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Ringlords I 09


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(CUT-TO: The camera pans up to the double cage hanging over the two rings. All the lights in the building go out and the crowd roars with anticipation. CUE-UP: "Holy Wars (The Punishment Due) by Megadeth) As the music blares over the PA system, multicolored spotlights and lasers begin to swing spasmodically all over the arena and the cage in rhythm with the song. The double cage then begins to lower down towards the two rings and when it sets down, a huge explosion rocks the arena and sparks shoot up from the four corners of the top of the cage. The crowd hits hysteric levels as the music fades down and Matt Faley stands in the center of one of the rings)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the MAIN EVENT!!? ARE YOU READY FOR WARGAMES: THE MATCH BEYOND!!??" (crowd goes crazy) "The rules of the match are simple, two rings, enclosed in steel...Two teams of four in mortal combat against each other...The only way to win is to make one of your opponents submit or surrender!! First, coming to the ring, team number one," (CUE-UP: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica) "From Pandora Island, at a combined weight of 580lbs., the Great Lakes Tag Team Champions, KRAVEN AND FLATLINER, THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE!!"

(The crowd boos loudly as Kraven and Flatliner come out, both wearing long black tights with snake patterns running down both sides. They stand at the entrance and wait for their partners. CUE-UP: "Sober" by Tool)

M.F.: "From Hartford, Conecticut, weighing in at 239lbs., ANARKY!!"

(The crowd boos even louder as Anarky emerges from the back, wearing his old black leather jacket with the anarchy symbol on the back with blue and black tights. He stand next to the UA as the crowd rains down its derision. CUE-UP: "Mechanical Animals" by Marilyn Manson)

M.F.: "And their partner, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 230lbs., MICHAEL MANSON!!"

(The crowd hits peak level as Manson emerges, wearing black jeans, black work boots, and a black T-shirt. All four men then walk down the aisle to the imposing Wargames cage structure and go to the other side)

M.F.: "And their opponents," (CUE-UP: "Just Barely Breathing" by Killswitch Engage) "From Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 308lbs., JARED JUSTICE!!"

(The crowd roars as Justice comes out, wearing black tights with red trim and black combat boots. He walks to the ring by himself and stops opposite the cage from the opposing team.

CUE-UP: "Shapes of Things" by the Jeff Healy Band)

M.F.: "His partner, from Montreal, Quebec, weighing in at 245lbs., JEAN RABESQUE!!"

(The crowd keeps cheering loudly as Rabesque comes out, wearing blue trunks and a black muscle shirt. He jogs to the ring, slapping several hands along the way. He goes over by Justice and tests the cage by shaking it)

M.F.: "and their partner," (CUE-UP: "Shadow Man" by W.A.S.P) "From Hell, Michigan, weighing in at 265lbs., the GLCW Television Champion, JAROD POE!!"

(The crowd keeps up its noise as Poe comes out, wearing black jeans, black work boots, and the TV Title belt around his waist. He stares out at the cheering crowd as he gets to ringside, and he consults with Rabesque and Poe over the noise)

M.F.: "And finally," (CUE-UP: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica) "From Pandora Island, weighing in at 290lbs, the Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion, MAELSTROM!!"

(The crowd somehow gets even louder as the champion comes out, wearing torn blue jeans and brown work boots, the Great Lakes belt thrown over his shoulder. The din is incredible as Maelstrom makes his way to the ring, seemingly unaffected and concentrating solely on his enemies. He gets to the cage and practically rips the door of as he goes right in, hungry for battle)

TONY ROSS: "Fans, this is the moment we have been waiting for! Wargames, the Match Beyond! Eight of the greatest superstars the world has ever seen will now engage in brutal combat here in St. Paul, Minnesota and we will see blood, we will see sweat, and we may even see tears! But one thing is for sure, someone will be submitting here tonight!"

RICK WISEMAN: "Tony, I can't imagine any one of these guys ever giving up or submitting, so this match could go all night!"

JAKE SHADES: "I guarantee Rabesque will quit in the first three minutes! Take that to the bank!"

