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Survivor New Zealand Ep 7

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, with the graphic showing wildlife and the words "New Zealand" in it. CUTTO: The word "Shak-No" written in black on a yellowed piece of parchment. CUTTO: A scene of MARK swimming in the water. CUTTO: MARK smiling in a photo, CUTTO: RUTH walking the beach. CUTTO: RUTH in a photo glaring at the camera. CUTTO: NED eating at camp. CUTTO: A Picture of NED smiling nervously. CUTTO: CHRIS cutting down a tree with a knife. CUTTO: CHRIS smiling big in a photo. CUTTO: CYNTHIA chopping food up. CUTTO: CYNTHIA smiling warmly in a photo. CUTTO: MARY praying on the beach. CUTTO: MARY smiling in a photo. CUTTO: BLAINE climbing a tree. CUTTO: A photo of BLAINE with a big toothy grin. CUTTO: OLIVIA carrying wood. CUTTO: OLIVIA looking grim in a photo. CUTTO: The blue flag of Shak-No.

CUTTO: The word "Wallen" in black on yellowed parchment. CUTTO: EMILIA washing her face in the ocean. CUTTO: EMILIA smiling in a photo. CUTTO: VINCENT carrying a big knife CUTTO: VINCENT smiling in a photo. CUTTO: KARLA sitting on the beach CUTTO: KARLA grinning broadly in a photo. CUTTO: KEVIN, face covered in mud, shaking his head at the camera. CUTTO: KEVIN with a weak smile in a photo. CUTTO: TIFFANY dancing in a bathing suit CUTTO: TIFFANY smiling in a photo. CUTTO: STEVE sunning himself on the beach. CUTTO: STEVE with a wide grin in a photo. CUTTO: MARGARET making a necklack out of strings CUTTO: MARGARET with a tight lipped grin in a photo. CUTTO: JASON walking through the forest CUTTO: JASON smiling in a photo. CUTTO: The orange flag of Wallen

CUTTO: The graphic "39 days" CUTTO: The outline if a person standing on a cliff, lit torch over their head CUTTO: The graphic reading "1 Survivor")

(FADEIN: SHAK-NO night 18)

(FADEIN: The tribe coming back to camp. BLAINE is silent, he goes right to sleep, while OLIVIA, DIVA and CYNTHIA are sitting around.)

OLIVIA: "Thanks Diva..."

DIVA: "No problem, one thing Diva can't stands is haters...I know how they be witch chu', so well, they gots to go, and go NOW! I'd almost throw the next challenge just to toss Blaine, that hater needs to know the truth, truth is he's not welcome in Diva land no more!"

CYNTHIA: "Yeah, I'm sick of him, they all blamed me when that raft broke, but Mary did as much work on it as me, it's not fair to pull that kinda (BLEEP) on me...I'm glad she's gone...He'll go too."

(CUTTO: Day 19, the two tribes heading towards a beach. DOC SILVER stands there waiting for them with a large jar at his feet.)

DOC: "Come in everyone...Well, today won't be a reward challenge, because today everyone wins...(DOC lifts up the jar.) come on over and help yourselves...(VINCENT reaches in and pulls out a Green buff. Follows by STEVE...It starts to dawn on everyone what's happening as the word "Merge" is heard a few times. Screams of joy can be heard from the women as the men begin smiling and cheering themselves...EMILIA and CYNTHIA hug...BLAINE high fives with JASON as the two formerly competing tribes are now one tribe.)

DOC: "OK guys, what camp site do you want to live at? All the good stuff won by the tribe who's site you don't pick will be shipped over to the site you want to live at."

(The group huddles for a moment.)

OLIVIA: "We'll go over to Wallen, about all we got at our place is the beds and the spear, if that's coming with us, no reason not to ship out."

DOC: "Very well, once you get there, a feast to reward you all for surviving to the merger will await you, congrats one and all, and head back to camp, you'll have to come up with a new name for the tribe."

