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Survivor New Zealand Ep. 5

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, with the graphic showing wildlife and the words "New Zealand" in it. CUTTO: The word "Shak-No" written in black on a yellowed piece of parchment. CUTTO: A scene of MARK swimming in the water. CUTTO: MARK smiling in a photo, CUTTO: RUTH walking the beach. CUTTO: RUTH in a photo glaring at the camera. CUTTO: NED eating at camp. CUTTO: A Picture of NED smiling nervously. CUTTO: CHRIS cutting down a tree with a knife. CUTTO: CHRIS smiling big in a photo. CUTTO: CYNTHIA chopping food up. CUTTO: CYNTHIA smiling warmly in a photo. CUTTO: MARY praying on the beach. CUTTO: MARY smiling in a photo. CUTTO: BLAINE climbing a tree. CUTTO: A photo of BLAINE with a big toothy grin. CUTTO: OLIVIA carrying wood. CUTTO: OLIVIA looking grim in a photo. CUTTO: The blue flag of Shak-No.

CUTTO: The word "Wallen" in black on yellowed parchment. CUTTO: EMILIA washing her face in the ocean. CUTTO: EMILIA smiling in a photo. CUTTO: VINCENT carrying a big knife CUTTO: VINCENT smiling in a photo. CUTTO: KARLA sitting on the beach CUTTO: KARLA grinning broadly in a photo. CUTTO: KEVIN, face covered in mud, shaking his head at the camera. CUTTO: KEVIN with a weak smile in a photo. CUTTO: TIFFANY dancing in a bathing suit CUTTO: TIFFANY smiling in a photo. CUTTO: STEVE sunning himself on the beach. CUTTO: STEVE with a wide grin in a photo. CUTTO: MARGARET making a necklack out of strings CUTTO: MARGARET with a tight lipped grin in a photo. CUTTO: JASON walking through the forest CUTTO: JASON smiling in a photo. CUTTO: The orange flag of Wallen

CUTTO: The graphic "39 days" CUTTO: The outline if a person standing on a cliff, lit torch over their head CUTTO: The graphic reading "1 Survivor")

(FADEIN:SHAK-NO night 12)

(FADEIN: The tribe heading back from the vote, they are putting their torches away.)

MARY: "Oh that was a long night."

BLAINE: "Yeah it was"

DIVA: "Sista, it can go all night for all I care, long as we won, we did it! We's the power now!"

MARY: "I...I guess so."

(CUTTO: Mary in an aside.)

MARY: "We came back to camp, and well, I felt kind of guilty...We'd done so much work, and well, Ned gets sent home due to chance...I guess that's what God wanted, but I still don't feel comfortable with voting people out, much less voting people out from a position of power...It's kinda like playing God...It's a little creepy...But I want that million dollars for my church, and if this is the path Christ has chosen for me to follow to get it, then so I am but his vessel."

(CUTTO: CYNTHIA and OLIVIA together in a corner of the shelter sleeping on their pillows, they look isolated.)

(CUTTO: Day 13, SHAK-NO)

(CUTTO: CYNTHIA and OLIVIA carving another mark in a tree, showing the number of days they've been on the island.)

OLIVIA: "Man, that sucks that Ned got booted...This is lame...We had that (BLEEP) Mary gone..."

CYNTHIA: "Well at least Ned didn't sell you out."

OLIVIA: "Yeah, he stuck to me and was willing to draw rocks...That means a lot to me...I'll (BLEEP) him if he wants me to on the Reunion show."

(CYNTHIA laughs.)

(CUTTO: The two tribes arriving in an area for the reward challenge. DOC SILVER awaits them.)

DOC: "OK everyone, come on in...Wallen gets their first look at the new Shak-No to see that Ned was eliminated last night at council...Now then, it's time for this week's challenge...What are you playing for? Well it's simple, a couple bottles of Wine and some pringles...Our loyal sponser...Get a little bubbly in your belly, get some greesy unheathly food in ya, and then to top it off, you'll get to swim with Dolphins, which might just be what your spirit needs after nearly 2 weeks of toil on this island with three more potentally to follow or more...To get all this you'll have to eat these big, horrid looking beatles...

