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Ringlords I 06


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
(CUT-TO: Lady V in the backstage area with Major Impact and Johnny Wildside.)

LADY V: “I'm standing here with one of the four teams involved in a four-way dance to determine the top contenders for the Great Lakes Tag Team Title. Johnny Wildside, you've had some harsh words for the Oak Street Beach Patrol, Martial Law, and the Dogs of War..... “

JOHNNY WILDSIDE: “As you can see, Lady V, we're now concentrating on the ascension to the top of the GLCW tag team scene.....Jon (points to his left) and Ric (points to his right) are primed and prepared for action. Oak Street Beach Patrol, if you're smart (and that's doubtful) you'll go ahead and just forfeit the match. Martial Law, nice try at the last "Wired," but you can't tame two mad pitbulls with that "so-called" challenge you gave us. “

LADY V: “Well that's all fine and good, but what about Dogs of War? “

JON: “Let me field that one, boss. See, V, it's like this. On the mean streets, there are stray dogs. Some are big and bad while others, well, don't cut it. That ring over there is like a street. And see, Major Impact is like pitbulls while the dogs of war are just common street mutts. When you put two pitbulls -- hungry, bloodthirsty, attack dogs -- against two mutts, well, the mutts will run away with their tails between their legs. Get it? “

(Lady V pauses to ponder the thought and then speaks)

LADY V: “(staring at Ric in a lustful way) Yeah, I get it...... “

WILDSIDE: “I can see you're used to having SOMETHING between your legs, Lady V. Let's go boys it's time to take care of business..... “

(Camera shows the trio leaving the interview area as Lady V continues to stare at Ric Savage.....)

LADY V: “(slowly) Uh....Rick and Tony....let's get back to you.....”(sighing softly)

(CUT-TO: Jake, Rick and Tony at the booth.)

JAKE SHADES: “Hey there Malec. Looks like your sweet honey is trickling down the trunk of another man!”

TONY ROSS: “What are you talking about Shades, Veronica was just doing her job.”

JAKE SHADES: “What’s her job? Going gah-gah over the talent?”

T.R.: “She’s just trying to get Major Impact hyped up for their match…”

J.S.: “Oh I’m sure she was getting something up…”

RICK WISEMAN: “Moving right along, we’ve got the Four Corners Tag Team Elimination match for the #1 Contendership for the GLCW Tag Titles.”

J.S.: “Like the winner of this match matters, my favorite Pandorians will be hanging on to the gold for many years to come.”

R.W.: “You make it too easy, Jake.”

T.R.: “The match goes like this. Four tag teams are involved, with two men in the ring. The guys in the ring can tag out to any member of any tag team involved, not just your own partner.”

R.W.: “That should prove for some interesting action, as these four teams have had very little love-loss for each other in not only the weeks leading up to Ringlords, but for many months now. Krusher has inter-mixed matches between these four teams, while mulling over who actually is the #1 Contender for the GLCW Tag belts. Having the Unholy Alliance involved in our WARGAMES main event tonight, Malec must’ve seen a perfect opportunity to decide the team most-deserving a shot at our tag champs. This night is just getting better, and better.”

J.S.: “You say Malec is a genius for putting this match together? I say he’s lazy and had 4 teams on the roster and a spot left to fill on the Ringlords card. Even Malec can put two and two together. It’s all just a time-filler for MY MAIN EVENT."

T.R.: “Moving right along, let’s hand it to Matt Faley.”

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley, already standing in the center of the ring.)

MATT FALEY: “Our next match is for the #1 Contendership to the GLCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! Entering first,” (CUE-UP: “Baba O’Riley” by The Who) weighing in at a combined weight of 350 pounds, accompanied by Johnny Wildside, and hailing from DETROIT, Michigan! They are MAJOR IMPACT!”

(Major Impact and Wildside come to the ring to a mostly negative reaction. The twin duo are dressed in blue and red trunks with matching jackets. The enter the ring, and stand stoically, while Wildside hypes up the crowd.)

MATT FALEY: “Entering second, their opponents,” (CUE-UP: “Dogs of War” by Pink Floyd) “at a combined weight of 423 pounds, Chris McMillan and Jason Payne, they are… THE DOGS OF WAR!”

(The Dogs of War come down to the ring to a mostly boos Payne dressed in fatigues and McMillan dressed in a Dogs of War T-shirt. They climb the corner opposite Major Impact, and a stare-down ensues. CUE-UP: “Wipeout” by the Beach Boys)

J.S.: “What the hell is this, the 1960’s? The Who, Floyd, and now the Beach Boys? These kids look pretty damn young to me, why all the old folk music?

R.W.: “Maybe they’re just trying to reach out to your aging generation, Shades…”

MATT FALEY: “Now entering the arena, weighing in at a combined total of 460 pounds, and hailing from the…” (Faley reading off a card) “Tubular waves of Chicago, Illinois… they are the OAK STREET BEACH PATROL!!”

(“Aloha” Alex Hand and “Hang-10” Harold Haggler make their way to the ring, nodding to each other as Faley introduces their hometown, with both cheers and laughter coming from the crowd. Some girls are heard to be screaming to the pair. Alex gives out a “HOOOT.”)