(The newly mergered tribe heads off to the former Wallen Camp site)

(CUTTO: Day 19, Merged Tribes)

(CUTTO: Everyone eating from a giant feast of turkey, steak, ribs, and other foods, bottles of wine are served, everyone it seems keeps a keen eye on how much Olivia has had to drink, the celebration winds down as night falls and the new tribe head to sleep.)

(CUTTO: Day 20, Merged Tribes)

(CUTTO: Vincent in an aside.)

VINCENT: "Last night was fun, we all got together, we had some food, we had laughs, we told stories, it was great to meet the new people and get to know them as more then just the opponents we fought in the challenges...But now the game is on, clearly last night can't last, we're going to our first immunity challenge that's everyone for themselves and it's going to be cutthroat."

(CUTTO: BLAINE working on the shelter, CYNTHIA walks by.)

BLAINE: "Cynthia, I wanted to let you know it wasn't anything person about the vote, I just felt you had made the mistake with the raft, I was with Mary in an alliance so..."

CYNTHIA: "Look, just shut up, I'm tired of being blamed for everything when we lost, I'm just sick of it, you better hope to God you win immunity, cause one you don't I'm going to make sure you're going home next!"

BLAINE: "I..."

CYNTHIA: "Just don't talk to me, leave me the hell alone!"

(CYNTHIA storms off. BLAINE is left looking a bit disconcerted by the attack on him.)

(CUTTO: The tribes heading towards a beach, DOC SILVER stands on the beach waiting for everyone.)

DOC: "OK everyone...Have you worked out a name for your new Tribe yet?"
(Everyone seems a bit confused.)

DIVA: "The Untouchablez!"

DOC: "Ummm...No"

OLIVIA: "The Cult of Christian Gemini"

DOC: "Oh geez...You people are awful, I name the lot of you U-Gong in honor of the worst two tribes in Survivor history due to your inability to give me anything I could use."

DOC: "Anyhow, on to what matters...You will all swim out to that platform, and we'll explain the first challenge for personal immunity."

(CUTTO: Everyone standing on the platform.)

DOC: "OK, first of all, two people will win immunity, one man, one woman...First the men will all go underwater and hold their breath, last two to stay under will go to the finals, then we'll do the same for the women...The last two standing in both contests will compete in a race where you'll have to swim along the bottom of the ocean untying markers until you go all the way down the track and have untied all 10 markers. Good luck everyone"

(CUTTO: The men in the water.)

DOC: "OK, Survivors ready...GO!" (Everyone plunges underwater, where a metal bar is placed to allow everyone to hold themselves under...After about 25 seconds JASON comes back up...The time goes on to 45 seconds with the other four men still holding on...Finally a whole minute passes and STEVE goes up for air...Followed a second later by KEVIN...Both VINCENT and BLAINE join them moments later, everyone gasping for breath."

DOC: "Vincent and Blaine will compete for immunity!"

(CUTTO: The women now in the water.)

DOC: "OK...Survivors...Ready...GO!" (The women go under, OLIVIA and CYNTHIA come up for air shortly after going under. After 10 more seconds EMILIA goes up for air. DIVA and PEGGY having seen they have advanced go up to the surface.)

DOC: "Peggy and Diva advance to the finals!"

(CUTTO: VINCENT and BLAINE on the platform. DOC holds up a necklace that looks like the ones from Survivor All-Stars.)

DOC: "For Immunity...Ready...GO!" (The two men jump into the water, and quickly it becomes clear this is a mis-match, as BLAINE gets to the 4th Marker, before going to the surface for a quick breath before heading back down while VINCENT is still on marker 2. BLAINE continues to run away with the challenge while VINCENT gamely tries to keep going, but in the end BLAINE wins going away.)

DOC: "BLAINE wins immunity!" (BLAINE swims to shore looking mellow about things, VINCENT looking a bit spent at his efforts heads there as well.)
(CUTTO: DIVA and PEGGY on the platform)

DOC: "For Immunity...Survivor's ready...GO!" (They dive in, and both get to the 3rd marker before coming up for air...The battle goes slowly from there as both get to 5 and then 6 before coming to the surface panting and gasping for air...DIVA goes under and gets number 7, and then Peggy does the same...Both continue to drift in the water trying to gather themselves...They both go under for #8 at the same time...DIVA gets it while PEGGY doesn't...Both gather themselves again, and this time they both get markers, DIVA still one again...DIVA goes under for the win but can't do it...While PEGGY gets #9...Both of them go under for the final marker...DIVA gets hers before PEGGY does, winning DIVA immunity!)

