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Survivor New Zealand Ep. 4

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, with the graphic showing wildlife and the words "New Zealand" in it. CUTTO: The word "Shak-No" written in black on a yellowed piece of parchment. CUTTO: A scene of MARK swimming in the water. CUTTO: MARK smiling in a photo, CUTTO: RUTH walking the beach. CUTTO: RUTH in a photo glaring at the camera. CUTTO: NED eating at camp. CUTTO: A Picture of NED smiling nervously. CUTTO: CHRIS cutting down a tree with a knife. CUTTO: CHRIS smiling big in a photo. CUTTO: CYNTHIA chopping food up. CUTTO: CYNTHIA smiling warmly in a photo. CUTTO: MARY praying on the beach. CUTTO: MARY smiling in a photo. CUTTO: BLAINE climbing a tree. CUTTO: A photo of BLAINE with a big toothy grin. CUTTO: OLIVIA carrying wood. CUTTO: OLIVIA looking grim in a photo. CUTTO: The blue flag of Shak-No.

CUTTO: The word "Wallen" in black on yellowed parchment. CUTTO: EMILIA washing her face in the ocean. CUTTO: EMILIA smiling in a photo. CUTTO: VINCENT carrying a big knife CUTTO: VINCENT smiling in a photo. CUTTO: KARLA sitting on the beach CUTTO: KARLA grinning broadly in a photo. CUTTO: KEVIN, face covered in mud, shaking his head at the camera. CUTTO: KEVIN with a weak smile in a photo. CUTTO: TIFFANY dancing in a bathing suit CUTTO: TIFFANY smiling in a photo. CUTTO: STEVE sunning himself on the beach. CUTTO: STEVE with a wide grin in a photo. CUTTO: MARGARET making a necklack out of strings CUTTO: MARGARET with a tight lipped grin in a photo. CUTTO: JASON walking through the forest CUTTO: JASON smiling in a photo. CUTTO: The orange flag of Wallen

CUTTO: The graphic "39 days" CUTTO: The outline if a person standing on a cliff, lit torch over their head CUTTO: The graphic reading "1 Survivor")

(FADEIN: WALLEN night 9)

(CUTTO: Dark Vision shots showing the tribe returning from counsel.)

STEVE: "Well that was painless."

MARGARET: "I'd like to know who was the jerk that threw a vote at me...No point in voting by yourself, except trying to send me a message...I don't get it."

TIFFANY: "Well we're all still here and Karla's gone, so let's just let it go."

(MARGARET looks angry but nods.)

(CUTTO: Maragret in an aside.)

MARGARET: "I got an idea or two about who voted for me, I'm not sure if it's a good idea for my game right now to go after them, so well, just let it go, and life goes on..."

(CUTTO: Day 10)

(CUTTO: The two tribes heading towards a beach. DOC SILVER in a grey top with grey shorts stands waiting for them.)

DOC: "Come on Shak-No...And now Wallen, come in...Shak-No gets to see for the first time that Karla was voted out last night...Today's challenge is for a big reward, if I was Trump I'd say it's yooge! Simply put, the winning team gets to go out on a cruise, food, pampering, showers, drinks, the whole 9 yards, and it'll go to the team that wins this log rolling challenge...Object is simple, stay on the log, don't hit the water, first team to 6 wins."

(I'm tired as heck from being up till 4 AM to from watching ROTS and then going into work at 8 AM, so add whatever epic drama you want to the results posted already for this challenge. We now return to the show.)

DOC: "WALLEN WINS REWARD! (The WALLEN tribe begins celebrating) "OK, now as a bonus you can take a member of Shak-No with you on this trip, who will it be?) (WALLEN huddles up)

KEVIN: "We'll take Olivia" (OLIVIA looks shocked by this news, but gladly takes it.)

(CUTTO: The boat, Everyone is celebrating, eating, partying, OLIVIA appears to be downing WAY to much booze.)

(CUTTO: OLIVIA who's getting blotto on the deck, drinking from a bottle of Jack Daniels)

OLIVIA: "So like…me ‘n Cynthia and Ned right? I’ve got both these kids tied around my finger? It’s ffffawkin’…ah…it’s really cool, cuz they’ll vote for whoever I tell him…we’re gonna get this uptight ***** Mary….Hey, does anyone have any speed?"

(JASON looks a bit appauled at OLIVIA's request for hard drugs.)

OLIVIA: "Hey...Dammit, anyone here wanna get laid...I mean seriously...Anyone...I think like, all you women is hot...Same with the men..."

(OLIVIA staggers off)

(CUTTO: EMILIA in an aside.)

EMILIA: "I dunno who decided it was a good idea to let Olivia on a show like this, but that girl is nuts, stark raving mad, it's just scary really."

(CUTTO: OLIVIA in the ships kitchen staggering around drunk, she appears to be doing lines of suger.)