J.S.: “Do you hear them Tony? Those young girls, screaming my name?”

R.W.: “They’re shouting “Hoot, hoot,” not “talent-less shmuck.”

J.S.: “You just have to listen closely and you can make it… hey!”

MATT FALEY: “And finally, their opponents, (CUE-UP: “Just Another Day” by Vivian Romero) weighing in at 560 pounds and hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, they are MARTIAL LAW!!”

J.S.: (covering his ears) “Ugh, is there no good entrance music anymore? And wasn’t Martial Law that TV show with the fat Asian…”

T.R.: “And Martial Law comes down to the ring with a pretty good reaction from the crowd.”

R.W.: “Al Marinaro is briefing the four teams on the rules, and it looks like Steven Slayer of Martial Law and Alex Hand of OSBP are going to get this one started.”

T.R.: “Hand whipping Slayer to the ropes, and putting him down with a drop-toe. Hand mounted, and laying into the back of Slayer’s head with some forearms. Slayer is up, and goes for a suplex, but Hand counters with a roll-up. 1…2…3! NO!!! He kicked out!

R.W.: “Did he? Marinaro is telling Slayer it was three, and Steven Slayer is irate, Ryan Youngblood comes in to argue with the ref. Referee Al Marinaro is holding up three fingers, and calling for the bell. The bell rings, and Martial Law has ALREADY been eliminated from this match. Wow…”

T.R.: “Slayer really caught be surprise by the tight small package from Alex Hand. I thought Slayer had kicked out, but the referee was in a good position to see the pinfall.”

R.W.: “And suddenly this fatal fourway turns into a threeway dance as Martial Law walks to the back, visibly upset.”

J.S.: “And they were the team that was cheered up, that’s what you get when you get your name from some fat…”

T.R.: “Marinaro has designated Ric Savage of Major Impact to come in against Alex Hand. The two men circle each other, and Alex let’s out a “hoot.” A test of strength, and the bigger man in Savage overpowers Hand, and tossing him into the turnbuckle. Ric with a pendulum backbreaker on Alex Hand. Hand now, favoring his lower back as Ric lays into him with knees to the ribs. Ric scoops hand up, and hits a big slam. Ric tags a moment to talk about something with his brother Jon, and Alex manages to crawl over to Harold, his partner. The tag is made, and Harold comes in with a full head of steam, taking Ric down with a hard shot to the back of the head. Harold picks Ric up and goes for an Irish whip. Counter by Savage, Ric comes back for a clothesline and Harold ducks in, Harold coming off the ropes and both men are out with a double shoulder-block.”

R.W.: “That was quite an exchange. A counter, of a counter, of a counter, into a move that put both men down.”

J.S.: “I think you missed one of those “counters” Rick…”

R.W.: “Did I? One, two… three…”

J.S.: “Tool…”

T.R.” Both men are up at about the 5-count, and Harold goes for the tag to “The Wolf” Chris McMillan of the Dogs of War. Marinaro didn’t see it! McMillan comes in and goes to town on the still-shaken Ric Savage, as Marinaro tries to get the Wolf out of the ring. Jon Savage comes in to save his brother, and Alex Hand comes in to get his partner out of the ring. This brings in Jason Payne as well, and we’ve got a six-man melee in the ring. Marinaro orders Harold back in the ring, and orders Payne and McMillan back to their corner. McMillan is giving the ref a lot of trouble, and here’s Jon Savage! Jon Savage picking up Harold Haggler in a piledriver, and here comes Ric off the second rope! SPIKE PILEDRIVER!!! Ric rolls through and out of the ring as Jon makes the pin.”

R.W.: “Ric Savage is the legal man!!! Referee Al Marinaro makes the pinfall… 1…2…3!!! Ah, Major Impact has put away the Oak Street Beach Patrol, and not even by the legal man! And Harold Haggler tagged out to McMillan, he shouldn’t even have been in there at all!”

J.S.: “You gonna cry, Ricky?”

R.W: “Shut up, Jake.”

T.R.: “McMillan knows what just happened, but isn’t going to tell Marinaro what’s going on. He jumps in and starts clubbing away on Jon Savage while Marinaro argues with the OSBP. Marinaro shrugs them off and sends them to the back to join Martial Law. Johnny Wildside antagonizes the duo as they head up the ramp.”

R.W.: “Alex Hand helping Harold to the back after that devastating piledriver. Those two were cheated out of the match today. Luckily, I’m sure they’ll get their hands on Major Impact soon enough.”

J.S.: “And so the ever-lasting cycles of wrong-doing, revenge, wrong-doing, revenge continues while my Pandorians sit uncontested on the throne of GLCW Tag Teams…”

T.R.: “Jon now showing signs of life against the energized McMillan. Jon pushes McMillan of him, and tags out to his brother Ric. Ric and the Wolf exchange left and rights, with Ric finally getting the upperhand with a snap suplex. Floatover and the pin… the Wolf kicks out at one. Both men are up, and Ric goes for a wristlock. McMillan flips out of it and goes for an enziguri, which Ric ducks. Ric with the short-arm clothesline and McMillan pulls Ric down with his own momentum, and tries to get some leg submission. Ric powers out before it can be applied, and pulls McMillan with an arm-drag takedown. McMillan slides through and comes back with a savate kick, which Ric avoids by stepping back. The two goes into a ready position as the crowd cheers at the exchange.”

