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Crimson Lord ALWAYS Wins
Jul 12, 2017
Chicago, Illinios
Name: Scott
Email Address: Scottryan_76@yahoo.com
Best Way to Contact You: Fourms, email, skype (Crimson.Scott)
eWrestling Experience: Been e-fedding since 1990, Most of my time has been spent in UTA, I could name countless feds all which probably you have seen various incarnations of them, or never heard of them.
How did you find DEFIANCE? Time in the UTA/DEFIANCE
Are you willing to write matches? Already do with Segs

Writing Sample

Match: Crimson Lord Vs Kendrix(c)
Segment: David Vs Goliath

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: Scrow
Real Name: Shage Crow
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 198 lbs.
Theme Song: Death Angel by The Enigma TNG
Hailing From: Fields of Torment

Alignment: Heel

Gimmick: Tormented Man - Very paranoid he thinks everyone is talking about him.

Wrestling Style: Scrow tends to have more of an MMA style (Aleister Black style offense), but at the same time can slow it down if need be with a more methodical technical style

Three Weaknesses:
Scrow is far sighted in his left eye
Scrow has not been in the business very long he is still rather green
Scrow tends to let the crowd get in his head, making him lose focus on his opponent

Three Strengths:
Scrow is very skilled with his strikes, they tend to be quite stiff
Scrow has been known as a quite facile, during matches, which allows him to counter his opponent's offense during the match
Scrow has been able to go for quite some time, in a few iron man matches in the indies he had plenty of stamina left over after the match

Awards: (As Crimson Lord)UTA 2003 Hall of Famer, 2015 UTA Scariest Wrestler of the Year
Championships: (As Crimson Lord)WrestleUTA World Champion x2, UTA Hardcore Champion x1, UTA Intercontinental Champion x1, UTA World Tag Team Champion x1 (w. The Spectre)

♫ ?Death Angel? by The Engima TNG ♫
The DefTron shows a field of yellow grass as it pans out, the camera pulls away from the Tron showing Scrow standing in a scarecrow pose, on the stage below the Tron. The stage floor area is engulfed in yellow smoke. As the guitar starts Scrow comes to life, he slowly heads to the ring staring down but his eyes look up through his burlap mask. Just behind him, the shot is able to catch the Tron behind him.

On the Tron the back of Scrow?s head is on the Tron, and he quickly turns his head in the mask he is currently wearing to the ring with a sadistic smile with his name in jagged lettering next to him appearing on the Tron.

The yellow smoke follows him as he reaches the ringside area he walks toward the steps and climbs the steps and climbs the apron from the apron. He straddles the ring post and does another scarecrow pose before hopping off the ropes into the ring.

Shage and his wife Basle were in the field of chemistry, one late night Shage was working with some volatile chemicals, a slight miscalculation and the mixture exploded in his face. Screaming in agony holding his face Basle quickly checked on him. After minutes of screaming in agony, she was able to see the end result. As he looked at her she clutched her chest and collapsed. Shage quickly checked on her the pain quickly being compressed inside. As he felt her pulse his eye opened as he felt no pulse from her. He staggered around in a daze before being able to call 911.

The paramedics arrived were even they were taken aback by Shage they kept their composure and loaded her on the gurney, they recommended Shage have his injuries checked out.

Hours later Shage woke up in a hospital bed his head wrapped in bandages only his right eye was visible. He quickly shouted for assistance. As the nurse came into the room the only thing he was concerned about was Basle. The nurse broke the news to him. The utter shock to know that she had a heart attack and died before even getting to the hospital. She gave her condolences to him, but the utter shock he was going through it fell on dead ears.

Months and days past and it seemed everywhere Shage went people would run the other way. The only reason could be his left side of his face which was disfigured from the accident. Time moved on and Shage had exiled himself from the outside world. Day by day he craved human contact, but at the same time, he knew people thought he was some sort of monster.

One day he was surfing tv stations and he came across an ad for a wrestling school. He noticed one of the wrestlers wore a mask. He thought that might be his way back into society once more and applied. He vowed never to take the mask off when he became a professional wrestler.

Unfortunately for him his first match a dastardly heel, beat him within an inch of his life and to add insult to injury so to speak removed his mask in front of the fans. Horrified by Scrows? appearance the referee and dastardly heel quickly exited the ring as a hush came over the high school crowd. Scrow tried to cover his face, but could not help staring/hearing at the shouts of ?freak, monster, and other obscenities?. Scrow quickly shook his head to the fans but their words quickly moved to litter thrown at him. A coke hit him on the side of the face as the beverage spilled all over him. Scrow quickly exited the ring trying to cover his face the fans were without any mercy toward him as he vanished backstage.

Physical Appearance:
Scrow left side of his face is disfigured
(brown)His hair is much like you would see an emo style, its shaved on the right side of his head but has a left side hanging over his left side of his face.
His left eye is white mostly the color of the iris is gone and all that remains is the pupil from the accident. His right eye is brown
(light brown)He wears a burlap coat with yellow tassels coming off of the wrists. The coat is button down to the last two buttons enough to see a yellow glowing heart tattoo in the middle of his chest.
(brown)He wears burlap baggy pants.
He has black toe tip boots

Ring Attire:
He wears a burlap scarecrow mask with his physical appearance clothing to the ring

Style: Methodical/MMA


Ten regular moveset moves:

Kitchen Sink (knee to the gut of oncoming opponent)
Falling DDT
Falling Leg Sweep from the front into and leg drop across the back of the head

Chest kick
Diving Meteor
Scrow pose ( Modified Octopus lock on standing opponent)
Roundhouse kick into a German Suplex pin
Bicycle Knee Strike
Discus Lariat
Torture Rack into a fall backward (usually done on the apron)

2-5 trademark moves:

Vertical suplex on the apron

Slingshot under bottom turnbuckle
Pendulum backbreaker
Middle Rope Diving DDT
Argentine Blue Thunder Bomb

1 Finishing Move:
Fear Itself - Slams opponents face into his knee, as they stand up ready to fall on their back he hits a vicious lariat

1 "MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move (Optional)
Smoke - Blows a puff of Yellow smoke, (it leaves a similar residue as if a wrestler was sprayed by a fire extinguisher) blinding who receives it Scrow will make sure his cover blocks the view of the ref if he uses it for a pinfall



Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
I'll make it four and close the voting. You are in. Get with me on login/pass to backstage if you've forgotten it. I'll get Scrow set up backstage later tonight.

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