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Survivor New Zealand Episode 11

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, with the graphic showing wildlife and the words "New Zealand" in it. CUTTO: The word "Shak-No" written in black on a yellowed piece of parchment. CUTTO: A scene of MARK swimming in the water. CUTTO: MARK smiling in a photo, CUTTO: RUTH walking the beach. CUTTO: RUTH in a photo glaring at the camera. CUTTO: NED eating at camp. CUTTO: A Picture of NED smiling nervously. CUTTO: CHRIS cutting down a tree with a knife. CUTTO: CHRIS smiling big in a photo. CUTTO: CYNTHIA chopping food up. CUTTO: CYNTHIA smiling warmly in a photo. CUTTO: MARY praying on the beach. CUTTO: MARY smiling in a photo. CUTTO: BLAINE climbing a tree. CUTTO: A photo of BLAINE with a big toothy grin. CUTTO: OLIVIA carrying wood. CUTTO: OLIVIA looking grim in a photo. CUTTO: The blue flag of Shak-No.

CUTTO: The word "Wallen" in black on yellowed parchment. CUTTO: EMILIA washing her face in the ocean. CUTTO: EMILIA smiling in a photo. CUTTO: VINCENT carrying a big knife CUTTO: VINCENT smiling in a photo. CUTTO: KARLA sitting on the beach CUTTO: KARLA grinning broadly in a photo. CUTTO: KEVIN, face covered in mud, shaking his head at the camera. CUTTO: KEVIN with a weak smile in a photo. CUTTO: TIFFANY dancing in a bathing suit CUTTO: TIFFANY smiling in a photo. CUTTO: STEVE sunning himself on the beach. CUTTO: STEVE with a wide grin in a photo. CUTTO: MARGARET making a necklack out of strings CUTTO: MARGARET with a tight lipped grin in a photo. CUTTO: JASON walking through the forest CUTTO: JASON smiling in a photo. CUTTO: The orange flag of Wallen

CUTTO: The graphic "39 days" CUTTO: The outline if a person standing on a cliff, lit torch over their head CUTTO: The graphic reading "1 Survivor")

(CUTTO: Day 32, U-Gong)

(CUTTO: Olivia in an aside.)

OLIVIA: "Vincent went home, cause like, we didn't trust him...Jason's been kinda playing me for a while now...I dunno like, why I trust him, but I do, he seems solid with me...I think everything's good right now...Emilia and Steve are screwed, man they are totally (BLEEP)'ed...I want Emilia to go first...Since Jason told me about how she's trying to get rid of me...So well, she's done..."

(CUTTO: Emilia in an aside.)

EMILIA: "It's just tough, I've been on the losing side of just about every vote, I've had to go along to get along with the majority...And well, right now it's basically Jason, Diva, and the lovebirds...I know I might be gone soon, just got to keep fighting."

(CUTTO: The tribe heading towards a clearing. DOC SILVER stands waiting for them.)

DOC: "OK everone, file in...Today's reward is simple...You'll answer questions about New Zealand and about Survival in the outdoors in general, whoever gets the most questions right wins a Pontiac Aztec! (Everyone react with joy at the idea that they could win a car.) OK, let's get ready."

(Quick run throught the challenge, which ends when EMILIA beats DIVA to win the car!)

DOC: "Now that car will be waiting for you after the show is over...But winning the car comes with price...You will now have to pick somebody to go to the finals of the next immunity challenge...Somebody will get to face somebody heads up for immunity while the rest of the tribe will have to compete to meet that person...That choice will be made by you once you arrive at the site for the immunity challenge."

(CUTTO: U-Gong Day 34.)


OLIVIA: "You should lemme go to the end on the challenge, cause like, we bonded over the berries and stuff, and helping anyone else is lame, cancer guy's all like, shifty and stuff, Diva don't need immunity, everyone likes her...Everyone likes Diva, cuz Diva's funny and cool, but everyone's always conspiring to get me booted..."...(Notices that she's getting paranoid and irrational) But umm...Yeah...Like, hook me up and I'll look out for ya."

(CUTTO: Emilia in an aside.)

EMILIA: "Jason lemme know basically that picking Steve would tick everyone off, and well, right now it feels like it's between me and him for who goes, so I can't pick him...So I just sort of have to pick a name out of the hat for who's going to get a free pass...Hope this doesn't bite me in the ass."