R.W.: “Wow, look at the old school style of Savage being countered by the newer, Japanese-style of McMillan, and vice-versa. These men definitely know what they’re doing in terms of knowing their opponents.”

T.R.: “McMillan turns to tag out to Jason Payne, but Ric comes from behind with a shoulderblock the sends McMillan sprawling to the outside. Jon Savage follows him out and begins to pound on the Wolf. Ric is in the ring, arguing with Jason Payne and Marinaro as to whether or not a tag was made to Payne by McMillan.”

J.S.: “Well it certainly seems like their was, as Referee Al over there is having no problem with Jason Payne beating the tar out of Ric Savage.”

T.R.: “Marinaro trying to get Jon and McMillan back to their corners while Payne and Ric brawl in the ring. Payne with two stiff rights to Ric’s mid-section. Payne hoists Ric up, and hits a spectacular stalling suplex on Savage. How’d he get the bigger Savage up like that? Ric is up quickly, and he’s mad. He comes up out of the three-point stance, and sends Payne reeling into the ropes. He follows up with a charge, but Payne side-steps him. Jon goes to check on his brother on the outside.”

R.W: “Wait a second! Jon Savage just rolled into the ring, acting as though he was his brother. He’s playing opossum and Payne nor Marinaro realize it!”

T.R.: “You’re right, Rick. Jon Savage is playing it off like he is the exhausted Ric Savage, who mind you is still laying on the outside. Payne picks up Jon, taking his time, and Jon surprises Payne with a European uppercut to the chin. Payne is taken-aback, and comes back with a spear. Jon catches him, and lays him down with a huge DDT. Jon applies a headlock, and Jason Payne looks out of it.”

R.W.: “Payne is working his way to his knees! Jon Savage looks around in shock! Payne is up to his knees now… and he’s got one foot set… OH!”

T.R.: “Jon Savage clubbing Payne right on the head with a double-ax handle. He re-applies the headlock, and Payne looks like all he’s seeing is stars.”

J.S.: “Probably B-rate porno stars… poor bastard.”

R.W.: “What?”

J.S.: “…”

T.R.: “McMillan is screaming for his partner not to give up. Marinaro checks the hand, and it falls. Marinaro checking it again, and Savage shrugs him off. Jon pushes Payne to the ground, and signals for the piledriver. Jon Savage sets Payne up… and Payne with a back body drop! Payne dives for the nearest corner and tags Ric Savage! Payne has no idea where he is! Ric Savage comes in, kicks Payne in the guts and signals for another spike piledriver. McMillan is irate on the arpon and the crowd is going wild with boos for Major Impact. Ric Savage sets Payne up, and McMillan dives in the ring, and up to the turnbuckle Jon is getting ready to stand on. Hurricarana from the second turnbuckle by the Wolf!”

R.W.: “Wow! What a move!”

T.R.: “Jon Savage doesn’t see it, as he’s waiting for the spike from Ric. McMillan climbs the turnbuckle, and Johnny Wildside tries to shake him! McMillan kicks Wildside away, and leaps off the turnbuckle with a missile dropkick to Jon Savage. Marinaro pushes McMillan and Ric Savage back to their corners, as Jon and Jason lie lifeless in the ring.”

R.W: ”The crowd is going crazy here! Whichever man gets up first may very well be what decides this match… and neither men is stirring as Marinaro gets to four in the ten count.

(The crowd counts along with Marinaro…5……6……7…..)

T.R.: “Jon is showing signs of life… and now so is Payne!


T.R.: “Jon is up, and so is Payne. Jon comes after Payne, and tosses him to the ropes, McMillan makes a blind tag, but Marinaro sees it.”

R.W.: “Doesn’t look like Jon Savage did…”

T.R.: “Or Ric Savage. Jon Savage clotheslines Payne over the top rope towards his brother. Ric Savage pounces on the downed Payne while the Wolf mounts the turnbuckle! He nails a top-rope dropkick on Jon Savage, and Jon Savage is sent into the ropes. He comes off the ropes, trying to shake the cobwebs as McMillan NAILS a floatover crucifix DDT! Wildside tries to get Ric to break up the pin, but Ric is preoccupied with Payne. 1…2…3!!!!!!! The Dogs of War pull one out here at Ringlords!” (CUE-UP: “Dogs of War” by Pink Floyd)

R.W.: “They ARE the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER’S for Kraven and Flatliner’s TAG TEAM TITLES!

M.F.: “Your winners, and the number one contender’s for the GLCW Tag Team Championship, the DOGS OF WAR!”

(McMillan quickly goes to the outside to help Jason Payne to his feet as Major Impact is still in the ring, arguing with Marinaro about the blind tag. The crowd is on its feet as McMillan and Payne walk to the back.)

T.R.: "What a match that was! Fans, we'll be right back after this!"

(CUT-TO a promo for the next edition of Wired)

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