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Round 1: “Big Nasty” Mark McNasty vs. Jesse Ramey


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Mar 17, 1988
Round 1: “Big Nasty” Mark McNasty vs. Jesse Ramey

Roleplay period starts on Monday, April 23 and ends Sunday, April 29. 2 roleplay max in this round.

Jesse Ramey

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Apr 16, 2007
Harts, WV
Re: Round 1: “Big Nasty” Mark McNasty vs. Jesse Ramey


[The backstage area of an All-Star Championship Wrestling house show, currently on tour in Japan; seated preparing for his upcoming match, ACW’s resident Anti-Star and last King of Ages, Jesse Ramey]

He knew the cameras were rolling on him, he had agreed to comment on his first round draw in the Ultratitle Tournament, “Big Nast” Mark McNasty. Jesse’s eyes never strayed from his work.

“Twenty-one years,” Jesse spoke, as he wrapped the white tape tightly around his knuckles. “Thirty-six years old; I’ve been doing this longer than anything else in my life.”

“Not many people in this business can say they’ve been at it as long as I have, and it’s honestly not something to boast about.” Knuckles and fist securely wrapped, he moved the tape further up his wrist and forearm. “The payoff is never enough to retire, and the accomplishments over the past nine years haven’t been enough to merit it anyway.”

A sigh was pushed up from within at just the sound of hearing those comments come out, “If I had ever done anything worthwhile in my career, then I wouldn’t be sitting here having to tell people who I am right now. They should know me, but my achievements don’t match up to the years I’ve put into this business.”

“There are a lot of men involved in this tournament,” Jesse continued, “who are taking time away from their respective promotions. Men who have been able to take a break from the business, and return now to try and relive their past glories; I’m not one of them. I signed up for this tournament because I need it, on top of the work load of the four-five matches a week for ACW. Even despite the excessive travel pains that are going to be put upon me, going back and forth between Japan and the United States for this.”

Jesse broke the tape on his left forearm, and secured it in place before beginning on the right hand.

“I need this tournament; I need to win this tournament. If I’m ever to be remembered for anything I’ve done in this business I need this win more than anything else.” Jesse shook his head, “Please, do not mistake my words for that of a selfish man, but take them as the words of a desperate man. A selfish man doesn’t have anything to hold on to, he doesn’t have any reason to fight and claw for a victory. A desperate man, however, has every reason to keep on fighting. Like a rabid dog, who knows he is about to be put down, he’s going to fight all the way to the end; until there is no fight left in him.”

“I am that rabid dog, Mark; and I’m sorry you have to be the first one to go against me in this tournament. It could have been anyone else, and they’d all be getting this same speech.” The tape secured up to his wrist, he continued up his forearm.

“So, you want to know who Jesse Ramey is exactly,” Jesse looked up at the camera sternly, “Jesse Ramey is a man with nothing to lose, and everything to gain from this tournament. I am going to travel as much as I need to, I am going to keep my commitments, and I’m going to win that Ultratitle Trophy and finally stake my claim to history.”

“I am not going to go down in history as the Brooklyn Brawler of my generation,” Jesse finished off the tape on his wrist and stood from his seat. “This is my climb to the top of the ladder for a change, and I’m taking full advantage of it, I just hope you’re ready when that bell sounds Mark; because I’m going to be.”

Those were his final comments as the Anti-Star made his way to the dressing room door, and out toward the entrance curtain. The sounds of “Bullet in my Hand” by Redlight King could be heard echoing throughout the arena within, and as Jesse stepped through the curtains the applause from the fans was evident.



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Apr 11, 2012
Re: Round 1: “Big Nasty” Mark McNasty vs. Jesse Ramey

We open in the gym of the PWA dome. It's a rather large gym, and many of the talents from the "Alliance of Wrestling Federation", or AOWF, are currently using the facility. Among those working out is none other than ULTRATITLE competitor, Mark McNasty. McNasty is a sun burned shade of red as he pumps away on an elliptical. We see he is currently wearing jogging shorts, a sweat soaked white tank top, some sporty Nikes, and his silver "Nasty" pendent on a chain around his neck. The camera pans to behind him, and we see McNasty has been going for just short of an hour and a half. A few seconds tick by, and upon hitting the hour and a half mark, the machine turns off. McNasty steps down, grabs a sports bottle of water off a bench against the wall, and practically empties it in one go. He puts it back down and grabs a piece of paper. He mutters a few things through staggered breath.