(CUTTO: The tribe heading towards a clearing, DOC SILVER stands waiting for them)

DOC: "First thing...Steve, give it up" (Takes necklace from STEVE) "OK, Immunity, back on the line, first thing, Emilia, who will go to the finals?"

EMILIA: "I pick Olivia"

DOC: "OK, Olivia you can take a seat, the rest of you, each go to a station...When I say go, you'll pull back the tarp to reveal a series of words, you must make orginal new words out of those words, person to come up with the most new words in 5 minutes will face Olivia in the finals."

(CUTTO: Everyone at their stations, ready to go.)

DOC: "Survivor's ready...Go!"

(Everyone reveals the words which are "Survivor New Zealand" Everyone bangs out a bunch of words, in the end, EMILIA gets the most words and wins the right to face OLIVIA in the finals.)

(CUTTO: EMILIA and OLIVIA standing in front of two stations.)

DOC: "OK, when I say go, pull back the tarp, it will reveal a word search, first person to find the 12 words listed at the bottom of the word search wins immunity...Survivor's ready...GO!"

(Both women pull back the tarps and get to work frantically trying to find the words...EMILIA jumps to a lead and keeps it, cruising to victory!)

DOC: "Emilia wins immunity!"

(EMILIA is pumped, shouting "YES!" repeatedly and looks delighted as DOC puts the immunity necklace on her. The rest of the tribe look non-plussed as they head back to camp.)

(CUTTO: U-Gong Day 34.)

(CUTTO: Steve in an aside.)

STEVE: "It just sucks...I mean, things just worked out in such a way that this challenge had to be mental, and I know I'm smart, but well, it's close between me and Emilia and Jason for who's the smartest, but strongest, I got that covered, I thought I could run out the immunity and make it that way, but now I'm stuck, the 4 person alliance of Diva, Jason, Cynthia and Olivia will almost assuredly vote me off now that Emilia's immune...And it's just crummy sitting around waiting to go home."

(CUTTO: OLIVIA and CYNTHIA sitting on the beach.)

CYNTHIA: "So I think we should get rid of Jason..."

OLIVIA: "Why not Steve?"

CYNTHIA: "He helped us on the orginal vote to get rid of Peggy, which is when we were in the most danger, so I just feel we owe it to him out of loyality."

OLIVIA: "Oh screw him...He might have been a good lay, but whatever, this is a million bucks..."

CYNTHIA: "And you really trust Jason more?"

OLIVIA: "Oh...Fine...We'll vote out Jason."

(CUTTO: Olivia in an aside.)

OLIVIA: "I don't know if Steve and Cynthia have worked out some kind of deal behind my back or not, I just really hope this doesn't all backfire on me."

(CUTTO: OLIVIA talking to DIVA)

OLIVIA: "So we're gonna vote out Jason tonight...That's cool?"

DIVA: "That boy be posin'...The Diva knows truth and he ain't it!"


(CUTTO: JASON and DIVA talking in the forest.)

DIVA: "Dem girls be hatin' on the J-Dawg...They wanna ship you out..."

JASON: "I figured...So what do we do now?"

DIVA: "Cynthia's been just layin' low, she be trying to good cop to Olivia's bad cop and get a cool mill out of the deal, I be on to her game...That girl's gots to go."

JASON: "Yeah, breaking them up isn't a bad idea...I'll talk to people."

(CUTTO: Jason in an aside.)

JASON: "I'm always in danger, I don't think I've had a safe week since I've won immunity...It's always one big problem after another...Today in spite of all the loyality I've shown to Olivia and Cynthia I would have been going home had Diva not told me what's up...Game's always changing, who knows who'll go home now."

(CUTTO: CYNTHIA and STEVE talking as STEVE gets ready to go fishing.)

CYNTHIA: "So I think I saved ya..."

STEVE: "Really?"

CYNTHIA: "Yeah, we're voting out Jason tonight..."

STEVE: "Well that's excellent...Thanks a ton, I'll try to catch a good fish for you..." (Smiles, heads off to the ocean.)

(CUTTO: Steve in an aside, post fishing, with a fish.)

STEVE: "I've done nothing and the game's changed, out of nowhere Cynthia lobbies to keep me around and I'm here...It's nuts"

(CUTTO: STEVE talking to JASON.)