DOC: "DIVA wins immunity!" (DIVA and PEGGY both spent and drained stumble onto the beach and lay there panting...)

(CUTTO: Minutes later, DOC putting the immunity necklaces on BLAINE, who doesn't react and DIVA who has gathered herself enough to do her crazy ass shaking dance in responce to getting her necklace.)

(CUTTO: U-Gong, Day 21.)

(CUTTO: The tribe heading back to camp.)

(CUTTO: Blaine in an aside.)

BLAINE: "Winning isn't really that big of a deal to me, but I want this experience to continue, and if winning immunity guarntees me three more days then it is all good."

(CUTTO: Peggy in an aside.)

PEGGY: "It was close, but I couldn't get that last one in time...Hopefully the fact that the former Wallen has numbers on Shak-No means tonight's vote will go smoothly...I'd feel better with the necklace, but I feel OK now."

(CUTTO: PEGGY talking to EMILIA and JASON)

PEGGY: "So we're going to vote out Olivia, right?"

JASON: "If we're picking off the remaining Shak-No's, then it's between her and Cynthia, and she won that personal immunity before, so she's got some fans here for some reason, no reason not to take care of her now."

EMILIA: "Yeah, I can see that, we'll vote her out and then just keep going till we're back to the Wallen six, barring immunity messing things up."

(CUTTO: PEGGY talking to KEVIN and STEVE in quick snippets.)

(CUTTO: PEGGY talking to OLIVIA.)

OLIVIA: "So what's the bad news?"

PEGGY: "What makes you think it's bad news?"

OLIVIA: "The numbers, the situation...My lack of immunity"

PEGGY: "Well right now we're going to vote out Cynthia"

OLIVIA: "Bah, that sucks...Why can't you vote out Blaine? He sucks!"

PEGGY: "He's immune"

OLIVIA: "Bah I forgot...Dammit, what about Emilia, what's she ever done?"

PEGGY: "She's been with my tribe this whole time, we've been friends."

OLIVIA: "Oh screw that, people riding on people's backs sucks...Why not just get rid of her?"

PEGGY: "Can't do it...Sorry...At least it's not you..."

OLIVIA: "It sucks...It still sucks..."

PEGGY: "I guess it was bad news...I'm sorry...Hopefully we can work something out in the future..."

OLIVIA: "Maybe."

(CUTTO: CYNTHIA and OLIVIA sitting on the beach cuddling.)

CYNTHIA: "This sucks..We gotta do something about this vote."

OLIVIA: "I wish we could really..."

CYNTHIA: "Well all Peggy does is lay down the lay and everyone obeys...People gotta be sick of her (BLEEP) by now...We should get rid of her."

OLIVIA: "Mebbe we can."

CYNTHIA: "Well I'm not just going to sit around and let her vote out whoever she wants, I'm gonna get her ass if I can."

(CUTTO: CYNTHIA talking to KEVIN.)

CYNTHIA: "Look, there's no reason to let Peggy just run everything, we can change the game right now and take the power for ourselves...We can control where things are going."

KEVIN: "I'd like to help but I don't know if I can do this right now, given the votes as they are."

CYNTHIA: "What you just want to hand her a check for a million bucks?"

KEVIN: "No, but I'd rather do something to stop it when it'll be useful, instead of just throwing votes away and getting a bullseye on my head."

CYNTHIA: "Oh come on, we can make this work, I can get all of Shak-No on it, I'm sure you can talk to somebody about this in your tribe..."

KEVIN: "You can get Diva? She's nuts...I don't know that I can trust her."

CYNTHIA: "I'll get her vote, she'll be in, I promise, you have to help."

KEVIN: "I'll ask around...I can't make any promises."

(CUTTO: STEVE and CYNTHIA talking.)

