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"Stupendous" Stephen Morgan


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
Your Name: Jason Martin
Your Email Address: jasonvmartin@yahoo.com
Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: Cowboyz32

Wrestler's Name: "Stupendous" Stephen Morgan
Wrestler's Age: 28
Height: 6'-4"
Weight: 245

Physical Description: Long, blond hair usually tied in a pony tail
with a muscular build. In his promo's he dresses upscale. In the
ring, he wears light blue singlet with "SM" emblazoned in gold on the

Hometown: Hollywood, CA

Entrance Music: "Better Than You" by Metallica

Alignment (Face/Heel): Heel

Wrestling Style (Technical, Brawler, High Flyer, etc): Technical, but
also cheats

Manager/Valet?: None

10 Basic Moves:
Double Underhook suplex
Inverted DDT
Lou Thez Press
Irish Whip followed by running back elbow
German suplex
Crucifix armbar
Death valley driver
Dragon suplex
Abdominal stretch

3 Setup Moves:
Begging opponent off, then a crotch-shot behind ref's back.
Cradle Pile-driver
Reverse twisting DDT

Finisher Name: Stupendous Death Lock (Sharpshooter) (submission)

Titles Held:
AAW (formerly AAWC) World Champion

Character Bio:

Spoiled Rich boy with alot of wrestling talent. He claims to be in
movies nobody's ever head of and getting calls from famous people to
do favors for them. He's a clutz sometimes, which provides some comic
relief and he's an all out snob, thinking he's better than everyone.
He usually runs from a fight or trys to talk his way out of it...by
no means is he a brave guy, but once the bell rings, he can go with
the best of them. He talks the talk, but usually runs away from
walking the walk. He's a rule breaker through and through even though
sometimes he may not have to.

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