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Screw The World


Hex Angel

[font color = "red"]"THIS.... is Life.
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The beginning and the end of history. The true center of the universe. The place where stories have begun and ended. New York City. A small, run down gym called COOPER'S.

Eli Flair has apparently been working out. He's sweaty from head to toe, his hands are taped, and his hair is leaking drops of red and blue tinged sweat down his forehead and neck. He looks up at the pull- up bar, and, after taking a moment to steady himself, jumps up and grabs it, pulling himself up.

"Good one, GUNS."

Pull- up.

"You're doing a good job there."

Pull- up.

"You almost had me completely in circles."

Pull- up.


He hangs there for a moment.

"I suppose it's residuals from years past here. For my first three years in this company, it was always HornetGUNS. HornetGUNS. HornetGUNS. Everything in this place was built and centered on HornetGUNS being the end- all, be all of the CSWA. Hornet and GUNS are the focus of this company, their immediate allies have second from the top billing, and the rest of you are lucky you're even on the card. Can't fault Merritt for that.... it made money. It made a lot of money, and the rest of us made a lot of money by proxy."

"It doesn't make money anymore."

Pull- Up.

"I've been going over the past few days, GUNS.... and I've been trying to figure out how it is you got so far into my head. I've gotta hand it to ya there, ya certainly made me feel like a green punk named The Eliminator. Most definitely made me look like him."

Pull- Up.

"Unfortunately for you.... I'm not The Eliminator anymore."

Pull- Up.

"I don't wrestle like The Eliminator."

Pull- Up.

"I don't hurt people like The Eliminator."

Pull- Up.

"You're right when you say that one match doesn't make a career, GUNS. But I'd be careful if I were you.... bringing up all the matches that made your career might be seen as bringing up the past."

"Oh.... never mind. Bringing up the past is only taboo if you used to be known as The Eliminator."

Pull- Up.

"Trust me, GUNS.... when you say you've done everything in a career except one thing.... that one thing IS stepping in the ring with Eli Flair. Not beat Eli Flair.... if that was criterion for a complete career then a lot of the boys have left the business with some insurmountable regret. I know that a three- count is a fleeting moment of perfection.... I know that even Brigsby and Paige are former United States Tag Team Champions.... but I also know a cop- out when I see one."

Pull- Up.

"You set an impressive bar in your career, GUNS.... Bottles of piss, midgets with dice, and a tour bus covered in psychadelic flowers. They're just as much a part of your legacy as World Titles and sixty- minute matches. Your legacy is built just as strongly on a foundation of whining after setbacks and throwing sarcasm at challenges as it is the wars you made famous. You're the only man I know of who could possibly be ANGRY at winning the main event match at the biggest pay- per- view event of all time. You're the only man in history who has an almost unblemished record of getting within a breath of your goals.... and falling flat on your face."


Then a pull- Up.

"And I'm even worse. Because for the smallest fraction of time.... I let you get to me. For just a moment, GUNS.... you had me doubting my own legacy."

Pull- Up.

"But I don't think the bar I set is all that mundane, either. I beat nearly everyone I stepped into the ring with, and I took the CSWA World Title because I wanted it."

Pull- Up.

"See how simple it is, GUNS? And I didn't need a tour bus for it."

Pull- Up.

"World Titles, Gambling Midgets, Psychadelic Buses.... You're right, GUNS.... you have done everything except one thing. You'll be remembered after your day is done with. But will the three words that go down in history with you be Third Row Inc?"

Pull- Up.

"Or will they be Sharing Is Caring?"


Sharing is Caring

(FADEIN: GUNS sitting in his San Antonio ranch, laughing.)

GUNS: You see, Eli, this is fun, isn't it? Sitting back, re-living old times. The good times and the bad...they're part of what makes us who we are. You bring up the piss bottles and the buses and the midgets like it's supposed to embarrass me...like it's supposed to make me feel bad about myself...but it doesn't, Eli.

If anything, Eli...bringing up all those memories...it gets me even more focused on the goal. More focused on why I came back here in the first place. You see, Eli...you say for the briefest moment in time, you let me get to you. Well, I'll let you in on a secret. (Smiles.) I almost let you get to me, Eli. I almost bought into the hype...I almost bought into your excitement...the young lion against the returning veteran...the next all-time great versus the established legend...what did you call it? The irresistable force against the immovable object. (Smiles.) I *almost* bought into that, Eli.

Eli, make no mistake, I'm looking forward to stepping into the ring with you. I'm looking forward to seeing how good you really are. I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do to me...and I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing how much of MY punishment YOU can take. I'm looking forward to an epic battle, Eli...but the bottom line is... win, lose, or draw...it doesn't change a DAMN thing. Because neither one of us is going anywhere. (Smiles.) Not yet. If we climb into that ring in Seattle, and you beat me...congratulations, great win...but it won't stop me from reaching my goal, and it won't tarnish my legacy. At the same time, Eli, I'm not foolish enough to think that after you've built this match up in your mind as your Super Bowl... that after I pin you in the middle of the ring ONE! TWO! THREE!... I'm not foolish enough to think that you won't come back HUNGRIER and STRONGER and MORE DETERMINED. That's the nature of the business... especially at the level we're at, Eli. Victory only lasts for three seconds, and then you have to go out and do it again or else it don't mean sh[BLEEP].

You say I'm the only man who could be angry about winning the biggest main event in the history of this sport. (Laughs.) For one thing, even I'm man enough to admit that I didn't win a damn thing that night. I got my hand raised, but I didn't get what I came for. The fact that Hornet was able to give a retirement speech in the ring while I was still clearing out the cobwebs tells you all you need to know. And all these years later, Eli, Hornet's still here, isn't he? (Smiles.) Even in a Loser Leaves match, Eli...victory isn't permanent, is it?

Well, Eli...now we stand face to face in the ring...not on Pay-Per-View...hell, not even the main event of Primetime. And that's fine. You ask, Eli...what three words do I want people to remember me by? (Smiles.) Third Row, Inc. or Sharing is Caring. The answer, quite frankly, is neither. The three words I'm longing to hear, Eli... the three words that will define *MY* legacy...are very simple.

CSWA is Dead.

But, like I said before, that's not an issue that will be solved at Primetime. Primetime's your Super Bowl, Eli...and we'll see if for three seconds, you can be better than the Strongest Arms in the World. But since you brought up the past, Eli...I'll take a little trip down memory lane for you. At Primetime, Eli...when you and I cross paths and go at it like warriors...at the end of the day, Eli, when I pin you in the middle of the ring, toss your sorry ass into the third row, and deny you the last notch on your belt...don't get down on yourself, because you'll still be a winner in my book. (Grins.)

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