T.R.: "Those odds would be true if you were in there Shades! All eight men have entered the cage and we are set to go here! Four men in each ring and the bell rings! They begin stalking towards each other and there is a set of ropes in the way! Who will make the first move to the other's ring!? It's Maelstrom!! He's not fooling around and he dives into the other ring

straight at Manson!! Manson's teammates all begin to beat on the champ and here comes Poe, Rabesque and Justice!! All eight men are in the same ring and brawling, and this crowd is electrified!!"

R.W.: "We have two referees in the cage to make sure a submission call is made here since it's going to be very hard to keep track of eight wrestlers!"

J.S.: "Don't worry about it, Frenchy's submission will be loud and emphatic, and even all these morons in the crowd will hear it!"

T.R.: "Maelstrom and Manson are rolling around on the mat going at it, and there is absolutely no love lost between those two! Poe and Justice are battling it out with the Unholy Alliance, while Rabesque and Anarky are squaring off! Flatliner picks up the TV Champion and throws him like a lawn dart into the other ring! He goes after Poe to the other ring! Kraven rakes Justice's eyes and sends him head first into the cage! Now Kraven is grinding Justice's head against the cage! It's going to be hard to keep up with all this!"

R.W.: "Maelstrom is already trying to apply the Mortal Sin on Manson but it's being blocked! Manson elbows Maelstrom in the gut, and those elbow pads look pretty large so I'm guessing they are loaded again, just like in their title cage match!"

J.S.: "Yeah anything to give Maelstrom an excuse, Dick! Manson doesn't need that kind of crap, he gets by on his own merits! Always!"

T.R: "Rabesque and Anarky continue to trade blows in the corner and neither man will back down! But Manson comes and hits a running knee that sends Rabesque tumbling between the ropes of the two rings! Manson quickly drags Rabesque into the other ring as Maelstrom tries to get at him but is head off at the pass by Kraven! Kraven then rams Maelstrom head first into the cage! Justice is back up and he clotheslines Kraven from behind and he goes flying into the
cage and he falls in between the ropes and the cage! Justice starts to stomp a mudhole in him!"

R.W.: "You can just feel the hatred emanating from these guys here and it's only a matter of time before blood begins to spill and a submission is rendered! Look at Manson and Anarky work over Rabesque!"

T.R.: "Manson hits the Sweet Dreams Stunner on Rabesque and then Anarky quickly picks him up and hits the Chaos Breaker on him!! Two devastating finishers applied to Rabesque in a matter of seconds!!"

J.S.: "That's it! Rabesque is done! Now all he needs to do is throw in the towel and we're out of here! Way to go guys!"

T.R.: "This isn't over Shades, not until somebody submits and I haven't seen Rabesque say anything yet! Manson locks Rabesque in a camel clutch and here comes Poe! Poe spears Anarky and he flies into the cage and bounces the back of his head off the metal and he's down hard! Manson lets go and gets up and Poe spears the hell out of him!! Listen to this crowd!! Wait!! Poe is hurt and Manson gets up!! What the hell?? Manson lifts up his shirt and what is that?? A metal plate?? Manson had a metal plate under his shirt!"

J.S.: "Ha ha ha ha ha!! You can't beat Manson, he is just too smart!"

R.W.: "That knocked the wind out of Poe more than it did Manson, but Manson did release the hold on Rabesque so no submissions as of yet! Anarky was really shaken up by that hit from Poe!"

T.R.: "Meanwhile in the other ring, Justice is still working over Kraven and Maelstrom and Flatliner have tangled up in the corner! What a battle those two behemoths could have! Maelstrom manages to stun Flatliner with some big right hands before shoulder ramming his
midsection into the corner! He grabs Flatliner by the hair and tries to ram him into the cage but he blocks! Maelstrom eats cage! Flatliner falls back for a breather and I think Maelstrom is opened up!"

R.W.: "I believe Justice has opened Kraven up as well over on the far side!"

