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The Boys Are Back in Town


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Jan 1, 2000
Warwick USA
Fade in to Lady V sitting in a directors chair, in front of her is Showtime Steven James and Lincoln Jones in their own directors chairs. She gets a few pieces of paper in order, looks up, smiles, and begins.

LV: Hello fans it's Lady Veronica here getting the scoop with the GLCW's newest tag team consisting of your friend and mine Showtime Steven James and the new comer Lincoln Jones. Gentlemen, thank you for joining me.

SJ and LJ: No problem.

LV: To get us started I have to ask where did this come from? I mean one minute we're watching James in a match with the Cannonball Kid and the next thing we know you, Lincoln, is grabbing him by the throat and giving him one of the most devastating chokeslams we have ever seen. How did this plan come into play?

SJ: Well you see it's very simple, Ol' Linc and I have known each other for years, as a matter of fact we're part owners in that gym I frequent. We're more like brothers than friends. You see, one thing i learned when i first got here is that you need someone to watch your back because you never know what will happen. I had someone here for that, "The Future" Bret Irvine, but he's gone and i had no one. So i gave Linc a call and we put our plan into action.

LV: It seemed you had most people fooled.

SJ: We had everybody fooled. I even gave a promo that featured a cup of coffee that i wasn't drinking and that guy i was facing actually thought i had sat in a dirty seat with garbage still there, as a matter of fact, he wasted half a promo on that bit of info. What he didn't know is that that drink was Lincs' and he had just stepped out of the shot so i could do my promo.

LV: So the cup was left on purpose"

SJ: Damn right, and no one picked up on it.

LV: Then there was you saying that you needed someone in your corner and that someone was the kid.

SJ: Cliff notes version of that, i said i needed someone in my corner...i never said the kid. He took it for what he wanted and paid the price.

LV: Mr. Jones, allow me to ask you a question, how does it feel to be the only African American in the GLCW?

LJ: It's a great honor, however i don't want to be known as "Lincoln Jones African American Wrestler", i want to be known as "Lincoln Jones The best damn ass kicker." Because that's what i do, You bring the ass to the ring, and i'll kick it. End of story.

LV: Describe your chokeslam.

LJ: Basically, instead of just planting you on the mat i pretty much throw you down, it's very devastating.

LV: Steve, you've changed your move recently, can you describe that?

SJ: Sure, my old move was the "lights out", basically a reverse samoan drop into a swinging neckbreaker, but i've found that with a sleeper neckbreaker i can get the same effect in less time. It's coming along i think.

LV: What can the GLCW expect from you two?

SJ: Wanna take this one?

LJ: Pain.

SJ: Dude, lay off the Rocky III movie ok Mr. T?

LJ: sneers

LV: Well thank you gentlemen and i look forward to your first match as a team.

SJ,LJ: Thank you.

Fade out

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