(CUTTO: Camera shot making the half dollar sized beatle look larger then normal.) we'll set this up as a relay, once a person finishes a bug and shows me their empty mouth, the next person starts their bug...Wallen, you have to sit two players out (PEGGY and TIFFANY raise their hands) OK...

(WALLEN lines up in an order of EMILIA, STEVE, KEVIN, VINCENT and JASON, SHAK-NO in an order of MARY, BLAINE, OLIVIA, CYNTHIA, and DIVA.)

DOC: OK Survivors...GO! (Both sides start off about even, then KEVIN just swallows his bug whole! WALLEN gets a big lead from that and is able to cruise to victory!)

DOC: "WALLEN WINS REWARD!" (All of Wallen is merry.)

(CUTTO: WALLEN on a small boat, they are feasting on Pringles, and drinking, everyone is cheerful and upbeat.)

EMILIA: "Man we're just doing so good! Well, it helps that the other side just keeps voting off anyone who could be a challenge for us!" (Lots of laughs from the rest of the boat.)

(CUTTO: The tribe swimming with dolphins, everyone is delighted at the chattering of the giant sea mammals...Tiffany is nearly moved to tears by how sweet they are.)

(CUTTO: Tiffany in an aside.)

TIFFANY: "They were so cute, and so smart...Oh god, that was the greatest...I mean it didn't sound like a lot before, but those creatures are so beautiful and nice...I was heartbroken when we left..."

(CUTTO: WALLEN slightly tipsy, in the afterglow of dolphin swimming, being sailed back to their camp.)

(CUTTO: WALLEN day 15.)

(CUTTO: PEGGY and JASON talking. Reading a letter from tree mail.)

PEGGY: "Oh I want to win this one...We'll just about have them dead to rights if we do."

JASON: "Yeah, just running this thing to the merger would put us in a great spot."

(CUTTO: The tribes heading towards a beach where DOC SILVER awaits.)

DOC: "OK everyone come on in...Today's challenge is for immunity (DOC takes the idol from PEGGY) and it's simple, four of you will be blind folded and one person will be the eyes for the tribe, they will shout orders to the blindfolded people to gather up the 10 pieces of the puzzle that are scattered all around the beach and in the shallow water in the sea...Once all ten pieces are gathered, you must build the puzzle, first team to do so wins immunity. Wallen, who's sitting out? (KEVIN and JASON raise their hands.) and who will be your eyes? (STEVE raises his hand.) Shak-No, who will be your eyes? (OLIVIA raises her hand) OK, take positions."

(CUTTO: Each tribe's blindfolded players holding hands and standing in front of the person directing them)

DOC: "Survivor's ready...GO!" (OLIVIA and STEVE begin showing a hail of commands to their teams, people scamper around blindfolded finding pieces...After a few minutes both sides have 4 pieces...Then BLAINE accident crashes into TIFFANY as everyone reacts in horror, the two pull themselves back to their feet, BLAINE the faster...After a while both tribes finish the gathering part of the task with SHAK-NO slightly in the lead. Both tribes seem to get the hang of how to build their cubes, and SHAK-NO finishes just ahead of WALLEN winning immunity!)

DOC: "SHAK-NO WINS IMMUNITY!" (DOC hands the Idol to OLIVIA who looks overjoyed to have won it, SHAK-NO all mob around the Idol as they head back to camp.)


(CUTTO: PEGGY talking to STEVE)

PEGGY: "We're gonna vote out Tiffany, mostly cause she's weak and we need to stay strong till the merger. I'm going to tell her we're voting out you because of the crash she had with Blaine...Even if it was really an accident, which it seems it was. So if you get a vote that's why."

