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"Sci-Fi" Russ Spackler


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Jul 16, 2014
Wrestler Name: "Sci-Fi "Russ Spackler
Nicknames (if applicable): Varies (see gimmick)
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 245 lbs.
Hometown: Urbana, IL
Birthdate: 12/9/1993

Physical appearance: Medium-length black hair which is constantly in a mess, but very clean-looking and not greasy, so it's a purposeful look. Handsome, boyish facial features but is covered up by a well-maintained beard and mustache. Build is athletic with a medium skin tone.
Ring gear: Varies (see gimmick)
Theme music: “Sirenens Kald” – Guttural Slug (typically, but can vary)
Ring entrance: Varies (see gimmick)

Face or heel?: Heel (only in the traditional sense)
Gimmick: Essentially, "Sci-Fi" Spackler is professional wrestling's parody of the SyFy Original Movie phenomenon, as he creates strange hybrids of creatures/plants/animals/sewage/space things and brings them to life. In wrestling form. While this should be enough causation for fans to boo him out of Illinois, his quirkiness and creativity is surprisingly beloved, which makes him a heel that you secretly root for. Tends to switch up his “character” every four or five shows, which also results in tweaks in ring mannerisms, gear and interview styles. Russ is also often flanked by a second when the current gimmick calls for it – a cute, petite blond girl that also changes looks to coincide with what is needed at that particular time.
Ring style: Technical
Brief biography: Russ, currently a senior at DePaul, was your typical athletic jock growing up, lettering in football and amateur wrestling. Despite having zero interest in comics and other “nerdy” hobbies, he always took a particular liking to professional wrestling thanks to his grandfather. He specifically liked the larger than life characters that were prominently featured in Pop-Pop’s old 1980s – early 90s VHS tapes. So, when playing collegiate sports was not an option, he took up pro wrestling as a hobby in his sophomore year, receiving tutelage in exchange for running gimmick tables and assisting ring construction for local promotions around the Illinois/Indiana area. His in-ring debut occurred last year, but unfortunately, the promoter did not agree with the ideas that Russ wanted to implement and ended up booking him as a traditional boring baby face. After a conversation where he expressed his master plan for “Sci-Fi” Spackler to Danny Dalton, Russ ended up making contacts with RLW to help realize his vision of becoming one of those larger than life characters he grew up loving.

Three strengths:
1. Strong as a DINOCROC FROM OUTER SPACE. So, pretty damn strong. His athletic background carried over from high school, so he has a strong gym work ethic that definitely shows in the ring.
2. Harder to kill than a GIANT ATOMIC ROACH. A lot of gas in the tank stamina-wise.
3. Cool as a cucumber THAT MURDERS. Like the monsters or oddities he portrays, he doesn’t seem to get stressed out or let emotions take control, always focusing on the task at hand.

Three weaknesses:
1. Brain the size of a peanut THAT EATS YOU INSTEAD OF YOU EATING IT. His selling point is that creatures aren’t very smart, and will play this up a lot in matches.
2. Panders for attention like A SOCIALLY AWKWARD COSPLAYER. Is easily distracted to interact with the audience, so this can be capitalized on often.
3. Susceptible to RIDICULOUS OFFENSE (I ran out of wacky descriptors.) I.E. – if an opponent claims to have a working ray gun / if opponent claims that their farts can stop the beast he’s currently portraying / if the opponent dips their fist in a bucket with the label “Magic Potion to Kill Monster” – he will sell the shit out of it.

5-10 signature maneuvers:
1) Hotshot
2) Gutbuster
3) Cravate suplex
4) "Snapmare on Elm Street" - 4-7 snapmares in succession
5) Cobra clutch into leg sweep (usual setup to finisher)

Finishing maneuver: "Pteralimbdal" - Lotus Lock
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