CYNTHIA: "Look, Peggy's going to run everything, why let her decide when you go?"

STEVE: "because right now it's a trip to the final 6 if we do it her way, odds are your whole tribe goes before any of us does."

CYNTHIA: "So that's what you're playing for? 6th?"

STEVE: "I'm playing to stay in the game...And the longer I'm in the better my odds."

CYNTHIA: "your odds go down if you let Peggy decide when you go and let her keep all the power...Talk to Kevin, I talked to him already, he seemed interested."

(CUTTO: OLIVIA and DIVA talking.)

OLIVIA: "You know Peggy called you a poser and a fake right?"

DIVA: "WHAT?! Who be talking behind the Diva's back?!"

OLIVIA: "Peggy, she was telling me how disgusted she was by what a poser you were, and how lucky you were to win immunity or your ass would be gone."

DIVA: "Oh...(BLEEP) Best not be mouthing off about gettin' rid of nobody, or
her ass is the one that be gone! As a matter of fact, I'm gonna give her a piece of my mind." (OLIVIA poker faces as best she can as DIVA storms off towards PEGGY.)

(DIVA having walked over to PEGGY who's cleaning one of the hollowed out Melons that the tribe is using for bowls.)

DIVA: "(BLEEP) What you been talkin' 'bout me?! You got a problem you can say it to my face!"

PEGGY: "What?! I haven't said anything to anyone about you!"

DIVA: "Oh fo' real?! You ain't mad I beat you for immunity. You HAVEN'T been talkin (BLEEP) about me..."

PEGGY: "Look, Olivia clearly is just trying to stir up (BLEEP) between us so you'll vote the way she wants, I haven't said anything about you to anyone, I think you're one of the hardest working people in this tribe."

DIVA: "And I got the best ass, don't you forget THAT sista!"

PEGGY: "Yes, you have a great ass"


PEGGY: (Looking horrified that this is the direction the conversation has taken) "Yes the best ass...There's nothing going on here besides Olivia trying to cause trouble, that's it, I haven't said anything about you, it's that simple, she's lying to you."

DIVA: "Oh really...That (BLEEP) be trying to play me?"

PEGGY: "Yes...She is...Why would I talk behind your back when you're immune and I'm not, you got the power..."

DIVA: "Well, just know my eyes is everywhere, you slip up again, I be there to drop yo ass."

PEGGY: "I didn't say anything...Look, just vote Olivia off tonight, what she just did to you makes it plain as day she'll lie and mess with people to keep herself around, you can't trust her"

DIVA: "Diva only trusts Diva, believe that playa...But I got yo' back tonight, peez out!"

(PEGGY sighs a defeated sigh as DIVA walks away with a swagger in her step.)

(CUTTO: STEVE and KEVIN talking while rooting through the woods looking for trees with melons or fruit hanging off them)

STEVE: "So what do you think we should do tonight."

KEVIN: "We can vote out Peggy, with the Shak-No votes and us, we got 6"

STEVE: "But that's counting Diva, how the hell can we know for sure about

KEVIN: "You do have a point there...(Starts to climb a tree. STEVE offers him a hand to get up.) "If she went the wrong way, it would led to a rock, and if the rock went back, what do we do then?"

STEVE: "Well, do we have anyone else in our ground we DO trust that could vote against Peggy?"

KEVIN: "I'll have to ask around, I don't want to ask the wrong person, if it gets back to Peggy, we could be in for a major (BLEEP)storm..."

STEVE: "Yes it would."

(CUTTO: The tribe getting ready for council. BLAINE as he's getting his torch and putting his necklace on is met by CYNTHIA.)

CNYTHIA: "I'm sorry about before...But I kinda spoke out of anger and not thinking about the game...Really, the Shak-No's have to stick together or we're doomed, so really, you need to vote out Peggy tonight."

(BLAINE wordlessly accepts this, CYNTHIA leaves, having said her piece.)

(CUTTO: BLAINE in an aside)

BLAINE: "I don't trust any of these Wallen people at all, I don't know why, but everyone's just got an agenda, and I don't know what it is really, and I really don't trust Cynthia after that hissy fit she threw on me...I don't like the way this vote is going at all, except that it won't be the end of me."