T.R.: "Justice is using that cage like a cheese grater on Kraven, but Kraven is able to fight back and he kicks Justice right in the groin and levels him with a clothesline and both men fall to the mat!"

J.S.: "Look at Manson hit Rabesque and Poe with that metal plate! This is a massacre!"

T.R.: "Anarky is back on his feet somehow and I think he has a gash on the back of his head as his hair is turning a crimson color in the back! He pulls Poe up and holds him while Manson absolutely clobbers Poe with that metal plate! Poe slumps to the mat and now Manson is
burying the edge of that plate into the throat of Poe! Anarky goes over and pulls Rabesque up and he tries for another Chaos Breaker but Rabesque blocks and turns it into a snap DDT!!"

R.W.: "And here comes Maelstrom!"

J.S.: "Look out, Mike!!"

T.R.: "Maelstrom dives into the other ring as Flatliner tried to catch him to no avail! Maelstrom plows into Manson who had his foot on top of the plate on Poe's neck! Poe is lucky to be breathing here! Maelstrom hits a huge back suplex on Manson as the crowd erupts! Manson still has the plate in his hands as Maelstrom lifts him up! Manson clobbers him!! Maelstrom slumps to the mat and he begins to bleed even more!"

R.W.: "Rabesque is getting his wind back after that brutal attack earlier and now he's taking it to Anarky! And in the other ring Kraven has taken over on Justice!"

T.R.: "Kraven grabs Justice and hits a stun gun like maneuver sending Justice head first into the cage!! Kraven stomps him a few times and goes to the other ring to help along with Flatliner! Kraven's face is a crimson red as he stomps away at Maelstrom! Flatliner grabs Rabesque from behind but Rabesque is able to mule kick him in the groin!! Oh my!! Flatliner has a look of agony on his face as he drops to the mat! Rabesque gets on top and begins choking him!"

J.S.: "Kraven has a sleeper on Maelstrom!!"

T.R.: "Indeed he does, Kraven is trying to send his fellow Pandorian into la-la land! And while that may not make him submit, a sleeping Maelstrom is just as good! Maelstrom drops down with a jawbreaker and that takes care of that!"

R.W.: "Anarky has Rabesque in a double chickenwing hold and the ref is right there but Rabesque is not quitting here! Manson swings at Maelstrom with the plate but he misses and Maelstrom kicks him in the gut, sending that plate flying!"

T.R.: "The plate is up for grabs here and a groggy Poe grabs it!! He clobbers Manson right in the had from behind!! Manson goes down and Poe turns him over into a half crab and now he have two submission holds on and here comes the other ref to check on Manson! Justice is up and over and he stops Flatliner from breaking that up!"

R.W.: "And now the UA are going to double team Justice! They throw him back into the other ring and this doesn't look good for Justice!"

J.S.: "That's OK because Rabesque is going to quit over there before anything happens!"

T.R.: "Anarky now has his boot planted in Rabesque's back just pushing on it, adding more pressure to that chickenwing, but Maelstrom is up and he clobbers Anarky with a forearm! Maelstrom is bleeding profusely, along with Kraven, Poe, and Justice! But it doesn't sem to affect him!"

R.W.: "Kraven and Flatliner just hit a double Devil's Drop powerbomb pn Justice!! And when they lifted him up, Justice banged his head off the top of the cage!! Justice may be out here!"

T.R.: "Well, if he's out he can't submit! Justice is certainly down and out over there as Flatliner applies the Protraction!! That is a lethal submission hold where Justice is held in an inverted DDT position while Flatliner plants his foot into the back of Justice's knee, forcing down and back, bending him in an extremely uncomfortable position! Al Marinaro goes over and checks him and Kraven makes his way back to the other ring!"

R.W.: "Poe still has Manson in that half crab but Kraven comes over and finally breaks it up! Maelstrom throws Anarky into the cage and he sees Justice in trouble and now he's going to the other ring!"

J.S.: "Come on Justice, give it up! It's not worth being crippled over!"