STEVE: "So why does Diva want to get rid of Cynthia?"

JASON: "I don't know..."

STEVE: "I got no problem with her, I'd rather do Olivia, she's been against me from the start...If you vote off Olivia, I'd do it right away, I can only think over voting out Cynthia right now...Can't promise you anything."

JASON: "Well talk to Diva..."

(CUTTO: STEVE talking to DIVA)

STEVE: "So will you vote out Olivia tonight instead of Cynthia?"

DIVA: "Fo' sure...Whoever you need me to write down, day be gone like dat!" (snaps fingers)

(CUTTO: DIVA talking to OLIVIA)

DIVA: "Steve be a hater...I think we needs to get rid of him."

OLIVIA: "So, you'll vote out Steve?"

DIVA: "For shizzle..."


(CUTTO: Diva in an aside.)

DIVA: "Oh all these smart people with all their plans and stuff, but the Diva's always been callin' the shot...They don't get it...Ah well, suckas gonna get it tonight."

(CUTTO: The Tribe arriving at counsel. DOC SILVER and the JURY are waiting for them)

DOC: "Well it's been over a month of grueling contests, and now here we are, about to enter the final 5...Emilia, how big was immunity tonight?"

EMILIA: "Most important one of the game, and I expect it will keep being that way till the very end...Where I'm sitting in the politics of things is very bad, so I have to hope that I can keep this necklace or things change."

DOC: "Speaking of that, Steve, the former Shak-No tribe has three people left, and the former wallen has 3 people left, Jason it seems has thrown in his lot with the Shak-No's...So why shouldn't I expect you to be voted out tonight."

STEVE: "Well that's what I thought would happen before...But things change, the game is always changing, who knows how the vote will go tonight?"

DOC: "Jason, you've made some enemies on the jury most likely...Do you worry that you may have ruined your shot of winning the game?"

JASON: "I think worrying about the jury at this point is foolish, you have to get in front of them, so when that happens, then I'll have them judge me, and that will be the end of it."

DOC: "Olivia, you've been the eye of the storm for a while now...Do you feel safe going into this vote?"

OLIVIA: "Not as safe as I used to, y'know? I hindsight, maybe I should've played it quieter. But hey, y'know. even if I don't win, I'll prolly be able to make a (BLEEP)load of money doing Playboy, or whatever."

DOC: (Laughs) "Cynthia...Do you know who you will be loyal to all the way to the end?"

CYNTHIA: "Yeah...I think it's clear who I'm with, I'm not worried about things...I'll just find my way."

DOC: "So you think you can make it to the end no matter how this vote goes."

CYNTHIA: "As long as it doesn't go against me, I think my odds are as good as anyone's."

DOC: "Diva...There has been claims that you may not be the must trustworthy player in this game, why do you think people should take your word?"

DIVA: "Cause it's all we got on this rock...Just our word...And why shouldn't you believe me over anyone else, we all be tryin' to win a million dollars...I don't think anyone's any less shady then I am..."

DOC: "With that it's time to vote."

(CYNTHIA votes, we don't see it)

(OLIVIA votes, she holds up the vote reading "Steve")

OLIVIA: ."Um...sorry dood. The sex was fun and everything...and uh...by the way, maybe you should get tested once you get off the island. Y'know. Whatever."

(JASON votes, we don't see it)

(DIVA votes, we don't see it)

(STEVE votes, he holds up his vote reading "Olivia")

STEVE: "I tried to help ya out, and you kept turning your back on me, I really hope you go home tonight."

(EMILIA votes, we don't see it)

(CUTTO: DOC with the cookie jar of doom)

DOC: "Read the votes, blah blah blah...First vote...Steve" (STEVE nods)

"Second vote...Steve"

"Third vote...Steve" (STEVE accepts that he's doomed)

"Forth vote...Olivia" (OLIVIA rolls her eyes)

"Fifth vote...11th person voted of of New Zealand...Steve"

(STEVE brings torch over to DOC)

DOC: "Steve...The tribe has spoken" (DOC puts his torch out, STEVE heads off)

DOC: "Congrats, you have made the final 5, these last days will be truly a challenge, but whoever wins it, clearly will have earned it."

(The final 5 head back to camp.)


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