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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Name: Stalker (Real Name Jason Reeves)

Height: 6'2

Weight 224 lbs.

Hometown: Parts Unknown (Seattle, Washington)

Face/Heel: Both if allowed.

Appearance: Stalker is rugged, dirty and scarred. A hardcore icon in his own day, it has taken a toll on his looks. Long brown hair, blue eyes and scars on his face. Wears street clothes to the ring when he wrestles.

History: Started wrestling when Superior Championship Wrestling began. Began in the low end matches but quickly worked his way up the ranks winning the SCW TV title then winning the Heavyweight championship. Thought to be a good time for Stalker he lost the Heavyweight title less then a few weeks later and went into an exile that changed his personality forever. When he remerged he was a hardcore addict. He then won the hardcore championship which he held for a long time until he regained the world championship. He defeated a few known superstars such as Matt Morris, Reaver and Superstar Johnny Blaze. He lost the title the same night he injured his neck to Johnny Blaze in one of their many encounters. He returned again but the only highlight that occured during that comeback was his world championship fight against Rocko Daymon. Having the title in his grasps literally, in a ladder match, his tag team partner 'Mr. Everything' Devon Jackson distracted him costing him his third World Title reign. Being humiliated after that incident. Stalker left SCW for a short while trying to start up his own federation 'Insanity Wrestling Federation'. Two brief stints being the president of IWF under his real name of Jason Reeves made him known as not only a hardcore ICON but a viable business man on the face of wrestling. He did make one last come back to SCW with his best friend through all of this Gravedigger. They together formed Hardcore Hellions and won the tag team titles almost immediately after arriving. Then Stalker vanished after they were finally defeated for the titles. No one knew where Jason Reeves was or where he went to. He has been a ghost ever since.

Titles Held: SCW World Championship x2, SCW World Television Title, SCW Hardcore Championship, SCW Tag Team Championship x2

Style: Raven

Move Set: Russian Leg Sweep, Fisherman Buster, Drop Toe Hold, Frogsplash, Rolling Suplexes, Tornado DDT, Sharpshooter, STF, Front Face Russian leg sweep, Rolling Russian leg sweeps, Dropkick to the knee, Reverse Suplex, Powerbomb, Moonsault, Shoulderbreaker, Backbreaker into submission move. Anything with weapons.

Description of Finisher: Evenflow DDT

Finisher Name: Evenflow

Entrance: "Did my time" by Korn blares over the speakers as black hits the big screen. Stalker walks out slowly staring at the ring cracking his knuckles as he makes his way down the ramp. In his usual street attire he slides under the bottom rope and gets ready for his match.

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