T.R.: "Maelstrom plows into Flatliner and the Protraction is broken! Maesltrom grabs Flatliner and chokeslams the 300 pounder!! Unreal!! He's trying to slap the Mortal Sin on but Flatliner is holding on to the ropes for dear life!"

J.S.: "Maelstrom is dreaming if he thinks he can get that hold on Flatliner!"

R.W.: "Kraven and Poe are brawling in the corner and now they are joined by Rabesque and Manson! Rabesque has the metal plate and he rams it into the back of Manson's knee! Here it comes, the figure four!"

T.R.: "Rabesque has the figure four on as Poe holds off Kraven!! Manson looks to be in agony as he flops around the mat trying to find some way to free himself!! The crowd is sensing that this is it as they hit a fever pitch here in St. Paul!! The referee is right there
waiting for the call! And here comes Anarky and he stomps Rabesque right in the breadbasket and the hold is broken! Poe grabs the metal plate and he goes after Anarky! Anarky quickly climbs into the other ring and he's goading Poe to join him! Kraven clobbers Poe from behind and sends him tangled up into the ropes!"

R.W.: "And Justice nails Anarky from behind! He forgot about him!"

T.R.: "Justice pulls Anarky up and hits a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker!! He now applies The Grip of Terror, his submission move that Anarky was using earlier on Rabesque! Justice plants his boot in the middle of Anarky's back and pulls the arms back!! Anarky is in serious pain here!

J.S.: "See, I told you Flatliner wasn't going to let that big dumb ape put the Mortal Sin on!"

T.R.: "Flatliner is amazingly enough fighting back! Maelstrom gets staggered with several huge rights and he sends him headfirst into the cage! Flatliner with a high boot takes out Justice and that submission hold on Anarky is broken! Poe and Kraven continue to brawl in the other ring as Manson holds Poe from behind and Kraven nails him with a well placed savate kick to the chops! Rabesque is right there though and he nails Kraven from behind with a huge German suplex!! He got the big Pandorian over! Now he's going for a figure four but Kraven kicks Rabesque right into a Manson uranage!!"

R.W.: "Manson's team is really starting to gel here! This could spell trouble for Maelstrom and company!"

T.R.: "Kraven is up now and he and Manson put the boots to Rabesque and Kraven holds Manson and Manson spits the black mist!! Rabesque ducks and it hits Kraven flush in the face!! Manson looks to be in shock as his lethal black mist hits his own teammate!! Listen to the

J.S.: "No!! Not now!! You were so close!! So close!! Shake it off Kraven!!"

T.R.: "Kraven is rolling around in agony on the mat with a face full of mist!! Poe grabs Manson and hits a deadly short clothesline and Manson falls back and gets tied up in the ropes!! Manson cannot move!! Poe grabs the metal plate and he winds up and absolutely blasts Manson on the top of the head!! Manson's eyes roll into the back of his head!!"

J.S.: "NOOOOO!! Get in there Flatliner!! Anarky!!"

T.R.: "Justice grabs Anarky and lifts him up in a gorilla press and he throws him headfirst into the cage!! And now Poe comes over and assists Maelstrom with Flatliner and they both begin to hammer away at the huge Pandorian as the fans count along with the blows!! Flatliner finally falls down!"

R.W.: "Rabesque slaps on the figure four on Kraven! Manson can't do anything because he's tied up in the ropes and unconscious!!"

T.R.: "This could be it!! The entire arena is on their feet and screaming for Kraven to submit!! Rabesque has that figure four locked in and Kraven is still in agony from that black mist! Kraven flops around trying to break free!! The ropes will not cause a break!! Here
comes Maelstrom!! Maelstrom lifts Kraven's head up and he applies the Mortal Sin!! Oh my God!! There is no way Kraven can withstand these two holds!! No way!!"


T.R.: "The fans know it and the arena is quaking from their cheers!! This is unbelievable!! I can't even hear you guys!! Flatliner and Anarky are being held back by Justice and Poe and both referees are right there waiting for Kraven to say the word!! He has the figure four and the Mortal Sin being applied at the same time and there is no human being on earth that can withstand this!! Kraven still hasn't submitted!! This is incredible!! Wait!! There it is!! Kraven has given up!!! Both referees emphatically call for the bell!!! Oh my God!!! Listen to this place!!"

