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"the Blue Demon" Charlie Williams


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Aug 26, 2008
Wrestler Name: "the Blue Demon" Charlie Williams
Nicknames (if applicable): The Blue Knight, the In-Ring Detective, the DePaul DeStroyer
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 236 lbs
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Birthdate: 25th of February, 1992

Physical appearance: Wild blond curly hair which isn’t long but it isn’t short. Long enough to show off those curls the girls love. Anglo-saxan features. Big blue eyes. Very good-looking. Athletic build but not by way of the gym just by way of being active and natural genetics. No facial hair whatsoever, almost looks like he has never had to shave at all.
Ring gear: He wears an Olympic style wrestling costume with long sleeves but the style of it varies from match to match. They range from a blue or scarlet DePaul Blue Demons style, blue Batman style or a blue or scarlet one themed by his own logo. He alternates between blue or scarlet boots and the kneepads being the opposite colour to his boots. The mask/cape combo he wears is like Batman’s, and is either blue or scarlet. Instead of the little bat ears though his features demon horns.

Theme music: “Superhero” by KJ 52
Ring entrance: “Superhero” by KJ 52 hits the PA system and the arena lights go out. A spotlight hits the ceiling, like a bat signal, except it flashes Williams’ Blue Demon symbol instead. He emerges from the back, wearing a Batman-esque mask/cape combo. He pulls the cape around in front of him and hides behind, it peering over his own forearm, very Batman-esque. He then drops it and “Hulks up” before stomping down the ramp, pumping the fans and high fiving them.

He runs the last few metres to the ring, leaps and Superman slides into the ring under the bottom rope where he then rolls onto his back and kips up, charging to either of the turnbuckles closest to the stage and and climbing to the top rope where he “Hulks Up” again.
***NOTE: If he is anywhere in the Chicago area, the mascot from DePaul University, DIBS (Demon in a Blue Suit), will accompany him down to the ring, doing mascot things like mimicking Williams or interacting with the fans/opponent.

Face or heel?: Face

Charlie is infatuated with superheroes and believes that the world needs a hero. Although sometimes he can be violent and aggressive, by nature he is a righteous person and a brave hero. He has an ultimate sense of loyalty and responsibility, so much so that he can get quite upset with not being able to protect those he cares about. His emotions are boy-like in every endeavour and he often is melodramatic in portraying them, though they are completely natural. He is extremely stubborn once his mind is set on something, like revenge or being loyal to a friend, and is very almost never convinced of other courses of action. Mostly, he tries to be carefree and does what enters his mind, whatever it might be and just wants to have some fun in the process.

Ring style:
Charlie is quite green and very exciteable. He hasn’t really developed in-ring science or psychology and is kinda like a bull in a china shop. You know those moments where the UFC fighter realises he’s got his opponent into a position where he KTFO them? That’s kinda like Charlie as soon as the bell goes
His style is essentially try and hurt his opponent no matter how. He is super athletic and super fearless. He has a complete disregard for his own body and will use it as a weapon to take his opponent down ignoring whatever implications it might have to his own well being. He thinks explicitly in the moment and has no understanding at this stage of the ramifications those actions might have (hurt himself, put himself into a position where he gets pinned, etc.)

Brief biography:
Charlie Williams’ upbringing was nothing outlandish. The elder of two boys to a couple who owned and ran a comic bookstore, Charlie quickly grew an affection to anything superhero in nature, most definitely the Dark Knight Batman. Charlie was a decent enough student but spent most of his time drawing superheroes with the goal to become a comic book artist and writer.
Eventually, Charlie got accepted into DePaul University on an Arts scholarship where he continued to draw and hone his craft, becoming quite brilliant in his artwork. Drawing seemed to be the only thing that Charlie could concentrate on for lengths of time as anything else he seemed to lack passion for.
Except for wrestling. His father, not only a comic book geek, was a wrestling geek who ran a fantasy wrestling community. Charlie was quite the fan but not quite fashioned for literary concerns and often simply contributed artwork to his father’s fan endeavours. Wanting to get into wrestling, albeit not the fantasy variety, Charlie began training to become a wrestler. Not showing a particular finesse to understanding ring craft his natural athleticism and strength shows great promise without him fully understanding how to string moves together.
It was the perfect combination of everything he loved. Superheroes, drawing and wrestling. In which he’s been able to find some sort of happy medium as he tries to be a hero to the people through his wrestling.
He also loves to eat apples.

Three strengths:
  1. Raw energy; he is a bundle of energy and it almost appears limitless. He’s like the proverbial Energizer Bunny that keeps going and going. He is almost exhausting for opponents as he doesn’t appear to stay still for very long. This plays into his stamina where he can go for a very long time without seeming to tire. His endurance is phenomenal and if it were described in other sports they’d be saying “he has an elite motor”.
  2. Natural strength; he can lift well above his weight range. He has a natural strength that isn’t developed in a gymnasium, he just has it. Mostly, it comes from his inability to undersand his limitations, which drives a lot of people not to do different things because they’ve already assessed that they cannot do it. It’s kind of like the theory where babies and kids are so strong because they don’t understand these concepts. Charlie is a contradiction to modern physiology in that regards.
  3. Athleticism; he can leap, flip, handstand, kip up, and all other sorts of athletic craziness you wouldn’t be expecting from a guy his size. His athleticism has developed from seeing something cool on TV or in a comic book and trying it. He’s done a lot of parkour which aids his movement and catlike reflexes.

Three weaknesses:
  1. Inexperience; Charlie lacks a lot of required skills to be successful like ring psychology, wrestling science, pacing, patience, strategy. While he can hide a lot of this in his energy and athleticism it doesn’t do him favours when he comes up against experienced or even savvy wrestlers. He is completely unpredictable in regards to his style but it should never be discounted against a learned opponent.
  2. Doesn’t Quit; while some might attribute this to being a strength, it can clearly be a weakness. He will keep getting up and keep getting up and keep getting up and it will only be incapacitation that rules him out of a contest. He’d rather break an arm than submit. He’d rather be knocked out stone cold than yield. His attitude is a danger to his existence.
  3. His Loyalty; Charlie will drop everything when someone he cares about is in trouble. He’s loyal to a fault and will do whatever it takes to protect his friends and loved ones.
  4. Lightning Quick Emotions; he can go from happy to rage in an instance. He’s like a small boy who doesn’t know how to filter how he’s feeling. It can get in the way of his competitive success.

5-10 signature maneuvers:
  1. Superman slide double punch (basically like a baseball slide except he slides on his belly to the outside like Superman flying through the air and nails a double punch to his opponent, normally crash landing on top of them)
  2. Discus ear punch
  3. Soup Eater: (Opponent seated on) Top rope two-footed inverted stomp facebreaker variations: standing; to the outside; counter
  4. Double knee backbreaker variations: top rope; apron (leaping off guard rail)
  5. Samoan driver
  6. Legmare into anklelock
  7. Moonsault legdrop variations: rope hung opponent
  8. Suicide dive into an armdrag
  9. Facebreaker DDT
  10. Push-up flapjack variations: onto an object; onto his bended knee (while beating his chest like Tarzan), just trying to run under them because it's fun

Finishing maneuver:
Demonsault: Springboard second-rope moonsault (Lionsault) variations: Double (immediately bounds to his feet and charges at the ropes to deliver a second springboard moonsault), Running corner (runs up the turnbuckle and does the Demonsault off the top rope), Apron to outside

Last but not least…PM brusch one secret about your character that will not be immediately apparent or obvious. Done!

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