OLIVIA: "SolikeafterIwinthisthingI’mgonnabesobleepfamous!!! That’llshowallthekidsinhighschoolwhosaidIwasafreak. AfterthisI’mgonnagetintoactingnbleep. OrmaybeI’lljuststickwiththedrawings. ButImeanwhogetsfamousfrombleepingart? ‘CeptmaybeforAndyWarhol. BLEEPIwishIcould’vegonetooneofthose parties."

(CUTTO: VINCENT in an aside.)

VINCENT: "I think when Olivia just sat down and pee'd on the deck near the table where we'd been eating, that maybe she'd gone to far..."

(CUTTO: OLIVIA continuing to stagger around drunk on the deck.)

OLIVIA: "After the tribes merge...Everyone who wants a BLEEP just come see me...I'll BLEEP ya off real good...I'm the best..." (OLIVIA staggers away.)

(CUTTO OLIVIA puking off the side of the boat.)

TIFFANY: Ummm….Jeezus, you’ve been puking for like, 5 hours. Maybe we should like, have you helicoptered to a hospital or something.


TIFFANY: Yeah. A bottle of whisky and a bottle of vodka.

OLIVIA: I like puppies….(pukes)

(CUTTO: TIFFANY in an aside.)

TIFFANY: "She finally stopped puking about time we we heading back to shore...Steve took her down to her room to get some rest...He was gone for a bit, so either he was afraid she was gonna die on her vomit, or she tried to screw him, since she hit on me...(Shudders) No thanks..."

(CUTTO: The boat arriving at shore.)

(CUTTO: Shak-No Day 11)

(CUTTO: OLIVIA dry heaving in the morning.)

OLIVIA: "Ohh....Gawd...I wish I was dead..."

NED: "Just rest up kiddo, we don't got to worry about doing stuff till immunity tomorrow, you'll be OK by then."

OLIVIA: "If I don't die, which would be a relief...Man that coke just screwed me up...I need to score more of whatever the stuff the cook was doing..."

(NED looks a bit worried at this comment.)

NED: "Just get some rest, you'll be OK."

(CUTTO: Ned in an aside.)

NED: "My alliance is what's keeping me in the game, and really I need Olivia to be OK, if she goes, me and Cynthia are screwed, and if she can't compete, we lose one of our best players for challenges, which means more votes, and we'll be down big numbers at the merger, hopefully she's good to go and we win this thing tomorrow."

(CUTTO: The immunity challenge...Which you got the results for and have celebrated your characters feats of valor/bemoaned your character's abject sucking, especally you Vincent, losing to Ned, FOR SHAME Vincent FOR

CUTTO: (DOC at the end of the epic Diva/Emilia fight.)

DOC: "WALLEN WINS IMMUNITY!" (A grateful EMILIA takes the idol from DOC, as SHAK-NO leave disgusted with their loss.)

(CUTTO: SHAK-NO day 12.)

(CUTTO: OLIVIA and CYNTHIA talking.)

OLIVIA: "I'm sick of Mary...She's voted against me twice, I want her gone..."

CYNTHIA: "That's fine...I'll tell Ned, I'm sure he'll be agreeable."

OLIVIA: "Great, holy Jesus freak, I can't want to see her be gone."

(CUTTO: BLAINE talking to MARY)

BLAINE: "I know what you're saying, but the fact is...We're defenseless if we do not stand up for ourselves, does the Bible not say that God helps those who help themselves?"

MARY: "Yes it does...I just feel so...Guilty about it."

BLAINE: "You came here for your church, for your faith, to show everyone what a servant of God can do...I'm asking you to please, allow us to stand up for ourselves, for God...We can still make a difference in this game."

MARY: "I know...I trust you Blaine...I feel you're here for a reason, the Lord may have sent somebody to help me..." (Smiles at BLAINE)

BLAINE: "Everything happens for a reason."

(CUTTO: BLAINE talking to DIVA.)

BLAINE: "Olivia, Cynthia and Ned are just killing us in the challenges, their negativity ruins the whole camp...We really need to get free of them, I've talked to Mary, she's OK with voting out Olivia...So if we vote her out tonight, it could force a tie, and either one of the other two will sell her out, or we'll go the rock and hope for the best."

DIVA: "Well then, if that's how it's gotta be, it's gotta be, sol-jah's gots to stick together, to the end, rocks and whatever they throw at us. Diva's down like the stock market on this. You hear that playa."

BLAINE: "I hear you."

(CUTTO: The tribe at counsel. DOC SILVER stands waiting for them.)

DOC: "Well, welcome back...Have a seat...So, here we are, four challenges, three losses, Blaine, why are you having such a tough time beating Wallen?"

BLAINE: "I think it's been close every time...There's still at least two more challenges before the merger, so I think we can make a game of this yet."

DOC: "Ned, the last time you were here, you voted out Chris, who was a pretty strong player when it came to challenges, do you fear that you've sabotaged your tribe's chances to avoid more votes by removing such a strong player so early in the game?"

NED: "Well, I figure if I keep bumping the people above me off the top, I'll be the MVP."

DOC: "I guess that's one way to look at, Cynthia, you did poorly in this challenge, why should you say?"