(The announcers go silent so the viewers can appreciate the massive pop that is shaking the Xcel Energy Center. Maelstrom and Rabesque let go of their respective holds knowing the match is over. Poe and Justice stop trying to block Anarky and Flatliner and they go and join their teammates in the other ring. A bloody Maelstrom lets out a thunderous victory cry and a bruised and beaten Rabesque raises his arms in triumph. Poe and Justice come over and they all congratulate each other as the crowd continues its maniacal noise. The din quiets down slightly and Ross speaks again)

T.R.: "That may have been the most brutal battle in the history of professional wrestling! What a match! All eight of these men put it all on the line here at Ringlords 1 to put on an unbelievable match! No one here will ever forget this guys!"

R.W.: "It took two separate submission holds to make Kraven submit and even then it took a while for him to finally do it. I have to give him credit for holding out so long but like you said Tony, no human can withstand that type of punishment. But is this war truly over?"

T.R.: "We will see in the coming weeks, Rick! Jake, anything to say about this?"

J.S.: "Screw off, Ross."

T.R.: "As you can see, Shades is none too happy about this outcome, as Maelstrom, Poe, Rabesque, and Justice leave the cage! Poe and Maelstrom grabs their respective belts and the crowd salutes them as Rabesque raises his arms in triumph once again!"

R.W.: "There you see Flatliner attending to Kraven and Anarky is untying Manson from the ropes, and he appears to be coherent, and I wonder of he even remembers what happened. That was quit a shot he took from Poe!"

T.R.: "Yes it was, and that was key in this match, taking Manson out changed the tide big time and allowed Maelstrom and Rabesque to concentrate on Kraven! It was a great strategy that paid off in spades. But what an event this was fans! GLCW's first pay-per-view is a rousing success and I hope you enjoyed all of the matches tonight! Make sure..."

R.W.: "Tony, we got trouble in the ring!"

T.R.: "What's going on here! The Unholy Alliance is exchanging some heated words here with Manson and Anarky and it looks like we're having a breakdown! Flatliner is reaming Manson for spraying Kraven with the black mist! Oh boy, this is breaking down quickly here as the cage rises up from the two rings! The four men begin shoving each other!! Look out!"

R.W.: "Tony, look who's coming! It's that big hooded man we saw a few weeks back!"

T.R.: "I still have no idea who that is! He runs to the ring and he stands between the four men and they all look confused as to who he is! What is he going to do here!? Oh my!! He attacks Anarky and Kraven and Flatliner join him and they assault Manson as well!! It has completely broken down here! This team for all intents and purposes is done, and the fans love it!"

R.W.: "Look who is coming now!"

T.R.: "Holy cow!! It's Nevada Smith!! He walks to ringside and he's got a big smile on his face! He walks up to the ring and the hooded man turns to him and Nevada motions for him to remove his hood! He takes it off!! Oh my God!! It's the spitting image of Nevada Smith!!
Could it be his son!?"

J.S.: "Nevada you damn traitor....."

R.W.: "That I believe is his son! Dakota Smith!"

T.R.: "Nevada nods is approval as Dakota kicks both Manson and Anarky out of the ring as the fans cheer him on! The son of Nevada Smith is in GLCW and I can't believe it! He assists Kraven and Flatliner in dispatching his former teammates! What an unbelievable night! Fans,
we are out of time and have to go! Thank you for watching Ringlords 1 and make sure you tune in to see the next edition of Riptide, coming from Columbus, Ohio! For Rick Wiseman and the stunned Jake Shades, this is Tony Ross signing off from St. Paul, Minnesota!"

(The credits roll as Dakota Smith is shown soaking in the cheers as Nevada, Kraven and Flatliner look on proudly. The Pandorians leave the ring as Manson and Anarky lay in a heap on the floor. Fadeout)

This has been a Great Lakes Championship Wrestling production
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2003

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