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Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
RING NAME: Suicide
AGE: 35
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
WEIGHT: 232 lbs.
ALIGNMENT: Tweener/Face
APPEARANCE: Suicide wears a trench coat and matching fedora, as well as a full head and face mask that is the same color as his trench coat with his symbol on the front in another color. He also wears matching karate gi pants with his name running down the each side of his pants. He also wears finger-cut gloves and tape around his wrists. He has a couple of tattoos: One of his symbol on his upper-right arm and that of a black dragon that starts at the his right wrist, wrapping all the way up his arm, then down his torso. It ends at his left ankle, but it's not seen due to him wearing pants.
PERSONALITY: Suicide is a loner, he keeps to himself and usually is silent unless he has something to say. He loves and honors wrestling, only this time he has made his presence known only to make his own destiny, rather than follow it. He doesn't really trust anyone, always keeping an eye on those who would consider to be his allies and a closer eye on those who would consider to be his enemies.
BACKGROUND / HISTORY: Suicide is a mysterious wanderer who has been a veteran of the ring for over twenty years, despite being only 35. In the past, he has always followed destiny wherever it may be. This time, he has come back to NEW to write his own destiny.
HOMETOWN: Bronx, New York
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Space Dementia" by Muse
RING ENTRANCE: The lights go out in the arena as the song starts playing. As this happens, the words "The Man", then "The Myth", then "The Legend" appear on the big screen. Then, as the lyrics come on, Suicide's S symbol appears as the lights come on and Suicide appears on stage, already heading to the ring.
New ERA CHAMPIONSHIPS: Television Champion
WRESTLING STYLE: Mysterious (All-Around)

1. Roaring Elbow
2. Knife Edge Chop
3. Gordbuster
4. Gut-Wrench Suplex
5. Enforcer DDT
6. Various Headbutt
7. Martial Arts Kicks
8. Dropkicks
9. Mexican Arm Drag
10. Dragon Leg Screw
11. Triangle Hold
12. Octopus Hold
13. Suicidedriver (Various kinds of piledrivers)
14. Phantom Kick (Superkick to the chest)
15. Spectrevision (Twisiting STO)
16. Suicide Legdrop (Backward-jumping, front somersault legdrop from top rope)
17. Burning Knuckle (Spinning Backfist)

SETUP MANEUVER: Enforcer Spinebuster
PRIMARY FINISHER: Suicide Screwdriver
FINISHER DESCRIPTION: Suicide places his opponent in a vertical suplex and drops his opponent into a jumping piledriver
FINISHER DESCRIPTION: Inverted Spicolli Driver (DVD)

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