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Romero Antiguas

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Romero Antiguas

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Apr 3, 2014
Handler Information

Name: Sean
Email Address: imperial.law@gmail.com
Preferred Method of Handling: Angle!
Best Way to Contact You: Forum PM!
eWrestling Experience: I'm Seymour Almasy/Orphan, who you might be aware of through a billion places such as PTC (Hi Asa! Hi Shane! Hi Lindsay! Hi Bubba!), ACW (Hi Seth!), or the ULTRATITLE tournament (Hi Pete Whealdon!). I've handled a billion other characters; The Hardcore Isosceles Trapezoid,Logic, Politically Incorrect, and Kenjiro Ito may or may not ring bells.
How did you find Defiance? Blame Seth! It's all his fault! Plus I've been looking for a good place to handle. xD

Writing Sample

Here's the thing. What we want here in Defiance is for you to sell us on you as a handler. How you do that is up to you. Link us to an old RP.Write a new one. Link to a match you wrote. Just convince us that you want to be here and that you're worth having here.


CTRL + F to “In the Name of Team Honey Badger” to find my favorite seg I've ever written.Immediately following it is a match I wrote, if you'd rather read my matchwriting style instead.


Ring Name: Romero Antiguas
Weight: 231lbs.

Hailing From: San Diego, California, by way of Monterrey, Mexico.


Gimmick: Latino pretty-boy with the body of an Adonis (and the desire to use it on anything female and attractive). Think “Ravishing” Rick Rude crossed with “The Model” Rick Martel. Reacts poorly to being hit in the face; this will bring out his temper. Does his own self-introduction, referring to himself as “misterioso, peligroso, and delicioso” (Mysterious, dangerous, and delicious). His entrance theme is “Tonight (I'm F***ing You)” by Enrique Iglesias ft.Ludacris, and he stops by an attractive girl in the crowd when it comes time for the money-making line to yell it at her. Additionally, is trained by his uncle, Juan Antiguas, who was blackballed from Monterrey, Mexico due to his obsession with the piledriver, which he has taught Romero.

Wrestling Style: Basic American style with the occasional hint of lucha influence.Considering he was trained by a guy blackballed from Mexico, this makes its own sort of sense. Trained by his uncle, Juan Antiguas, Romero was taught how to do the basics, WELL. This also helps make his piledriver stand out more than it would in most other people's arsenals. Much of his moveset targets the head and neck to set it up.Also, Romero poses and preens. A LOT. I mean, A LOT, LOT.

Three Weaknesses:

1. Arrogance. A cocky motherfucker at all times, he goes for arrogant covers, is generally dismissive ofhis opponents, and generally just wastes a shitload of time preening in the ring.
2. Aggression. Romero likes to take the fight to his opponents and be in control. This means that an opponent who can counter him and keep him on the back foot has a very good chance of beating him.
3. Simplistic moveset. The Monterrey Especial is the most complicated thing in Romero's arsenal by a HUGE margin. Like his uncle, he focuses on executing basicish moves well, but this makes him very easy to scout and prepare for.

Three Strengths:

1.Execution. Romero's arsenal is not deep, but he executes it well,snapping off his moves with a crispness that most newcomers to the sport take years to learn.
2. Confidence. Romero believes in himself, and this belief is nearly unshakeable. It can go a bit too far (see Weakness #1), but he is unflappable and it means he's hard to shake or rattle.
3. The Martinete. In his uncle's signature piledriver, Romero possesses a weapon banned in many countries and territories. When executed properly, he has a kill-without-fail finisher the likes of which DEFIANCE will have to come to grips with.


Ten regular moveset moves:

1)Open-handed double clap over an opponent's ears (for disorientation purposes)
2)Standing dropkick
3)Bicep-kiss elbow drop, out of the Scott Steiner playbook.
4)Fireman's carry lift followed by repeatedly ramming an opponent's head into the top turnbuckle.
6)Top rope double axehandle
8)Swinging neckbreaker
9)Half Boston crab
10)Fireman's carry lift – ramming an opponent's head into the top turnbuckle

2-5 trademark moves:

1)Swept Off Your Feet (Bog-standard Russian Leg Sweep. If the opponent is female, he'll kiss their cheek first.)
2)The Heart-Stopper (Vertical suplex lift, dropped into a chestbreaker. Against opponents he can do it to, it is the prelude to the Martinete as it knocks the wind from a foe.)
3)Monterrey Especial (Modified Mexican surfboard, with a straitjacket hold instead of the traditional double-wrist grab. Also Romero's primary submission when such is needed)
4)Senton Atomico (Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb. This hits MAYBE one out of every ten times he tries it)
5)Diving clothesline off the top rope, con mucho hangtime.

1 Finishing Move: Martinete (Standard piledriver. Illegal as Hell in Mexico. Antiguas' version looks much like Jerry Lawler's, for a reference)

1"MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move: Martinete Mortal (Leaping Tombstone Piledriver. Big match or feud ender ONLY.)


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Staff member
Feb 4, 2005
Hi, guy I just talked to on AIM!

I can vouch for his work and he's pretty much shown me the whole bio. Yes from me.

Bubba McCoy

League Member
Nov 29, 2012
If I count ( none have told me if I do) I say YES! YES! YES! and this character sound like he should be managed by Junior Kelling and be part of Team HOSS~!


Apr 6, 2012
Seymour Almasy? I remember being blown away by a collaborative effort between you and Rich Rollins in GTT5.

Yes all day from me.


Staff member
Jun 26, 2009
Good enough for me.

Hit me or Jeff with a PM with a desired username and password for ye olde original website backstage script-a-ma-jigger.

Also throw down on micro/poser descriptions.

Also drop a line in the contact thread.

(Goddammit, we're fucking needy around here...)

Welcome aboard, "Sean."

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