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"Simply Wrestling" Andrew Rossi


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Wrestler Information: "Simply Wrestling" Andrew Rossi - formerly Simply Beautiful


HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6' 1", 235 lbs

HOMETOWN: Staten Island, New York

ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Stone Cold Crazy" - Metallica

STYLE: Technical/Submission

Alignment: Tweener (closer to heel)

FIVE FAVORITE MOVES: Painkiller (Fujiwara Armbar), Brainbuster Suplex, Lariat (goes for the throat or forehead - particularly devastating) , Manhattan Crab (Elevated Crab), Lights Out (Rolling Cutter), lots of stiff strikes

FINISHER: 1. NYN II (Inverted Cradle Shock)
2. Heel Hook

BIO: He's not your f*****' fan-favorite, ass-kissin', crowd pleasin' chump anymore. He doesn't need a stupid gimmick to get over. Andrew Rossi isn't gonna let NAPW or it's fans hold him back anymore. It's time to give everyone in Western Canada a lesson in Wrestling 101.

APPEARANCE: Shoulder-length dyed black hair. Dyed-black goatee. Great muscle definition, and a solid build. While he'd prefer not to be called "beautiful", he's damn sure still handsome.

In ring: Shirtless. White trunks w/ blue trim. White boots, blue laces.
Promo/Backstage: Polo shirts, jeans, khaki pants, whatever.

Matchwriting Aides

- Doesn't cheat to win, but bends the rules to suit his advantage throughout the match.

- Works very stiffly.

- Uses submission to wear opponents down, but will occasionally go for wins with them.

- Probably can't lift anyone much heavier than 280-285

- Relies more on striking and power moves when wrestling cruiserweights.

- Very hard to submit, but he will tap when a good submission wrestler has him trapped for long enough.
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