(CUTTO: The tribe walking towards Council, we hear voice overs from various Survivors.)

STEVE: "This may be the biggest vote in the game."

PEGGY: "I did all I could, I hope everyone that was in Wallen knows that I'm trying to get them and myself further in the game."

EMILIA: "The whole camp has been abuzz, you hear everything from everyone, it's crazy."

OLIVIA: "I could be going home tonight, that's very possible, I have no idea what's in the cards."

CYNTHIA: "I fought all I could, I only hope it's enough"

(CUTTO: The tribe arriving at council. DOC SILVER stands waiting for them.)

DOC: "Welcome, well, I can tell by the looks on all your faces it's been a long day. Steve, did the merger effect the game the way you expected?"

STEVE: "It puts a person behind the faces you've been seeing all this time, it makes them real people, and so you learn about them, it makes it harder then just saying "Oh we got the numbers, you're dead" and all that...It's definately made things interesting."

DOC: "Peggy, you've been sort of the de facto leader of your tribe...Your tribe has the numbers advantage going into this vote, why do I sense a certain amount of tension from you? Why shouldn't I expect to see 6 votes cast against Cynthia or Olivia (Both look at Doc a bit annoyed) no offense, but you are the only two former Shak-No tribe members without immunity...(Back to Peggy) Why shouldn't this be basically a 'free' vote as it were?"

PEGGY: "You never know how people are going to react after the merger. I think this is the most dangerious vote in Survivor."

DOC: "Cynthia, clearly your back is to the wall here, why should anyone from Wallen vote with you in this vote, knowing that they have such an advantage going into the merger?"

CYNTHIA: "To me, I'd like to give members of the Wallen tribe who would otherwise see themselves going out later in the game a chance to turn the power to their side."

DOC: "Couldn't they do that later, after they got themselves 3 or vote more votes closer to the million?"

CYNTHIA: "By then, likely none of the Shak-No tribe will be left. They should be asking themselves, in three or four votes, will there be enough people left to gain control, or should they do it now when the opportunity is at hand?"

DOC: "Olivia, you're also clearly in trouble in tonight's vote, why should you be kept around?"

OLIVIA: "Well I'd like to think people like me...So like, I'd hope they wouldn't
just stab me in the back for no reason...And like I also told my parents that I'd like try to clean out and sober up a bit, and well, I found out that crap on the boat was just suger, so like I've been nearly 2 weeks without a smoke or anything harder then booze. So like I guess for my health it wouldn't suck to stick around, plus I'd like to win the million dollars, so well, I'd like hope everyone here would keep me around so I can get stinking rich, that would be nice of them..."

DOC: "Blaine, when Mary got voted out it was clear that of the 4 people left on Shak-No, you were on the outside looking in, now you've won immunity, why should you have any loyality to what could very well be a doomed tribe, why shouldn't you just go with whatever Wallen told you to do?"

BLAINE: "I really find the dynamic of people is to do what they are going to do and justify it however they can, I don't really seek justification for my vote so much as I want to make the vote I feel most comfortable with, if anyone asks me why I voted the way I did, it's because I was most comfortable with that vote."

DOC: "Vincent, you lost the immunity challenge, are you worried at all that your loss in the challenge could effect if you're leaving tonight?"

VINCENT: "I know there has been a lot of talk, but I don't know how much is just posing and how much is legit, I don't think my name has come up...I feel about as confident as I could without a necklace on I guess, but I think the only way I was gonna get that necklace today was if Blaine had cramped up or dropped dead in the water." (BLAINE chuckles at Vincent's comments.)

DOC: "So you think you're safe"

VINCENT: "Pretty confident"

DOC: "100%?"

VINCENT: "I'd put it at more like 80%"

DOC: "Diva, there's been a lot of talk going on around you...What do you make of it?"

DIVA: "I think they all be haters...I got the bling! I won, and they all, besides Blainitude, don't got the ice I be sportin'...So if they be hatin' on Diva, let 'em hate, one of their asses is going home, mine ain't!"