CYNTHIA: "Cause I work around camp, I'm nice to everyone, not everything is about being big and strong, I'm sure there will be challenges that come down to more then just beating up your opponent, I'm looking to excell at those."

DOC: "Olivia, is there much tension at camp?"

OLIVIA: "Well yeah, the other three have to know me, Ned, and Cynthia are tight, so well, they got to be worried about that...It's how it is."

DOC: "Mary, has the tribe's politics effected your vote at all?"

MARY: "My vote is where it's always been, in God's hands." (OLIVIA rolls her eyes.)

DOC: "Diva, you lost the final match in the immunity challenge and you're an outspoken personality in this game, any worries tonight?"

DIVA: "I never worry, I play the game straight up, if I go, no regrets, but if I do leave, ya'll better sleep with one eye open."

DOC: "Very well, with that it's time to vote."

(DIVA votes, we don't see it)

(MARY votes we don't see it.)

(OLIVIA votes, she holds up her vote reading "Mary" )


(NED votes, we don't see it)

(BLAINE votes, he holds up his vote reading "Olivia")

BLAINE: "You need to be more centered...I hope that this will change your life so that you can really find peace."

(CUTTO: CYNTHIA voting, we don't see it)

(CUTTO: DOC with the cookie jar)

DOC: "OK, time to tally the votes...First vote...Mary..."

DOC: "Second vote...Mary" (MARY starts to pray.)

DOC: "Third vote...Olivia" (OLIVIA glares at the vote.)

DOC: "Next vote...Olivia" (OLIVIA shakes her head)

DOC: "Next vote...Mary" (MARY continues to pray)

DOC: "Final vote...(Pauses for beat.) "Olivia...We're tied."

(MARY continues to pray, OLIVIA looks like you could cook an egg on her forehead.)

DOC: "This is how it goes, Mary and Olivia will not vote, the other four will vote, they can only vote to remove either Mary or Olivia from the game, if they tie again, then the four of them will draw rocks, whoever draws the purple rock will be elimated from the game, some incentive to change your vote, let's see what happens."

(CUTTO: BLAINE voting, he holds up his vote reading "OLIVIA")

BLAINE: "I feel I've connected with Mary on a level that's beyond this game...If I draw the wrong wrong that's just karma, it happens."

(CUTTO: CYNTHIA voting, she holds up her vote reading "MARY")

CYNTHIA: "Olivia might be a bit nuts, but she's a friend, I'm not stabbing her in the back."

(CUTTO: NED voting, we don't see it.)

(CUTTO: DIVA voting, we don't see it.)

DOC: "I'll tally the re-vote"

(CUTTO: DOC with the cookie jar.)

DOC: "First vote...Mary" (MARY goes back to praying)

DOC: "Second vote...Olivia" (OLIVIA is still furious)

DOC: "Next vote...Olivia" (OLIVIA rocks back on her stool, she casts a quick glance at both NED and CYNTHIA.)

DOC: "Final vote...(Pauses for a beat.) Mary...We're tied again" (OLIVIA lets out a big sigh)

DOC: "Very well...(DOC reaches beyond the stand were the cookie jar is and pulls out a bag)

DOC: "Blaine, Ned, Cynthia, Diva...Come here...(DOC holds the bag over his head. The 4 voters walk over)

DOC: "Everyone reach in and grab a stone...Wrap your hand around it tight...(The 4 reach in...DIVA pulls her hand out first, follows by CYNTHIA, then NED, finally BLAINE, all have their hands bunched into fists.)

DOC: "OK stand in a circle...Holding your hands out so your fists are touching...When I say 'reveal' you'll all open your hands, whoever has the purple rock is eliminated from the game."

(The tension is clearly seen on everyone's face as their hands are touching.)

DOC: "OK...Reveal"

(CUTTO: A tight shot of all 4 hands opening, the camera is at an angle we haven't had shown before, so all that can be instantly known is that it's a man's hand holding the rock...CUTTO: A further away shot, showing the dejected look on NED's face, as he has pulled the Purple Rock of Doom.)

DOC: "Ned, you need to bring me your torch..." (NED walks over and grabs his torch, he brings it over to DOC)

DOC: "The tribe didn't speak tonight, but I'm sorry, it's time to go" (DOC puts out NED's torch...Ned nods...CYNTHIA and OLIVIA look crest fallen as NED walks the lonely walk away from counsel.)

DOC: "Tonight was a rough night, but clearly the power in this tribe has shifted, grab your torches and head back"

(MARY and BLAINE look spent from the night's activies while OLIVIA and CYNTHIA look beaten from having lost their alliance mate, DIVA on the other hand is all smiles and even does a little dance as she grabs her torch and heads back to camp.)

(CUTTO: DOC V/O: "Next time on Survivor")
V/O: "Blaine catches a big one...(CUTTO: BLAINE holding a foot long nurse shark up.) Jason brings home dinner (CUTTO: WALLEN eating meat) and Immunity puts both team's leadership and puzzle building skills to the test!"

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