STEVE: "OK..."

(CUTTO: PEGGY talking to TIFFANY.)

PEGGY: "We're gonna vote out Steve because he screwed up the immunity challenge...Can't be having people mess up when we need numbers going into the merger."

TIFFANY: "But he's a pretty big strong guy, so I don't see why he'd be a problem."

PEGGY: "Well we lost cause of him today, and who's to say that it's going to be all strength challenges anyhow? This could be more mental as we go along."

(CUTTO: Tiffany in an aside.)

TIFFANY: "Peggy came up to me and told me we were voting off Steve, and I really didn't believe her, cause Steve's not the kind of person you vote off...I mean, we lost, but whatever, wasn't on him...I'm really worried about myself right now."

(CUTTO: TIFFANY talking to STEVE.)

TIFFANY: "She told me that we were voting you out."

STEVE: "She said the same thing to me about you..."

TIFFANY: "We could vote her out...."

(CUTTO: Tribal council. WALLEN walks in as DOC waits for them.)

DOC: "OK everyone, have a seat, 15 days in, 19 days left...Peggy, how has the strain of the game and the votes effected you?"

PEGGY: "I'm peachy keen."

(DOC chuckles)

DOC: "Tiffany, you look worried about tonight's vote, why?"

TIFFANY: "Cause last time we came here, Karla went and she was a girl who kinda kept to herself and did what she could, and I fit that mold, I've heard rumors it could be me...And that makes me scared."

DOC: "Steve, you were the eyes on this task and in the end, your tribe lost, how much of the blame do you take."

STEVE: "I don't know, I know I've been very good in challenges up to this point, I know we lost this one, but I'm confident I've proven to the tribe that I'm carrying my weight."

DOC: "Emilia, are you as invovled in the politics of the votes as you expected to be?"

EMILIA: "I don't know what to say I expected, I think I've handled the last vote well and I hope I won't see my name on any ballots this time."

DOC: "Jason, you've been a solid worker around camp, are you trying to just
do your job and fly under the radar here?"

JASON: "I don't know that anyone can fly under the radar when there's a million dollars on the line, clearly we all know the stakes we're playing for, and they are high, it's just a matter of trusting the right people and hoping those people trust you also."

DOC: "Vincent, you've also been doing the same kind of work around camp, why should the tribe keep you over Jason if it were to come to that?"

VINCENT: "I don't know, I can't say I'd have a reason for the camp to play favorites with me over him, it's just that simple...If they want me to go tonight I can't see that there's a reason for it, but that's the way it went, I'll move on."

DOC: "With that it's time to vote...Vincent, you're up"

(VINCENT votes, we don't see it.)

(EMILIA votes, we don't see it.)

(TIFFANY votes, we don't see it.)

(PEGGY votes, she holds it up reading "Tiffany")

PEGGY: "You're a sweet girl, but somebody has to go, and it's you."

(STEVE votes, we don't see it.)

(JASON votes, we don't see it.)

(KEVIN votes, we don't see it.)

(CUTTO: DOC holding the cookie jar of doom.)

DOC: "I'll read the votes"

DOC: "First vote...Tiffany." (TIFFANY nods)

DOC: "Next vote...Steve." (STEVE doesn't react.)

DOC: "Next vote...Tiffany." (TIFFANY shakes her head.)

DOC: "Next vote...Tiffany."

DOC: "Next vote...5th person voted out of New Zealand...Tiffany" (TIFFANY grabs her torch and heads over to DOC silently.)

DOC: "Tiffany...The tribe has spoken." (He puts out TIFFANY's torch as she walks away silently.)

DOC: "Well, that was pretty painless...Head back to camp everyone"
(The tribe walk off silently, the grim business of council completed.)


DOC: "Next time on Survivor..."

DOC: "The merger appears close on the horizon, as Shak-No and Wallen head into a pivotal reward/immunity challenge that could effect the outcome of the entire game."

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