DOC: "Emilia, you've been kind of behind the scenes, have you been working to fly under the radar or do you feel you've been active."

EMILIA: "Well, as Wallen, we won most of the challenges, so I've only faces two votes, and those were really straight forward, no drama votes, the group picked somebody to be voted off, and we booted them out. So I can't say that anyone in Wallen hasn't really been sort of flying under the radar, cause we haven't really had to play the game, this is the first vote where all our necks are on the line in a real way, I think it's game on now."

DOC: "Jason, you've been also kind of protected by Wallen not going to many votes, how is tonight's vote different for you."

JASON: "Well I don't feel it's really that different, save that a couple people can't be voted for. Emilia said that tonight we're all at risk, I don't know if I fully believe that, there's been talk and names come up, but in the end whenever you go to a vote, you have an idea about what's going to happen, it's just with the new dynamics of the game and the added players from the other tribe, you have a lot of different agendas struggling against each other, who knows how it'll turn out, but I really think that in any vote there's only a few players that are in trouble. I hope I'm not one of them."

DOC: "Kevin, you have been at the eye of the storm all day, what are you thoughts when you head into the voting booth?"

KEVIN: "The game did change in the merge, lots of people are pulling you lots of ways, it's like you got everyone trying to get you to do what you want, and in the end you have to do what's best for you...And that will clearly help somebody else out, so the question is, is what you're doing really best for you, or will it get you stabbed in the back that much quicker, I just had to sit down and think for a long time, and still I may not know till I put a name down who I am really going to vote for." (CUTTO: Nervous glances at KEVIN from OLIVIA, CYNTHIA and PEGGY)

DOC: "With that, it's time to vote...Jason, you're up."

(JASON votes, we don't see it)

(EMILIA votes, we don't see it)

(DIVA votes, we don't see it.)

(PEGGY votes, she holds up the vote reading "Olivia")

PEGGY: "Sorry, it's nothing personal, but you have to go."

(CYNTHIA votes, we don't see it.)

(OLIVIA votes, she holds it up reading "Peggy" with three underlines beneath it)

OLIVIA: "You lying two faced (BLEEP) you're going down hard...Burn in hell!"

(OLIVIA's hand is blurred as she clearly flips off the camera.)

(BLAINE votes, we don't see it)

(VINCENT votes, we don't see it)

(STEVE votes, we don't see it)

(KEVIN walks into the booth, he pauses for a moment, then votes.)

DOC: "I will now tally the votes."

DOC: "First vote...Peggy" (PEGGY doesn't react)

DOC: "Next vote...Peggy" (PEGGY continues to not react)

DOC: "Next vote...Olivia" (OLIVIA bites her firt

DOC: "Next vote...Olivia" (OLIVIA's fists shake)

DOC: "Next vote...Olivia...Three votes Olivia, two votes Peggy." (OLIVIA's eyes are watering)

DOC: "Next vote...Peggy" (PEGGY breathes hard)

DOC: "Next vote...Peggy" (PEGGY shakes her head)

DOC: "Next vote...Peggy...That's 5 for Peggy...3 for Olivia"

DOC: "Next vote...7th Person voted out of Survivor New Zealand...Peggy"

(DOC reveals the fatal vote...Peggy, resigned to her fate brings her torch over quietly to DOC.)

DOC: "Peggy, the tribe has spoken" (DOC puts out Peggy's Torch...PEGGY turns to the tribe that just voted her out)

PEGGY: "YOU LITTLE SLUT! You're a disgrace to this game and America itself...I can't WAIT to see that you got voted out, you didn't deserve to outlast me...NEVER forget that, you little (BLEEP)!" (DOC ushers an enraged PEGGY down the path away from council for those voted out...The rest of the tribe looks stunned.)

DOC: "Well, I think one thing is clear...The game has totally changed."

(U-Gong head back to camp, everyone looks drained, double so Olivia, who's still shaking and looks like she still might cry after the vote has finished.)


DOC: "Next time on Survivor...The tribe is split for a reward challenge, and then everyone must use their minds to find a way to win immunity to keep themselves in the game!"

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