done... what if he wakes up... what... man.. I don't like this.

Perfection: Do it if you want your money! And when your done open the trunk and run. Cause if he is awake, he'll want to kill you.

(Perfection takes off quickly through the arena entrance and Tom looks down to the ground, gets in the car and drives away.)

Paz: Wow... I can't believe it. Even after watching it a second time, Perfection really took a chance with that stunt.

(Camera switches to Chairman Cho, who is smiling from ear to ear.)

Cho: Set up a meeting for me with him, as soon as possible.

Paz: Yes sir.

(Camera fades to the IWF logo.)

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If you want to help grow the community of fantasy wrestling creators, consider hosting your league here on FW. You gain access to message boards, Discord, your own web space and the ability to post pages here on FW. To discuss, message "Chad" here on FW Central.

What Is FW?

Take a look at some old articles that are still relevant regarding what fantasy wrestling is and where it came from.
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