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Ringlords I 08


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is a Lights Out Match! The first man to knock his opponent out for a ten count wins the match! First, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "Karma" by Diffuser) "From Manhattan, New York, weighing in at 252lbs., LARRY TACT!!"

(The crowd boos loudly as Tact walks to ringside, sneering at the fans. He wears dark blue trunks and black boots)

"And his opponent," (CUE-UP: "Here to Stay" by Korn) "From Miami, Florida, weighing in at 250lbs., 'RAGE O' FIRE' JARED WELLS!!"

(The crowd roars as Wells walks out, less animated than he usually is, but still slapping as many hands as possible. He seems very focused on Tact in the ring and is wearing blue jeans instead of his usual orange and black singlet. He climbs into the ring and mounts the turnbuckles and raises his arms to the fans and they cheer even louder. Then Larry Tact attacks)

TONY ROSS: "Oh my!! Tact is wasting no time here as he attacks Wells as he was greeting the fans! Tact wants to end this one quickly!"

JAKE SHADES: "Serves that kiss-ass right for sucking up to these knuckleheads! Tact is showing why he is a winner here because he could care less what these peons think!"

RICK WISEMAN: "I noticed that Wells' entrance wasn't as electrifying as it usually is, and he even changed his ring gear for this match."

J.S.: "How electrifying would you be if you had to face Larry Tact? Wells probably wet himself backstage!"

T.R.: "I'm pretty sure he didn't! Tact is just beating the tar out of Wells here and remember fans, this is a Lights Out match, no pinfalls are allowed! You must knock your opponent out for a 10 count!"

R.W.: "And that changes the whole flow of a wrestling match goes, as now you have to keep your opponent down for ten seconds instead of three."

J.S.: "I don't think Marinaro can count that high."

T.R.: "Tact pulls Wells up and scoop slams him with ease! Tact with a flying fistdrop and he gets on top and he starts pounding away on Wells' head and this is certainly a good way to knock a man out!"

R.W.: "Tact is really showing his hatred here and there is plenty of that between these two men that has built up over the past few weeks. Tact accused Wells of being a fraud and a whiner and Wells certainly didn't take too kindly to that and one thing led to another and here we are."

J.S.: "Well, I can't blame Tact, he is right after all. I'm surprised that Wells hasn't high-tailed it out of GLCW yet crying about something stupid."

T.R.: "Wells is a changed man, and I see it in every match and every interview! The ref puts the count to Wells!! 1....2....3...4...5...Wells staggers to his feet and gets kneed into the corner by Tact! Tact goes in and starts bludgeoning him with big rights and lefts!"

R.W.: "This is definitely not the style of match we are used to seeing from Tact, who is much more of a technical wrestler than a brawler, but the Lights Out stipulation changes everything."

T.R.: "Wells fights back with rights and lefts! He pushes his way out of the corner and kicks Tact in the gut and hits a big DDT!! Both men are down and the ref lays the count down! 1....2.....3...Wells is up...4...5...6...7...Tact gets up and Wells is immediately on him with big forearms! Wells whips him in and hits a big shoulderblock! Wells gets on top and begins wailing away at Tact! Wells has turned the tables!"

R.W.: "Tact sunset flips him but that pin won't count, but it was a good way to get out of that beating he was taking."

J.S.: "Tact is just too smart for Wells and we all know it! It's like comparing an orangutan to Einstein!"

T.R.: "With you being the orangutan! Both men are up and charge each other with shoulderblocks and neither man budges! Both men bounce off the ropes and Wells tries a body block but Tact sidesteps him! Wells hits the mat and Tact hooks the Sky Lock inverted STF quickly!! He's got it hooked and this will serve well to wear down Wells but you can't get a ten count off a submission move!"

R.W.: "If he makes Wells black out then that most certainly will get a 10 count."

J.S.: "And look at Wells tap like a little girl!! Ha ha ha!! That won't end the match so he has to suffer even longer! Torture him Tact, torture him!"

T.R.: "Wells is not tapping you idiot, he's trying to break the hold! He's got an arm pried loose and he begins kicking away and yes, he does break the hold with amazing strength!! The crowd roars in approval as the hold is broken! Wells is a bit groggy as Tact gets up anhd catches a boot right in the breadbasket! Tact doubles over and Wells hits him with a big bulldog! Wells pulls Tact up and lines him up for a superkick but Tact grabs the leg and hits a snap leg sweep! Wow!! Wells lands right on his face!"

R.W.: "That may have knocked Wells out right there!"

J.S.: "Ha ha ha, he landed right on his pretty boy mush mouth! That's it! Count him out!"

T.R.: "1.....2.....3.....4.....5.....6.....7.....8.....Wells uses the ropes to get to his feet and Tact immediately pounces, but Wells flips him up and out of the ring! Now keep in mind the ten count must take place in the ring, so if he does any damage out there, he has to get Tact back into the ring for the count! Tact hit really hard out there! And Wells rolls out after him! He pulls Tact up and rams him face first into the apron! He slams Tact on the floor and Tact cries out in agony! The fans at ringside are wildly cheering Wells on to beat Tact!"

J.S.: "Ah they don't know any better! Tact only appeals to intellectual people like me!"

T.R.: "If you are intellectual I'd really hate to see what a dumb person in your eyes is! Wells dumps him into the ring! Wells follows in and he pulls Tact up and whips him in!! Ohhh!!! Double clothesline!! Both men are down and hurt!! Marinaro lays down the count as the crowd counts along!"

J.S.: "See? You can learn something at a wrestling show! These people are learning to count higher than they learned in high school!"

T.R.: "Shut up!! 5......6......7.....8.....both men are up and Tact charges Wells! Wells catches a boot to the gut and Tact tries an enziguiri and Wells ducks!! Wells still has the leg! He rams Tact's knee off the mat!! He pulls Tact up and Tact with a roundhouse right and he misses! Wells kicks him in the ribs and hits the Rage Bomb!! Oh my!! This is it!! 1.....2.....3.....4......5...."

J.S.: "No!! Get up Tact!! Get up!!"

T.R.: "7.....8.....9.....10!!! It's over!! Wells wins!! Wells wins!!"

J.S.: "He was up!! Tact was up!! Marinaro blew the call, he got to his knees and he still made the count!!"

R.W.: "He had to be on his feet Shades, not his knees! That was the right call by Marinaro!"

J.S.: "Are you kidding me?? You are just a fanboy that wants to see this crybaby actually win a match for once! This is BS! I protest!! Where is K.K.??"

T.R.: "Tact got to his knees at the ten count but he did NOT get to his feet, and therefore Wells will get the big win here as the fans go crazy in here! Wells raises his arms in triumph!"

J.S.: "Yeah, let's see Wells beat Tact in a real match where there has to be a pinfall or a submission! Until then, this is nothing! This is a farce! Tact is STILL the superior man in my book, and anybody else's with brains!"

T.R.: "You talk about Wells being a whiner, geez!"

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, 'RAGE O' FIRE" JARED WELLS!!"

T.R.: "Listen to this crowd! What a big win for Jared Wells, but I hope this crowd still has plenty of energy, because next, we have the Wargames: The Match Beyond! This could be the biggest match in GLCW history right here tonight! Fans, let's take a look and see how this war started!"

(A lengthy video package is shown documenting the problems Michael Manson, Anarky, The Unholy Alliance, Maelstrom, Jean Rabesque, Jared Justice and Jarod Poe have had with each other the past few months. The crowd begins whipping itself into a frenzy as the package plays)

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