McNasty: Lets see...weights, check. Laps in the pool, check. Cardio, check and check. Alright, that's it for today.

McNasty crumbles the paper and throws it towards a trash can. He picks up a towel and wipes his head as he walks for the locker room.

McNasty: Alright Mark...you got a lot on your plate for the next few weeks. But I'll be damned if you can't handle it. Remember...you're "The Iron Man", "The Main Event", BIG MOTHER LOVIN NASTY. And this week, if you do things right, you'll have a whole new group of Nastynites watching every thing you do.

McNasty saunters into the changing room as we fade. We fade back in to see Mark McNasty standing in front of a Pepsi banner that is hanging over a cement wall. McNasty has a cell phone in his hand.

McNasty: Ok, so how long do I have to let this hang behind me? Gah. Joey, this better be a heck of a deal you worked out...Ok, yep, that is certainly worth it.

McNasty smirks and hangs up the cell. He looks down at his watch, and plays with it for a second. He then looks up.

McNasty: Good afternoon ULTRATITLE fans. For those of you not in the know, I'm Mark McNasty. Pleasure to meet you. Now, I won't sit here and list all my accomplishments for you, because unlike some people, I don't like to talk to hear myself...Well, that's a lie. More like sometimes I have to breath, and getting me started on a topic like that doesn't give me much time to do so. Therefore, I will simply tell you I'm no rookie to this sport, and be happy to let my actions in the ring show I know what I'm doing; and can quite frankly stand there with the best. However, I'd hate to leave you wanting more; so allow me to speak about my match this week.

McNasty: Mr. Ramey, I'm glad you didn't try to classify me as one of those guys you mentioned. Taking time off for this tournament? That's certainly not me. Currently, I'm jugging a REBEL PRO Tag Title rematch in addition to a PWA World Title match. The fun part? The guy I'm being forced to team with for the Tag Title shot is the same guy holding the PWA title who is going to fire me if I don't beat him for it. Exciting I know. Which brings me to my second point. I'm hardly trying to relieve my glory days. I'm still living them dude. I've had people tell me I'm not the man I used to be. But why should I try to be? Been there, done that, came home with the T Shirt, oodles of money, and more fans than I can count. I dominated the PWA in 2008. Won three titles, and set three record breaking title reigns. What's the fun in a repeat performance? So, now, I'm extending my legacy in other ways. I may not be the embodiment of the federation anymore. But you can damn well bet my names been on everybody's lips since I came back to the full time bit last year. And now Jesse, lady luck dubs you the first step on the ladder to the top.

McNasty: You state you're here because you need this. Me on the other hand, I'm here simply because I like a new challenge. Things get stale over the in AOWF sometimes. So I figured I'd road trip, and dip my foot in a different pool for once. Let me note for you though Jesse, I am not a stranger to being at the bottom. While the wrestling world was rocked to hear Mark McNasty was back last year...

McNasty glances down for a second.

McNasty: It doesn't mean I didn't come back to a rough start. But, despite the hard times, despite the constant barrage of green punks telling me I couldn't do it anymore, I pushed on. I kept coming, and ended up showing them I could still go like the best of them. I've had two different title reigns in less than six months, helping to revitalize their respective divisions. What can I say? I'm good at what I do.

McNasty flashes a smile, showing off his pearl white teeth.

McNasty: So I hate to tell you that while I can sympathize with having it rough, it won't end up helping you much. I've been the hungry dog plenty of times before. Hell, I've been the under dog most of my career...which in all honesty, is fine with me. When you're the under dog, people occasionally over look you. They think they have an easy time ahead. And that, that leads to mistakes. And when you've been capitalizing on people underestimating you for a damn decade...you get pretty good at spotting an opportunity to let it bite them in the ass. I don't expect this of you though Jesse. You seem like someone in this to wrestle. And while I will not simply let you beat me to get where you want, I'll be happy to meet you in the middle of that ring, and give you one hell of a fight. If you win it? Props to you. But...eh, I'd at least warn not to get your hopes up.

McNasty chuckles. Suddenly, his watch begins beeping. Mark smiles as he reaches into his back pocket, pulls out an adhesive sticker, and attaches it to the poster behind him. He whips out his cell phone.

McNasty: Hey Joey? Yeah, I wanted to tell you I took care of the Coke advertisement as well.

McNasty turns and walks off, still on the phone. This reveals the Pepsi banner, which now says, "Pepsi sucks. Drink Coke."


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